1855 June 10 Sunday Morning Remarks


1855 June 10 Sunday Morning Remarks



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George D. Watt
John V. Long

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Remarks buy Pres. Brigham Young, after Bro. Lawson <returned Missionary from> had given a narrative of his mission on the Sandwich Islands.
Tabernacle, June 10th, 1855.
(Reported by G. D. Watt.)
I rejoice in <am happy for> the rivilege of hearing from one of the Bren who have returned from the Sandwich Islands. I think it is the first time I have heard one of them speake in public upon the situation of the inhabitants of those islands, though I beleive some of the bretheren who have been there, <Bro. George Q. Cannon for instance has> have given from this stand, and at some length, an <brief> account of the<ir> manners, and custumes of that people, and the peculiarities of their Country, <at some length in this place> but I was not present, <to hear>. <When> Bro Lawson was speaking of <this people> <those> their, <respecting their> being of the house of Isreal. This is not new to my understanding; we learned, long ago, <mostly> & through <from> the Prophet Joseph, <measurabliy how> that those islands <became> were settled with a ortion of the Nehites and Lamanites, and they are of the house of Isreal.
I <still> feel to say that I am happy <of> <for> in the privilege of hearing Bro. Lawson's voice for the first time in public, since I first became aquainted with him many years ago. I realise the embarrasment which many of the <difficuylties> the elders are <exposed> liable to, & presume that Bro. Lawson never spoke <in his life> to a public congregation in his own native tongue, previous to his going to the Islands, <I do not know trhat he ever> though he may have reached before he came from England. I think he has given us <a delightful> an interesting detail of his <feelings>, travels, and of the situation of the people where he has been, & He testefies pretty strongly of the truth of this Great delusion called "Mormonism". It is rather diverting to think that all the faith <that is enjoyed by> the native preists and <the> sectarian clergy was not able to pray him, (Bro. Dawson) and the rest of the<m> Elders from the Islands; though <but> it appears that the old preist had power to pray himself to death. That <does very well, and is according to> was in accordance with his late beleif in the Christian religion, which is as soon as a man gets religion it is no matter how soon he goes hence, the sooner the better. You recollect that our former religion taught us that a man who lawfuly condemned to expiate his crimes on the gallows if he only repents of his sins, turn to God, and give himself up to Christ a few moments before he is swung off the scaffold into eternity, although his whole life has been one scene of depredation and crime, he may go right into Abrahams bosome; but our Great delusion called Mormonisam does not teach us any such docterine. The information we get from the old and New Testament, from the book of Mormon, from the Book of Doc. & Cov. and from all the revelations we have received from the God we serve, teaches us no such docterine, but I think the old preist bro Iawson told us about was a well prepared then to go into the kingdom of heaven as he ever would have been. It is rather dissheartening to them, for they do not appear to be able to pray the Mormon Elders from the island, or be able to pray them to death; but inasmuch as people have power to pray themselves to death it will do pretty well. Looking over this great delusion, that this poor ignorant, and degraded people beleive in, that I behold here to day, I think, what a lamentable fact it is that Christians, so called, a few of the family of the old darling Mother Church will, in spite of all her threats and intreaties embrace this Mormon delusion, although there has but few of them embraced it; but among all of her daughters who have left her paternal care to take care of themselves, wherever these poor deluded Mormon Elders go, and can get the privilege of setting forth their delusion before them they are shure to embrace it, that is, many of them. What a lamentable fact it is, when we cast our reflections upon this poor deluded set called Mormons for they still exist, and are still increasing, What shall be done with the Mormons?
