1854 June 13 Letter to an unknown Brother


1854 June 13 Letter to an unknown Brother


Grant confronts this Brother for violating his contract to sell 50 bushels wheat to the church. He sends a fair payment for the 12 bushels sent.




J. M. Grant




1854 June 13


Great Salt Lake

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Great Salt Lake City June 13th 1854


At date John M. Jones delivered at the General Tithing Office 12 Bushels Wheat on a Contract made by Bros. Hiram B. Clawson & Chas. F. Decker Special Agent appointed for that purpose for & in behalf of the Church.

Bro. Jones informs me that that is all that you intend to give, and I am also informed that the balance you have sold or bartered away, and that too at an advance on the Contract of Fifty cents pr. Bushel. The wheat you sold was ours fairly & positively contracted for, and the payment ready at your call, and besides the Church teams called for it but could not get any. Now how does this mode of treatment appear to you Bro. Does it look right? Does it not appear positive that you have pocketed by your speculation $19. of the Church funds. Say 38 Bushels the balance of the Fifty after deducting 12 Bushels a 50 cts over & above two dollars makes exactly $19. this amt is deducted from the proceeds of the 12 Bushels $24, which leaves $5.00 due you, which sum we have handed to Bro Jones as your righteous due; but we ought also to deduct the expenses of the teams that called upon in addition & damages for violation of Contract besides, but for the present we forbear.

If you deliver the 38 Bushels wheat due, at the General Tithing you can <have> in full the contract price, but for the present, viewing this transaction in its true light we decline paying more than the Five dollars, which you or any other man must see to be reasonable, and right.

I Remain
Your Brother in the Gospel

J M Grant,