1854 November 19 Sunday Morning Remarks


1854 November 19 Sunday Morning Remarks



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George D. Watt
John V. Long

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Remarkes by Prest. Brigham Young
Nov. 19th. 1854

I wish to add my testemony to some of the remarkes of Bro. Pratt, with regard to the location and blessings of the Saints. They do not realise the blessings that they enjoy; it seems that the people are not capable of comprehending, and contrasting the sercumstances they pass through in life; it seems they become more ignorant; if they know a fact to day tomorrow it is gone from them; it is like a passing dream, they forget it; it is to them as tho' it had never been.
I wish that the Iatterday Saints could realise the importance of the sayings of the prophets, of Jesus, and of the Apostles in former days, and in latter days. I wish that good men, those who are realy good men; those that are in authority in this kingdom could realise one fact; if you could realise this one fact Bren you that are in authority, that realy disire to be saints in every sense of the word, just realise this one fact before God, it is better for this people to be but very few in number, and be as the should be, than to swell their numbers and be as they should not be. I wish men could realise this, I do beleive they would my request on last sabath, that is for each and every Quoram commencing at this place to sever the dry, and the dead, and the rotten branches from the tree, and let the tree grow though it may be small; but it will affect the whole tree if the dead, and dry, and rotten branches are left upon it. I had rather be numbered with a few that are prepared to enter in at the strait gate than to go with the mass to disstruction.
Well then why are the Elders of Isreal so soft in their feelings, so kind, so benovelent, so sympathetic, and they are so full of charity; presedents of Quorams that will fellowship the most currupt, and abominable wreatch that can be found rather than to cut them off from their Quorams; <men that are> drinking, swaring, stealing and every other violation of the moral character of a christian is going on here in this place, at head quarters. Let us fellowship such characters; fall into their wake occionally be led by them once in a time, be influenced by them from day to day, and I tell you that sorrow fluenced by them from day to day, and I tell you that sorrow awaites this people.
Bro. Orson has told you that we may prepare ourselves for blessings, and all the blessings our hearts can disire; we can prepare ourselves also for all the sorrow we can wish for. Will the people be righteous or will they be wicked. I requested last Sabath, and I make the same request again; cease to fellowship these wicked men, people that will violate every moral character of the Christian; those that will not live according to the law of God.
I know that the bretheren will turn round and say, "such a man is strong in the faith; he is a latterday saint, that is he is a Mormon, he will do anything for the cause." Yes he will steal the coppers off his fathers eyes if he lay dead there, for Mormonisam, or anything else. For a man to turn out and fight Indians, and mobbs, or stand between me and my enemy, dont prove to me he is a <Mormon> saint by any means: for a man to beleive Mormonisam is true dont prove to me that man is a Latter Day Saint. What does prove it to God, to Angels, and to all the righteous? It is in his life that he lives; according to his religion he lives, and serves his God day by day, and there is no other proof to me that a man or woman is a Latter Day Saint.
We say to this people if wish to be blessed, to be prospered, to be favoured of the Lord and owned of him, santify yourselves then; santify your Quorams, and save us the trouble. We have a right to cut off any man right here, but we do not want that trouble; and we want the men that are righteous to realise that it is better for a few to be prepared to bear the vessels of the Lord than to be classed with the wicked, that the curses of God may come upon the people. Rise up I say ye Elders of Isreal and clense yourselves, and then purify and clense your Quorams. I take the liberty making these few remarkes for I wish them impressed upon the minds of the Elders of Isreal; we wish them to realise the necessity of their living their religion, and then what the world says thinks of us I care but little about, it is no no matter to me what they think; one thing I do know, I realise it day by day that Christ and Bailiel has no fellowship one with another. That I realise, but it seems that the people wishes to carry the world in one hand, and comparatively speaking religion in the other. They wish to say Bro. Latter-Day Saint, Bro. Mormon, Bro. Gentile, Bro. Devil and bro. every body else, and be friends <with>, and in favor with every body. Give me the freinds of God and angels; and the devil, and all the rest will do what <as> they please; they may be ready to kiss the ground I walk on but I care no more about them than he does I walk on. The high and the low the bond and the free, the rich and the poor of them they are all the same to me.
Bro. Orson has been preparing to tell a great Mystery to us. I have one request to make of him, and the philosophers of the age, that is become Mormons in one respect and latter day saints.
