1855 May 15 Remarks in Fillmore


1855 May 15 Remarks in Fillmore



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Robert L. Campbell
Wilford Woodruff

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Fillmore Tuesday May 15th 1855

Prest. B Young I shall probably enjoy the faith of the Saints while I attempt to address you, as you are professedly Latter day Saints, when the Saints pray, they pray for each other. they always have the enjoyment of that right, so that when a man speaks the people pray for him.
I have no doubt but that there are many who wish to be Latter day Saints, that have not much faith. The particular doctrine that belongs to this subject I will say a few words upon. the people that belong to the church had their eyes open to see things as they are, and would live their religion they would acknowledge at once there are no persons on the earth who have blessings bestowed on them equal to those privileged with receiving the doctrine of Jesus Christ. with this greatest blessing on the earth nothing else is to be compared. If people could understand just this privilege of receiving the Holy Gospel without more priesthood than to make them members there's no other people blessed on the face of the earth, all the excellencies enjoyed by man from Adam to the present time, would no more compare to the blessing of the Holy Gospel than dust in the eye to the most delicious food in an earthly point of view. If this I have stated is true is it not strange, does it not appear astonishing when their eyes are open to see the whole world grasping, toiling, watching for vinegar to put to their eyes, a dagger to their heart to destroy themselves. pursuing everything but that which they should pursue. How have you improved in your station and are you happy in your place in the kingdom of God. have you a perfect knowledge that you are pursuing the course which will give you eternal life. If so you are in a condition to promote your own happiness and the happiness of those around you. <Is it the rivilege of
Latter day Saints to arrive at perfection> God has arrived where he knows and understands all things. his own privileges, blessings & the opposite-- Is it possible for Latter day Saints to arrive comparatively same as he has, yes, it is the privilege of every Saint to be perfect in <the> his sphere in same manner as God is perfect in his sphere. and if we are not perfect in our sphere we do not live up to our privileges. I can tell you
what you can do, live u to the light you have got, you can do that which is right, and do no evil. Have you got faith to stay here if the crops are cut off. you may say I do not know whether I have or not, perhaps the Lord may try you in this thing. if you ask me if this will be the case, I will say I do not know, nor do I care, if I knew it was the case I would not tell you, for I had as soon it would be now as at any other time, if the Lord wishes to try our faith that he may know that we are Latter day Saints, it is well, those very means that God would take to try the Saints might be the very means that would stop our enemies coming here. Now some may think that the time has come for this people to starve as our enemies have prophesied we should perish by famine in the wilderness. Perhaps the Lord will let you know whether you have the right kind of faith.Perhaps those very means that would sift out the dishonest, would also prevent our
enemies from coming <to take possession> here They would leave for California to get their bread. and leave the Saints to perish. but we have lived here 8 years almost. Well we will perhaps have to eat crickets & Grasshoppers or something else. Would not this be a good manner to prevent those coming to corrupt the Saints, who sow wickedness in our midst. I would rather live on our flocks, the Deer, Antelope, beef, butter & cheese and the roots on these mountains and never see the face of <another> Gentiles <while I lie> in our midst. <The time will be when the word of the Lord will come for them to come home from San bernardino for it is a den of unclean birds & eatches the corrut>. I will tell you what I saw yesterday men yoking up their oxen and horses to go South. I asked them where they were going they said to Iron County. & I said Yes & San Bernardino I pity Brothers Rich & Lyman from my heart, why because they have to catch all the filth. I would to God that his word might come for them to come away and let the poor devils go for they say they have only the same number of Saints that I counseled them to take with them. I will tell you what you will see <every> gentiles and apostates assemble there they will try to carry on their iniquity as they tried here Mowry undertook to ride our the people here, I said if he infringed upon my family I would kill him, but in leaving he has taken Tanners daughter away with him, if it was my daughter I would follow him & before they left the Territory I would kill him & her with him if she is not already dead.
