1855 May 15 Evening Remarks in Fillmore


1855 May 15 Evening Remarks in Fillmore



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Daniel MacKintosh

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Fillmore City Tuesday Evening
5 Oclock P. M. May 15th 1855.

Meeting convened according to appointment <at> in the meeting House Choir sung. prayer by J M Grant. Choir Sung
Prest. B. Young.
I shall probably enjoy the faith of the saints while I attempt to address we are professedly L D S. when the Saints pray they pray for each other further they always have the enjoyment of that right. If honesty is in heart and integrity still it is the wish of the Heart to speake for the edification of those who speak or who hear.
If people could realize it, those who are saints & those who are not, they would acknowledge there is no other person or persons on this earth who
The greatest blessing that can be bestow upon man there is no earthly blessing compared to those who are saints. Now if people did understand this privilege let alone the privilege of priesthood that the former-day saints had, even if they had only the privilege of becoming members of the Church thro the priesthood, their is no earthly blessing to be compared with this privilege. If this is true is it not strange remarkably so when their minds are open in part as they are to see the people follow after things that do them no more good than the dust in my eyes today. The world are after everything but the thing they should be in pursuit of
You are Saints do you enjoy the light & Knowledge that you are perfectly satisfied that you are in that path that leadeth to exaltation Do you follow that course every day of your lives so that you are satisfied that your heavenly father is pleased with you.
We are told be ye perfect, even as your who is in heaven is perfect. Do you every day of your lives so that you know that you have done right in your capacity in your sphere, according to the best light & knowledge that you have, If you do not, then you do not act up to your privileges suppose a Week from now you do not have a spear wheat, or any other of your crop. Do you have confidence in God, if these trials came, perhaps you think you can, but do you really feel so.
I know no more about it than you. If the Lord wants to have another sifting it is a good a time now as anytime, but perhaps there are others here who have not had a trial of their faith, and this is the way that he tries us. Does he try us to know us. No. He tries us that we may know ourselves They have no confidence in their God & their brethren, it is well that they should leave for California, or some other place. Perhaps some of the people think that they are saints, but find out by the trials which we have to endure. Suppose we do not raise any Grain this year. <Do you think that> would it not be a good method to prevent those who infest our borders from coming here. I would rather live on Beef, Butter, Milk &c. all the days of my life than to see another wicked Gentile in these <Gentiles> mountains.
I would like that the word of the Lord should come that C. C. Rich, and amasa Lyman should be called home for that is a cage of every unclean & hateful bird and I hope that the time will come, when the word of the Lord will be, "come home". but we must gather the good wheat first.
Have you any discords & strife here, if you have you have persons among you who are not saints
Do you know why it is that you do wrong?