Now I bring a comparrison, and I tell you the philosophy of the day. You take a reservoir that will hold five thousand gallons,and you fill that with Chaff, and put one curnel of wheat in that Chaff, and stirr it up, and let them cry to you that there is a great treasure in that reservoir, and you may fummel over the chaff until you are blind to find that one grain. I say to Bro. Orson and to all the learned of the age, fetch it out like a Mormon, and not <make> write a book of six hundered pages with that, that ought to be told out in a few Minutes: but to write books, write books, what for? to tell that they ought to tell in a minute. I can tell the philosophers something they dont know; when they become learned as men will be upon the earth instead of taking about eight hours to get a lunar observation and tell the Longitude and latitude, and work hard they will tell it in half A minute; and to tell the rotary motions of the planets instead of writing a great book of eight or ten hundered pages they will sit down and give it upon half a page. There is no kingdom without a space, and there is no space without a kingdom says the prophet Joseph. Now let me tell you there is no world made without that world has motion, and it is governed and controled by the law of the eternal preisthood; and if you want to know what preisthood is, it is a perfect system of Government by which planets and all creations are governed. Philosophy sit down,and tell us how the Gods came into existance, and how the first creation was made, and the planetts, it proves to me they expose their poor ignorance before all intellegence, and plants themselves in the pages of forgetfulness. There is no plannets nor kingdoms that mortal man can <find out> decifer and find out without the revelations of the Almighty. But I am not an asstronomer nor a philosopher, nor do I profess any learning; I have none only what the Lord taught me, and what I got while I was in the woods rolling loggs, and while I was in the willderness, but thereis knowlege and truth. and it is just as easy for the Lord to reveal to a person a mystery with regard to the plannets motion on their axes, that they can tell it to a congregation or to the world in one Minute, as to be six mounths about it, just exactly. I want something that will do us <some> good.
Why I speak of it, Bro. Orson told us last sabath what he had disscovered; now if you have got anything good bring it out I say to all people as I do. I get up before the people in all simplicity, and talk the thing out as I have got it. I mean what I say; I am streneous in my feelings Elders of Isreal. Rise up and purify your hearts before the Lord and then clense your Quorams. See the abominations in the midst of this people; Can you tell whether you are a saint or a sinner? Look at the people and see what they would do; shall I tell you what they would do if they where permitted in this City in two yeas time; if they were not watched over and gaurded on every side there would not be five persons left in the City that could tell God Angels, heaven, hell, earth, devels, one from the <an>other in their principles or persons; and if there was any righteous they would be for leaving and going to the Mountains. That is what the people would do if they were not watched day by day.
See the drunkeness there is here just through the permission of keeping a beer shop, and selling a little liquir. Do you see Elders of Isreal staggaring through the streets, men who have done much good, and been firm in the faith? Why is it they are left to give way to the poor misserable state of a drunkard? Do they know? No. You meet them in the streets so drunk they do not know where they are, and ask them if they beleive Mormonisam" Yes I beleive Mormonisam with all my heart," (this was given in the drunkards tone) staggaring about,Yes I am a Latter day Saint." I dont beleive it. They do as one fellow did in Kansville, says he, "I sware I am a Mormon. The people will go plume to disstruction, and missery, and ruin themselves if they are not watched over. What shall we do with them? tie them up and give them a whiping? They diserve it.
I have invited the mare of the City to stop these Grogg shops in the City, and stop currupting the people by laying in their power wisky to be sold; and then stop every person from dissposing of liquir who have brought it in the City, and stop having drunkards in our streets.'
You will turn round and say, "it is not so bad in this City as in other places we have been in, in America" Hearken who are the persons living here? How came this City into existance? You inquire of yourselves; what is the answer from the world? The whole world will tell you, "the Latter Day Saints that were driven fromthe United States built a City in the mountians."' You ask yourselves, "is it the Latterday Saints who came here and built this City?" Are these the Latter day Saints who are living in these houses round here, are these the Latter day Saints that is ploughing up the ground, and making fences, and farmes, and improving the earth, going into the Canyons, and doing all this work we see done; if it is not those that profess to be Latter day saints tell us who they are. Now if there is a person here, (and there is a greatat many I presume that have the light of eternal truth) how do you feel? You feel, "Shame on such conduct," that is practiced in this <City> place." Is there any necessity of a man sinning? Is he obliged to sin, and do wrong? to lie, to cheat, his neighbor, to pick up his neighbor's ox in the Canyon and keep it; to pick up clothing in the streets and keep it, and never mouth it? Latter day Saints, when you pick up anything in the Streets to snuggle it, if they come accross anything that is out of the way, and the owner knows not where it is you hide it. O ye Latter day Saints every Man and woman that has the light of truth in their hearts say shame on this community; not every individual but some. There is a portion of the community that is callculated to currupt, to corrode, and disstroy the <rest> What will you do saints will you rise up and put away his iniquity or let it overcome you. I say rise up and clense the people, and let us wipe out these nasty grogg shopes; we can do that without any man's praying.<to> Stop this drunkeness, and stealing, and send them off to Callifornia where a number of them are going now, and there is a number more I wish would go with them but they are going to be left in our streets. Talk about stealing in Callifornia do not talk anything about that for there is plenty of it here.
After all this my heart says God have mercy upon the people, and help us to santify ourselves, and get the light of truth that we may know the will of the Lord conserning us. May God bless you Amen.

