1855 May 18 Discourse in Parowan


1855 May 18 Discourse in Parowan



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Robert L. Campbell
Wilford Woodruff

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Parowan Friday evening May 18th 1855.
Prest. Young's discourse on the law of Consecration
"My Brethren say that the people will not be satisfied if I do not speak to them, this may do for an excuse, Yet I would like to preach to the people but I am wearied and did not think of speaking, still I may occupy a little time. I will speak upon the law of consecration. I want to have the people understand this subject, not that I care anything about it, if the people do not, but I think that this commandments of God tho'among the first given, will be among the last to be observed by this people. This Law of consecration was among the first commandments the Lord gave to Joseph. If I had time I could take the <people> bible & <prove it it to be the Law of the> shew the word of the Lord upon this subject but I think It will not be necessary. I will tell the truth and let it go at that, this will do for those who have sense and those who have not it is but little matter. I will tell the truth and testify of the things of God, and if they have the Spirit of God, that will convince the people of the truth. if I cannot speak by the Spirit of God I do not wish to speak at all. I have done it but do not wish to do it.
I told the people at our last <Taberna> Conference in the Tabernacle that the Latter day Saints might have the privilege of consecrating unto the Lord all that they had if they wished this Law aas given to Joseph in 1829 -- When the people understand this they will understand <all> that in the first place we have nothing to consecrate which in reality is our own, for it already belongs to the Lord, and you will not have anything to consecrate until we have passed through all the ordeal that is required of us in order to prove us the faithfully the servants of God as was Abraham, and we sealed up unto eternal life, with the seal and covenant which cannot be broken. What have you or I to consecrate Nothing at all I never had anything to consecrate, neither has any man until it has been sealed unto him. I know what Jesus Christ said about some men who seemed to have something but it proved that they had nothing, which they could keep for the Lord says take it from him who is a <faithf> slothful and unfaithful Steward and give it to him who has kept my commandments for the Lord often gives many things to men to see what they will do with it, and if he does not prove to be a good Steward he will take it from him. When a man is lifted up in himself and says I have got great possessions, and he does not
honor God in it, it will be taken from him. but remember that what you have is lent to you, and now instead of saying that I will consecrate my property -- I will say that this you have given me or lent to me. I'll put it in your possession and let you have the key so that I cannot run away with it. I can never have one thing to consecrate until I have the seal upon my forehead and am sealed up to eternal life & proved to God and my brethren that I will serve God until this I cannot call any thing my own. until I am sealed a son to God. and in taking the opposite course I will ask how long will it be before I shall not belong to him. until I have got astray far enough that I will deny my God and trample upon him. then he would cast me off and turn me over to somebody else When that is done how much of his kingdom would you get. Not much. Now can you say that God rules among the nations of the earth and that he does his will in all things, if you do not you do not live up to your privileges for this is your privilege. Now if you can say that you can see that he sends blessings upon the people. and also judgments and afflictions as seemeth him good and also that he does his own pleasure among the people, it is because you are dictated by the Spirit of truth. Some may say this is easy to be seen.
Now what if the Lord suffers the Grasshoppers to increase in the land, how much wheat will we raise next Sumner. see if you can control the elements & see if you can fight against God, and raise Wheat against his providences. and then you may say I have something to consecrate, but if you cannot shut the heavens & control the elements, then do not say I have one thing to consecrate. I'll say this one thing & I am glad I can say it and that is you cannot find one man that I owe & have not paid him when he has asked me for it, or that I have turned a man away from my door who has asked me for anything empty. This people have not at all times appreciated the blessings God has given to them, he has given us for years large crops of grain & vegetables. and they have not felt and appreciated these blessings in their hearts as they should have done. they have in many instances wasted their grain and not taken care of it as they should, and the people may be brought to their senses this year and know how to prize the blessings of the Lord when they know how to obtain them
I will make a few remarks upon another subject. I will say that God intends to raise up a holy seed, and this was also required of Abraham.
the Lord has called upon his servants to take unto themselves wives that we may raise up a pure seed unto God. he wants us to do right to take care of ourselves, and live in such a manner that we shall not be righteously found fault with, the Lord intends to bless the children of Abraham in these last days. he designs to bestow upon his people every blessing as far as they will make a right use of it. I also believe that if this work is carried out it will make us perfect before God. it will surely do this if it is lived up to. The Lord called upon his servants anciently to conform to his will in this thing and God calls upon us to do the same thing. We should go to work & turn wickedness from the earth <and> and prepare the earth so the Angels could come down and bind the Devil with a great chain and the <people> Saints with the help of the Lord will do this. for this is necessary to prepare the earth for the coming of Jesus Christ, and you have got to become proved and be of one heart and of one mind. Now do you think y but there are many things that I cannot talk about now I have thought that the best meetings we could have would be for me to get into a chair, and let the people ask questions and I would answer them. Now how is it about this thing if the people had done their duty & consecrated all their property to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints they could not have gone away and <by that> lost their souls, but they would have staid here until they had got time to reflect and meditate and see things as they are, they would then say I thank God that all the riches that I had was tied up here so that I could not get away with it. I had time to reflect & I can now see my error that the fault was in myself & not in others. the Lord will not come to dwell with this people until they are sanctified. and we are of one heart and of one mind we never can build up the kingdom of God as is our privilege until we come to this order of things. we should feel perfectly passive in the hands of God, and we should feel to lay both ourselves and all we have got on the alter for the use of his kingdom. No matter what is wanted to be done in building up the kingdom of God we should be ready to do it. No matter if it is best for all of my property to go to France to Liverpool or to any other place where it is wanted most to preach the Gospel or build up the kingdom of God. It should be on hand at all times for that purpose. Our matters should all be so arranged in the kingdom of God so that when we come to die, all that we have will be safe in the kingdom of God.-- we should not leave one thing out but let all that you seem to have be so fixed that it cannot be taken away. Now this is one of the greatest blessings God can give us that we ourselves our wives & children & all that we have got is made fast in the kingdom of God.
Now this is but a little that I might say upon this subject but I have said enough for to night-- I have preached to the people on the way thus far & I do not feel that I shall speak much more while on my journey. I have said that you have done more in one cold winter than the people did in San Pete in 4 years, & I can say it now, yet I want to have you still improve & continue building better. I want to have you consecrate your property if you wish to. if not do as you please about it if any man will say "I am going to apostatize" I will advise him to consecrate all he has that he might be kept with the Saints & saved so that if you are tempted to go away, you may feel it best to stay where your treasure is. but any that do want to go away, & do not want to consecrate, you may go to the Devil & welcome I do not want your money, but we want you saved. If you want a meeting here this evening you can have one. we have got Brethren that are willing to preach to you, but I think you have got preaching enough for this time. May God bless you Amen.