1854 March 8 Letter to Henson Walker


1854 March 8 Letter to Henson Walker


Counsel to return property taken from the widow, Ann Palmer and to be lenient with John and William Wormsley.




Brigham Young


Henson Walker


1854 March 8


Great Salt Lake City



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G. S. L. City, March 8th, 1854.
Bishop Henson Walker

Dear Brother,

Sister Ann Palmer called upon me yesterday and informed me that John & William Wormsley had been tried at your place, and fined for some misdemeanor, and to pay the fine, or some of the expenses of the Trial the Constable had taken a yoke of <your> cattle.

Now let the Boys and their property Pay what ever it is right they should pay, but do not take any of the property of Widow Palmer for that object, for she is poor, and needy, and has a large family to support, and I wish you to cause the cattle that has been taken from her to be restored to her at as early a date as practicable, and please send them by the bearer, John Wormsley, and also the Five & 1/2 Bushels of Wheat retained by Thoris Pack. I would also advise the remitting the fine placed upon the boys, as they were ignorant of the Laws and have their hands full to get a poor living, and the proceedings at the Trial have doubtless learned them a sufficient lesson for the offence. Should it be thought best to require the boys to pay the cost of the trial, let them work out the amount at a time, and in a manner that will not oppress them. A compliance with the above will oblige

Your Brother in the Covenant.
Brigham Young