G. D. Watt
Remarks By Pres. B. Young,
on Sunday Morning Nov. 19, 1854

Reported By J, V. Long.

I wish to add my testimony to some of the remarks of Bro. Pratt. With regard to the location and blessings of the saints, they do not realize the blessings that we as a people enjoy. It seems that the people do not realize the position they occupy and the blessings they enjoy at the present time; they are to them as a passing thing,-- a thing that has not been. I wish the Latterday saints could realize the sayings of the prophets in former and in Latterdays. I wish that good men, men that are in authority in this Kingdom, I wish they could realize one fact, Viz. that you are saints, and that you wish to do right; just realize that this people had better be few in number and be as they should be than to increase, become numerous, and be as they should not be. If they could realize this they would answer my request of last Sunday, Viz. to sever the dead and rotten branches from the Church, for if they are left on they will effect the whole tree. I would rather be left with the few than go with the mass to destruction. Then why are the Elders so soft and sympathetic in their feelings that they will fellowship the most rotten hearted rascals that can be found Drunkenness, swearing, stealing, all going on at head quarters. Let us fellowship suth characters and be influenced by them, and I tell you sorrow awaits this people.
Bro. Orson has told you that we can prepare for greater blessings than we have heretofore received, and we can prepare for sorrow too. As I said last sunday cease to fellowship those characters who disgrace all the morals of a Christain. I know that the Brethren are saying why such a man is a good saint, he is a real Mormon; yes he is a Mormon, and he would steal the coppers off his dead father's eyes; and there are many such like characters in our midst. For a man to fight the indians, defend me, go on a mission, all this does not prove that he is a Latter-day saint, but to prove this to me and to God he must show by his life, conversation and general deportment that he lives his religion.
I say to this people if you wish to sanctify yourselves before the Lord, sanctify your Quorums, purify them. We want them to know that it is better to be classed with the few, who are willing to do right than to go with the mass to destruction. Rise up then and cleans yourselves and your quorums ye Elders of srael, trim up your quorums and cut off the dead Branches that the tree maythrive. I want all saints to live their religion, and then I dont care what the gentiles think or say; one thing I realize day by day, viz. that Christ and Baal have no fellowship one for the other, but it seems as if some of the Brethren are so anxious to go hand in hand with the world, that they want to say Bro. Gentile, Bro.Latter-day saint, Bro. Devil and Bro. every body else. I never feel so; I care no more about them than I do for the dust upon their feet.
Bro. Orson has been preparing to deliver a great mystery to us. I am not an astronomer, nor a philosopher, neither did I ever profess to be, but there is one thing I wish him and all philosophers of the day to do, when they make any discovery to bring it out right here, and not go to work and be six months writing a Book to reveal this great mystery in. Take a reservoir that will hold five thousand gallons and fill it full of chaff and then put in a kernel of wheat and it will take a man about six months to hunt for it; and it is just so with all these great discoveries. I say fetch it out, and dont keep us waiting till you write a Book that will fill 600 pages to tell what could be told here in a Minute. I could tell the philosophers something more than they know,I could tell them that instead of it taking them 8 years to get a lunar observation, the time will come when men will be able to get one to tell it in half a minute,and instead of writing great Books of 800 or 900 pages to explain the rotations of the planets, they will tell all about their rotations in half a page, for they are all governed by the laws of the eternal priesthood.