How is it possable that we can endure this delusion? It is asstonishing what havoc it is making in the world, it is spreading from island to island, from continent to continent, from Nation to Nation, and from people to people, tareing to peices the Church of England,and other Churches wherever it is introduced among them; it seals up the mouths of preists, and strikes with asstonishment the scientific reasoner, No argument can prevail against it, no matter how subtle; they may sumons and array against it the artillery of their philosophy, and their cunning, but they fall harmless at the feet of the most obscure, and unlearned of the Elders that are sent forth to preach this so called Mormon delusion. The boys that have been brought up and educated, as it were, in a factory all their days, that have handled the sledge hamer, and have been spinning and weaving from the time they were five years of age until they were eighteen or twenty, and then go forth to prumulgate the docterines of Mormonisam, all the preists of the Age are not capable of standing before them upon the principles of religion and natural philosophy. O what a pitty it is that such a delusion should be introduced, to give a poor, deluded ignorant race of beings like the Indians of the Sandwich Islands, tact, talent, knowlege, and understanding to confound the wisdom of the wise, and bring to naugh the understanding of the prudent. Where ever they go, wherever they are, upon the islands of the sea, or upon the contenents, among the learned, or among the unlearned, among docters, lawyers, or representatives, wherever they are found upon the face of the whole earth, and can set forth this delusion before the people there is a certian class that will imbibe these principles, and adhere to them. What shall be done with these poor deluded Mormons; pholosephy fails to put them down, the arguments, and denounciations of the learned clergy wont put them down, mobb, violence, accompanied with fire, and the sword has failed to stay their onward progress, and the scriptures of the old and new testament seems to suport them, and they say they have prophets among them, and the bible actually teaches when Christ has a Church on the earth it is founded upon prophets and Apostles. What shall we do with them? lt is of no use to take the scriptures to overthrow their docterine for the coinside withh it in every point. Mormonisam is the very Quint essance of the docterine of the old And new testaments. They beleive everything, it realy asstonishing what they beleive. They beleive in laying hands on the sick, that base low degraded principle of laying hands on the sick that has been done away long ago; the saviour and his Apostles taught this it is true, but we enlightened people do not beleive in any such foolish docterines; and
these Mormons say the sick are healed, and here we have the testemony of a Man that the eyes of the blind were opened; what foolishness! what nonsense! How strange it is that any person in the world that has one spark of common sense will beleive any such docterine; still, we can do nothing with them with the bible, for in antient times prophets would lay their hands on the sick, and the sick would recover, so it is no use to take the scriptures of the old and new testament to overthrow them, for Jesus and his Apostles taught such foolish things, but these things are done away, and have been for centuries; and now at this late day, in this day of polished refinement are these poor, deluded, degraded, miserable class of beings called Mormons teaching the antient docterines of Christ, of the Apostles, and prophets, and they are congregating themselves together, and say they are saints. Now aint it strange? aint it provoking? What will be done with this people. They do not beleive in such a God as we sectarians do, we beleive in a God without body, parts, or passions (given in the good old tone) and I say, without principle or power, for if the one is true the other is. But these poor, ignorant, foolish Mormons say they beleive in a God that has a body, a head, with eyes to see, a nose to sense smelling, a mouth to speak, ears to hear, hands to handle, armes to streatch out, and feet and legs, and stomach and bowels, and every portion or part of the pahical fram in as great perfection as any man upon the earth; yes and then a great deal more perfect, because it was made perfect. O what foolishness for the Latter day Saints to beleive such stuff: What nonsense to beleive they can go to the natives of the Sandwich islands to better their condition; these Mormons ought to be disstroyed from the earth; and we ought to send Christian Ministers among the heathen that will introduce civilisation the same as among the whites, and when we cannot introduce our civisation with whites, we will do it with the poor native women. Yes to civilise the poor natives, they carry their, the whisky, the rum the brandy, and the religion, and then comes a stream of <ministers, and> lawyers, and docters, and governors, and whores, and preists, <that> to imalgamate the specious and civilise them, and make them corrupt like themselves.
How fast do they increase, why in a very few years we shall see an increas, Yes it will be an increase of 3/4 of the into the tomb, into the jaws of death through the the filthiness of these very Missionaries that go there with others, with our very good religion, such a holy religion as we good Christians have; we dont beleive in a God that has body parts and passions, that has ears to hear with or eyes to see, it is the hightth of nonsens to beleive that; we beleive in a God without body or parts, and he is high and lifted up upon the top of yonder topless thrown, filling immensity, whose centre is everywhere, and whose cercumference is no where (a groan in the stand) You are the God for me, says the Sectarian, This is the glorious religion we beleive in; let us go over and convert the indians and bring them to Christ; where is he? I dont know, What is he like? I dont know; but these poor deluded Mormons let us drive them from the islands let us pray them to death; let us drive them out of the United States; What shalI we do with the Mormons, for it is the essence of delusion, but we have got the true religion, our religion is of the Lord. Yes we make long prayrs, and flaming pretentions of santity, and we can get drunk once in a while with the drunkard, and the whoremaster, and engage with them in night revels in house of ill fame, and our God cannot see us for he has no eyes. We have got the good religion, and we can carry civilisation among the heathen, O yes, we can carry misery, death, and carnage with our religion and grog shopes mixed up, and beautifuly blended to accomplish the same end. but these poor Mormons are not worthy to live on the earth.
