1853 October or November Letter to ‘N. B.’


1853 October or November Letter to ‘N. B.’


Brigham Young requesting NB to acquire and ration adequate provisions for the wagon train, to leave the train only when a replacement arrives, to secure counter scales, and to bring two orphan boys named Ludworth who were with Thomas Leddin in St Louis.




Brigham Young


N. B.


1853 October or November


Great Salt Lake City



N. B.

I wish you to lay in provisions enough for your train to last them 80 Days, and weigh it out in rations to the Messes. every 6, 7, or 8 days, and at other times let all your provisions of every description be securely locked up.

You will come on with the train, and in case you should wish to leave the train, after it is well under way, in order to reach home sooner, you must be certain to let me know in time for me to send a responsible person to take charge of the train in your place, and be careful not to leave the train, unless you are releived by a person sent out by me.

Get a good set of counter scales, that will weigh as high as 10 or <15> pounds, which you will bring [o]in your wagon for the convenience of weighing rations on the road, and we need them here.  After filling our orders, & providing the necessary teams &c, should you still be in possession of available funds, it will be good policy to expend the amount in Satinetts, domestics, and other good serviceable, & staple articles.

There are two orphan boys in St Louis named Ludworth, the last known of them, they were with Thomas Leddin, in that City; I wish ;you to hunt them up, if you can, bring them on next season.

B. Y.