I tell you there is no Kingdom in which there is no space, and nospacc in which there is no kingdom, according to the revelation given to Joseph, but when men sit down to tell us the great first cause of all things that are, I will tell you what they do to me, they expose their poor, miserable ignorance, let themselves into the dust. I am not an astronomer, nor a philosopher; I have no learning, nor don't profess any, saving what the Lord taught me when I was in the woods chopping and rolling logs. But I know it is just as easy for the Lord to teach a man, who has no learning, to understand the rotations of planets or any other mystery of nature as it is to teach us farming or any other simple principle, and make us see and understand it in half a minute.
Well, Bro. Orson has told us what he discovered, or rather prepared to do so. Now I am plain in my remarks, and I wish to say to the Brethren if you discover anything, get right up here and tell it out.
What would this people do if they were not guarded on every side? They would dwindle away into darkness so that there would not be five persons in two years who could tell God, Angels, Men, devils, one from the other scarcely;--would not be five left in these mountains, for the righteous would go away. Do you see those Elders of Israel drunk in the streets, so drunk that they cannot see, and you may pull them over in the streets, and ask them do you beleive Mormonism? They are so drunk that they cannot speak plainly, but they will drail out y-e-s, I-'m a Mormon" And if you contradict them they will do as one fellow did in Kanesville when he was asked if he was a saint, and he said I'll swear I'm a Mormon. What shall we do with such men, tie them up and give them a whipping? They deserve it. I have told the Mayor of the City to stop those grog shops, and Breweries so that for one winter we will not have so much drunkenness as we have been troubled with previously. Well but says one it is not so bad as in other Cities are; but what is this City, how did it come here? Why any body will tell you that; the Latter-day saints were driven from the U. S. and have built a city near to the Great Salt Lake, and called it S. L. City. Who is it that is getting drunk, is it the Latter-day saint who is going to the Kanyon to get wood, is it the Latter-day saint who is farming, and building--
0 shame on the people of this place; is a man obliged to sin, or to do wrong? Is he obliged to steal his neibor's Ax, if it happen to be left in the Kanyon? Or his neibor's clothing when he finds it in the streets? Some will actually hide up things which tl'ey find so that their neibor shall not find them. 0 shame on such Latter-day Saints. There is a portion of this comaunity calculated to pull this City ------
Rise up then and let us wipe out these nasty grog shops; we can do that or drive them (the owners) to California, where some now going; I beleive they have just started, and I wish their companions would go after them.
After all this my heart says Lord have mercy upon us; help us to sanctify ourselves before thee.
May God bless you: Amen.