I look over these things, they have been before me for years. Tell about going over to these islands, to teach the Natives to let those poor miserable curses alone, and clense themselves from the itch, and from the filth they have received from them, and clense their houses as well as their bodies, and clense their hearts, clense themselves both inside and out, and make all the platter clean, what nonesense, to the Sectarian world this is. But by and by the Lord will clense the earth; and what will be done with the Mormons then? Now geuss what will be done with them when the Lord comes to clense the earth, I will tell tell you, if you dont know Mormonsam; those who have not made themselves pure by faith and obedience to the gospel of the son of God will be clensed from the earth as Joseph said in his dialogue, where the question is asked, is everybody going to be damned but the Mormons; the question is, Yes and the most of them too unless they repent of their wickedness and backsliding and envey, and coveteousness and turn to the Lord with all their hearts. When they are as they should be they need not be concerned as to what will become of them, it is all right, for we fear not you that can kill the body, and then hath no more that ye can do, but we fear him that after he has killed the body, he can cast both body and spirit into hell fire that is the Man to fear, he is a man of war, and the inhabitants of the earth will find it out by and by Write that down That is treason right from the stand to day, send it back to Washington; I presume I shall hear of it again, though it is a reasonable expression; but I tell you the Lord will make his apearance, and clense the earth from this filth, and sin, and iniquity for the decree has gone forth from the Almighty, and none shall escape. And I say to the Latter day Saints arise in the Majesty of your faith in the God of Isreal, and clense yourselves for the work of purification will begin with you, and from you it will pass to every state and Territory, and Nation in the world until wickedness is swept from the earth; that is what I say, and that is treason so considered, but that is the docrerine I beleive as foolish, vain, and unreasonable as it may appear; I Just beleive with all my heart the, so called, foolish docterines taught by the Latterday saints. When I was out in the world preaching this docterine, the sectarians used to say, "it is of hell, it is of the devil, it is foolishness nonsense, Joe Smith is an imposter, and his teachings and dangerous docterines will send you all to hell;" I used to say to them, when I was a youth I was not religious, and when I became a man I was counted an infidel, and the reason was because I could not away with the foolishness of the religions of the day, yet I did make a profession of religion, and tried to mend my ways, and did the best I could for my years before I heard of Mormonasm, but I was not satisfied, though I could see men and women have what the calledthe power of God, I could see them fall down, and as it were lye in a transe speecheless, and aparently breathless for an hour at a time, and not a pulse beating in the vains of the person, and there were others who did not experience this falling down power, I was among that class; when I saw this power, from the Almighty as they professed, I would ask them what intellegence they received by it, What better are you for it; do you know any more? Have you seen anything, can you sense anything more than before, can you instruct me further in the ways of salvation? No, say, we have gained nothing by it. Then what is the use of it? I could not not even gain as much in all the sectarian world as would satisfy even the little mag meagre, cramped up, yet ancious desire for happiness that dwelt in my bosome; there was not enough intellegence <happiness> in all the sectarian world if it was all ered down together to put in my brain; but the docterine of Joe Smith, as the world in dirision name him, fills me to the brim, and makes my heart like the heart of A I am filled with exceeding great joy, I am full, I am satisfied; and if the devil has given all this glory, then glory to the devil, for it is just what I am after any how; it is happiness peace, joy, and gratitude to God with all my heart, and good will to all his creatures, I have no ill will to any living thing, but good will to all the inhabitants of the earth, I wish them well, and would extend good to them with all the power I possess; if this is from the devil then Glory to the Devil for I am satisfied and that is the end of the argument you know. But the earth will be clensed; and if you do not beleive the Lord is a man of war you do not beleive the bible, for it says he is You may see a little of the Affects of his armies this season, we have felt a little of it last season, and they are feeling a little of it in the United States; A great many in the United States did not beleive the Iord could burn up the earth, but he showed them last year that he could burn up the wettest swamp, some of the most marshy, wet, loathsom places in the United States, I think I am aquainted with some of them; and those that were covered with wood the deepest, and was the most sunken and low, the Lord has set fire to them and burnt them down beneath the surface. He has been letting us see a little how he can operate. He has been sending a few grasshoppers here, but supose he were to send the locusts, as they are in the North of Egypt, that will eat the shoes off ones feet when a man is asleep, and the mustaches off his face, and <perhapes an> the hair off his head, and perhapes the next thing an ear, and whose bite is sufficiently forceable to bend a pin. Supose the Lord were to send them, the inhabitants of the disstricts that were subject to their ravages would say, "O0, it is the locusts, O it is the drought that causes this fire, but they do not see the wonder working hand of God in it all: I do not wonder at it for how can you when he has no parts, no body, no principle, no power, nothing to be seen of him; the world cannot see that the Lord is there himself, that he sends the fly, the Grasshopper the Cricket, the Canker worm, the catterpillar, the Locust and a thousand other insects that obey his voice, We do not see that the Lord has a hand in all this, to let the inhabitants of the earth know that he ie God.