Now we shall not know whether we are Saints or not if we are not tried, men do not know why they are tried. Our Spirits were pure when they came here. but there is a warfare as soon as we come to understanding. I want you to let the Spirit rule your tabernace for the flesh wars against the Spirit. but let the Spirit rule your tabernacle & not the flesh, how long will this warfare continue <that> before you will know that your names will not be blotted out of the book of life, it will continue until you know that your Spirit has full control of the body, so fully that you will not do any evil but that you are in perfect subjection to the will of God in all things. then you may know that your names will never be blotted out of the book of life. How long will the flesh rule you that you may know that your names will be blotted out of the book of life, when your flesh perfectly controls your body. so that the Spirit has no control over the tabernacle but the Spirit is subject to the flesh in all things -- to work wickedness & abominations. Let the Iatter day Saints watch themselves govern and control themselves until the Spirit has perfect control over the body and then you can go to California or anywhere else and do no harm, but enjoy the Spirit of God.
There are two powers operating on us one prompts to do our duty, the other to neglect it. does not one Spirit in the morning prompt you to dedicate your self and your children to God, while another presents to your mind many causes why you should go to work. one says pray and give thanks to God the other says not. Whenever you follow the dictates of the true Spirit you will prosper have peace and be blessed while if you follow the other Spirit it will lead you to ruin. Give way to that Spirit that tells you to pray
If your Brother cheats you just let him alone. The Lord can put more in my way and not step out of my path. The Lord can put into a mans hands a great deal and from another just as good he will take it away just as he pleases. Do you not know that this difference among men, is of the Lord. I know that it is he does this for a wise purpose. Now, let us look at the World and see the nations of the earth, who are now at war with each other. Do they understand what this means. No they do not, they do not acknowledge the hand of God in any of these things. Look at the allied powers, the nation that has been for several years the strongest of the World and France next with the lesser powers all join in War against Russia. The Lord puts drowsiness into their officers and lets their men be slain. He can let all Europe fall into the hands of the Emporor Nicholas as well as not if he pleases, and then Nicholas will say it is my Wisdom and fails to acknowledge the hand of the Lord. The Lord can handle the nations as easily as he can control the fields of grasshoppers. There are none who can see and acknowledge the hand of God in his dealings with the children of men, except the Saints of God. It is the privilege of the Iatter day Saints to see how things are connected The Lord is fulfilling the <words> words of the Prophet he gave us, and if you live faithful you will be convinced that America is Zion, & to it he will gather his people
We have had prophets in this church who have given us Revelations & prophecyings -- I could also prophesy, but we will acknowledge the hand of God as we see his words fulfilled I have heard that the United States Troops were coming here next fall. they wish to send their armies here to put down polygamy I would say Grasshoppers & crickets. but they can have no power to control us, for there is no power but God that will control this church or the world & I will say dont fear anything but God For their is more for us than against us. All the nations of the earth are to an angel commissioned of God as a Grasshopper between your fingers. I recollect of reading one very strange thing in the bible & that is an angel who visited a Camp & slew one hundred thousand men in one night, & when they waked up in the morning they found themselves dead corpses. I said to the men and officers at Carthage, who had killed Joseph & Hyrum, that if they undertook to take me I had my bosom pin with me then, & that by the Eternal Gods I would send them to hell accross lots, for I would not be taken by their unlawful writs to be murdured in cold blood as Joseph & Hyrum had been. I dont want to think much about these things until the Lord says to me sweep my floor, you will then find me one lighty broom. If you have given way to evil until your Spirit has crouched, just put away the evil, and say to the Spirit you shall sit as king here.
I am going to visit the iron works-- I have been to the new coal bed lately found in San Pete Valley -- We found it to be about ten feet thick including a small strata of stone and slate. We have been thro' this Territory so far and find the grain nearly all eat up & have not seen one countenance fall in consequence of it. ask the people if the Wheat is eat off they say Yes, they have got my Wheat but that is all they have to say about it. Now I will say if the people will do right, and if all the grain is cut off God will sustain them ior it is his business to provide for his Saints. If we to not raise a spponful of grain, God will provide for & sustain his Saints The heavens would fail sooner than that would fail.
Before closing I would say to this people, that I want you to finish this part of the State house so that the Legislature can sit here next Winter. We shall have to come here if we have to occupy this meeting house, & I want you to fit up some good houses to accommodate the Members of the Legislature.-I do not know as I shall be your Governor but I think I shall, the prospect is pretty dull for Col. Steptoe for he would have to resign his place in the army-and that I do not think he will do. May God bless you Amen