1855 May 20 Discourse in Cedar City


1855 May 20 Discourse in Cedar City



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Robert L. Campbell
Wilford Woodruff

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Cedar City, May 20 1855 2 p. m.
Discourse of President Brigham Young.

"Wee shall have some temporal business to attend to, in the appointing of some officers in the church, & I move that we resolve ourselves into a special conference it was seconded and carried unanimously
It was then moved and carried that Isaac C Haight be appointed the President of this stake of Zion, which embraces Cedar City, Harmony and Johnson's fort, & that he choose his own Councillors.
It was then moved & carried that Jonathan Pugmire Senr. be one of the Hi Council [Ditto] Richard Harrison, Robert Wiley, Saml. White, Perry Liston, Ira Allen, Samuel Lay, Laban Merrill, Rufus Alien, T. D. Brown, Joshua Thos Willis, Charles Hopkins be chosen and ordained as the High Council for this Stake of Zion.
There is another subject which I wish to lay before the inhabitants of this place that I may have your feelings. it is in relation to a new location for a city. This is the second time I have been here. I have not been altogether satisfied with either place, neither do I consider it is my place to select one but that it should be left to the choice of the people. Yet I will <suggest> give my views. When coming from the Iron works yesterday, I saw a high piece of ground South east <of it>, pretty fine soil. I discovered also that the bed of the creek has been changed by freshets and the rocks have been brought by it that the brethren are now digging out of their lots. I thought then as I do now it was not my place particularly to locate your town but to leave it with the people. Not that I would wish you to tear down these houses but let them be. When you wish to build a good expensive house go to the new city, and so keep this place to accommodate new comers as people will be glad to get this place for a year or two. Bro. Haight wished me and I stuck a stake at one point with which you will be made acquainted
I wish the people to be left to their own choice and feel as tho' there were more freedom here than any where else in the World free as the air you breathe. Anything that this people want to do they do except commit sin. They are free as the Angels of heaven. We read of some Angels who did not keep their first estate but rebelled against God & were cast out of heaven I pray all the time that we may be delivered against sinners and sin. I do not wish to live with a people who do not keep the commandments of God. I would not wish to see any people but those who do <right> really wish to <do right> serve God with an undivided heart. but I have to do it. When shall we be free and enjoy the Society of the Saints alone, and shall the time come when his work of righteousness will control this world. Yes it will. The time will come when sinners in Zion shall tremble and fearfulness surprise the hypocrites and those who commit sin will be cut off, and the devil will be destroyed. This people are come together from various portions of the earth, and they are at perfect liberty to do all they can in promoting the kingdom of God on the earth. which is the only principle that can make man happy The Wicked have a fire in their bosoms, and similar to a lake of fire which in this respect proves that our God is a consuming fire. There are some who profess to have received the truth that have not got the love of the truth, and they are miserable, and walk in darkness, and are not contented to remain with the Saints, but those that are good are happy, place them where you will, & whatever they do they wish to do good all the while, & you cannot take their happiness from them, neither can any man take it from them only themselves. no other power can cut that thread which unites him to God heaven & happiness but when a man wishes to do wrong they are and will be afflicted. I felt well when I was here before & I think I felt better here last year than I do now. I do not know what it is without you have had too much to eat and I think I can see the effects of it here to day. the people feel sleepy. I want to see the<ir> faces of this people clear and fair, and their Spirits clear, and I think that we shall have to try it in this Territory, for I do not think we shall have so much to eat as we have done and it will be better for us, it may be that I have eat too much. But you know whether your meetings are as good as when we came here last year. I want to have this people eat a little less, & work a little more & you will feel better. Now I want to have you be prepared to do right so that you may not partake of the Spirit of wicked men.
When you begin a good thing never quit until you get through, when a man commences the Gospel race, he ought to think of nothing but building up the kingdom of God until he reaches the celestial kingdom and a woman should not stop short of laying her body in the grave a faithful Saint. There is no difference between temporal and spiritual things To preach is labor, & hard labor too, it is all manual labor from beginning to end. If it is to dig coal make iron or any other work for the building up of the kingdom of God on the earth, and the redemption of Zion it is just as holy as preaching the Gospel. It is no matter where we are sent, or what we are to do, if it is to build up the kingdom of God on the earth it is all right. We have no other business but to build up the kingdom of God on the earth and to prepare the earth for the coming of Christ. this is our business and our labor, then let us begin with ourselves, and bring every passion into subjection to the law of God. and let the Spirit of God rule my tabernacle at all times. <I do not often make an apology but I will make> I would rather not raise grain of any kind than have the Gentiles come here and eat it up for they are the most miserable curses that are out of hell, and they would cut the throats of every man and woman here if they had the power. but let us trust in God, do our duty and all will be right.
May God bless you all Amen--