1855 May 13 Remarks in Ephraim


1855 May 13 Remarks in Ephraim



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Robert L. Campbell
Wilford Woodruff

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Remarks made by Prest. Young at Fort Ephraim
Sunday 13th May 1855.

Prest. Young arose and said "In visiting the different settlements the people want so many things taught them, they want to hear of my stories but if you want a man to teach you those things which will be beneficial you want apractical man to teach you practical things. I will say if you want to be useful you should not do one thing that will be wrong, but some people think many things sin, that are not, when I was in England the people thought that it would be a great sin to shave on the Sabbath. I shaved on that day as I had not time to do it on any other day & I told them that I wanted all who wished to see me, for I desired to do away with their traditions, for many of their traditions of the fathers are of no benefit to us. There is no harm to keep those traditions if they are not wrong. Here in our settlements in the mountains, we are composed of many nations, who have imbibed varied traditions. now we have got to get rid of our traditions that stand in the way of our keeping the commandments of God. Where is there a people on the earth who keep the commandments of God, and obey the Gospel except the Latter day Saints? All denominations believe they are right and all others are wrong. each one feels competent to teach his neighbor, while they are wrong them selves. Now don't do any thing that you think is wrong, but do that which you think is right. Now do any of us keep the Sabbath according to the Mosaic Law, if we should we would not cook anything on the Sabbath, nor do any <chores> chores of any kind, but we are not required to conform to all the ceremonies of the law of Moses. We should not perform any act regarding which we are in doubt -- we ought to know that it is not wrong. We have some traditions which are right. We have <been> some traditione<d>s <in the belief> which are right, which we should keep, our fathers taught us not to lie, nor steal, nor te swear, nor bear false witness, but to keep the commandments of God. these traditions are right, some have a tradition that it is right when a tenant leaves a house at 4 oclock that the next occupant should be take possession at 5 has a right to all his neighbor has left, even if he has left his money. but this is wrong If you find an axe or money in the road which is not yours, it is wrong to keep it, for it does not belong to you but the person who lost it. Now we have some traditions among us that I want to be done away. if you loose any property and it is found I want you to obtain it.
Br Kimball told us last night that when the Lord sent a prophet to a people, and he came and delivered his message to them the people who hear that man are under a strict obligation to attend to that message. Tradition says the Lord is every where present. Yes! so he is, in influence, but not in person. his influence may be in hell, but he will not go there in person. the Lord is here in influence tho not in person, he fills immensity with his influence, The Lord only occupies one place at a time, Are not the people under obligation to listen to every prophet that God sends to man, as much so, as if he were here in person to teach the people himself? They are! and that is according to the words of the Savior when he says, "he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me." if the people want to know about the Priesthood, I will say that the Priesthood of God is the government of God in all ages. I will also say that God will reveal his will to man according to the capacity of man but God will not make a perfect revelation to man on earth, because the people are not capaciated to receive it. Now the people say in our General Conferences by lifting up their hands that they will sustain me but some will not sustain that man that I send unto them. The people say seeing I cannot get Joseph, Adam, or any other dead prophet to preach to me, I will listen to Brigham. Now let us reason upon this matter and carry this principle out, we will say that there is something that must be done to day, at the North end of these Settlements -we will say that Lorenzo Snow is to day at Box Elder, he is one of the Twelve & preaching to the people, and the Lord reveals to him, what the people should do, & he tells them what to do, but the people says I don't know about you Brother Snow. I know you are an apostle, but if Brigham would come and tell me to do it I would follow him & obey his Council Well what is the consequence, if that work of God is not done the consequence would fall upon the heads of the people who reject the servant of God, this course would be wrong. They should say I cannot hear from Brigham Joseph or God, I will concentrate my faith in this apostle or man that is sent to teach me. this is the way that you should do. Now when you first heard of this work and obeyed it, you would have trusted all that you had in the hands of that man. Now how is it that the people do not understand. If we send a man to preside over you, and you do not uphold him, that man cannot do as he would wish, and bye & bye the word comes to me that the man is doing wrong, & something is wrong with him.
When the first Presidency were taken away the Twelve presided over the church and finally they with the people appointed a first Presidency. have the Quorum of the Twelve because of this lost a feathers weight of power or influence No they have not but have gained all the time. Now suppose the first Presidency had gone to Europe the Twelve would preside, but if they were gone who then would preside, why the highest authority that was left and that would be the President of the Stake, D. Fullmer is the President of the Stake in Zion, he would be the man with his Council to get the word of the Lord. Well now what shall the people do, shall they fast and pray, yes. but would you get some man or woman to get a dream or speak in tongues, and teach the people thro that source No if they had got any sence left, they would concentrate their faith upon the President of the Stake, and he would get the word of the Lord and give it to the people & no power can hinder him from getting the word of the Lord, unless he forfeits his standing before God. and I will say the same here if you, if you wish to prosper uphold a Bishop or President of the Stake or any man that is set to preside over you, and hold him by faith, and you will get the word of God from him. Now when there is a Bishop's Council men ought to act by the Spirit & power of God in righteousness, and not through a party Spirit. It is better for men to avoid difficulties than to have them -- I will tell you how to do, when a man works for another at a dollar & fifty cents a day & that man will not pay him, just let him say to him, I dont want it I can live without it, & go along without making any difficulty about it, &
it will grind that man's feelings & punish him far more, than it would to contend and quarrel with him & bring him up before a Bishops Council. he would know that your acts were far more righteous than his, & if he had any honesty left within him, he would repent & pay the debt, but if it has to come before a Bishop let both parties come after praying to God that the Bishop might be inspired <of God> to see aright & all would go well & he would judge righteous judgement, and both parties would be satisfied. Why do I never see a moment that I am in the dark about anything, but know precisely what the people should do under all circumstances, because the people uphold me by their faith and prayers, the Brethren & Sisters uphold me & the children uphold me and pray for me & the whole people uphold me, & pray for me by day & night. Now if the people would not uphold me I should have to leave them in order to keep in the light of the Lord, for I could not fight against the faith of the people. I should go into the dark if I stayed with them. it is just so with any Bishop or President whom the people do not uphold. they cannot fight against the people, and they become darkened and all go wrong together
Now learn wisdom from these things, and follow in that channel which the Spirit of God dictates & do right & the blessings of God will attend you from this time henceforth & for ever.