All I have to say to the Latterday Saints is live your religion, and I am at the defiance of all hell mixed up with the united States, and all the world; that is my feelings; I say it is my God that controles all power, and he is the being for me to serve, to love, and adore; and to those that set at naught his Counsel, and dispise his Government, his religion, his Church and kingdom on the earth, I say mock on, laugh on, at the calamities of the poor deluded latterdaysaints; let the cry go from east to west, from the North to the South. "What shall be done with the Mormons? You can lie about them, you can say and do what you please, and God says and does what he pleases, he sits in the Assemblies of Nations, and executes his pleasure among the inhabitants of the earth, and those who have their eyes open can see his footsteps as plainly as the footsteps of a man in clay. He is not a God without body parts and passions, but he can see the afflictions through which his faithful childeren wade, he can hear their pititions, and he has an arm to streatch out to save those who trust in him. I say to the power that I callan ignorant power, than in their ignorance lift themselves up against the Counsel of the Almighty, Mock on, you cannot <thwart> avert his purposes, no more than the old preist could on the Sandwich Islands could who tried to pray the Mormons to death. The latterday Saints must go forth, clense the earth, call out his people, gather his Isreal; and he will santify his people, for he will have a people that is holy before him, that will honer his preisthood, and delight in the Lord his God. All this will be done and no power can hinder it. What shall we do? live to his glory, aud trust in his power, and providence and do right all the time; and may God bless you Amen.
By President Brigham Young. Tabernacle. Sunday morning
June 10, 1855.
(Reported By J. V. Long.)

It is not qui e time to dismiss yet, I thought I would say a few words. I am happy for the privilege of hearing from one of the brethren from the Sandwich Islands. I think it is the first time that I have heard one of them speak upon the situation of the inhabitants of those Islands, though some have spoken respecting them, perhaps bro. George Cannon made mention of them but I was not present.
While Bro. Lawson was speaking of those people respecting their being of the house of Israel it was not new to my understanding. We learned long ago from the prophet, meazurably, how those Islands became settled. They are a part and portion of the Nephites and Lamanites, they are of the house of lsrael. I still feel to say that I am happy to hear Bro. Lawson's voice for the first time in public I beleive since I have known him, and I have known him for many years. He labors under some disadvantages here, for I presume he never spoke to a congregation in his native tongue, though I do not know but he preached before he left England. I think he has given a delightful detail of the feelings of those among whom he has traveled, and also of his feelings. He testifies pretty strongly to this great delusion called Mormonism. Rather deverting that all the faith enjoyed by the natives and their priests, and all the faith of tha sectarian priests had not power to pray him to death, but it appears that the old priest had power to pray himself to death, and according to the faith of the world the sooner a man dies the better.
You recollect that our former religion taught us that a man upon the gallows may repent, get salvation, and go right to glory, but our fanaticism, as the world term it, and our religion, and that which we have got from the Book of Mormon, Book of Doctrine and Covenants, and all that we have received by the relations of God teaches us no such doctrine. But I think it was as well for the old priest to die when he did, for he was as well prepared then as he ever would have been.
Rather disheartening that they had not power to pray the Mormons to death, but it will do very well. Look over this great delusion that I behold here to day! What a lamentable fact it is that Christians, a few of the old darling Mother Church will embrace it, but all the daughters that have left the family wherever those Mormons elders go, and can get the privilege of laying their doctrines before the family they are sure to embrace it. What a lamentable fact it is when we cast our eyes over this vast delusion; what shall be done with the Mormons?-- How can we endure this delusion! It is astonishing what very rapid progress it is making, going from land to land and from sea to sea, from nation to nation, tearing to peices the church of England, and there is no argument against it. They send out all their artillery against it, it falls at the feet of the most obscure foe that has been sent to preach. The Boys that have been brought up at the factories from five years old, boys who have worked at the sledge, and they have been brought up to works in the factories at various kinds of mechanism, and when these very boys are sent out to preach the Gospel all the priests of the day are not capable of standing before them upon principles of religion and philosophy. What a pitty it is to give to a pure delusion tact, talent, knowledge and wisdom to confound the wisdom of the wise wherever they go, wherever they are upon the lslands of the sea, among the learned, among the ignorant, among the Doctors or lawyers, or judges, wherever they are upon the face of the whole earth and can get an opportunity of setting this delusion hefore the people there is a certain class that will embrace it. What shall be done with these poor, miserable Mormonsm? Philosophy, argument, the scriptures of the old and new testaments cannot put them down, and they say they have prophets, and the bible teaches that whenever the Church of Christ is upon the earth that they have prophets, and the new testament teaches us postively that it is based and built upon them and its foundation is Apostles and prophets. What shall we do? We don't beleive in them, and it is no use to take the bible to them for their doctrine coinsides with it, it is the very essence of the old and new testaments. And they say all kinds of things, and it is so foolish and rediculous, it is astonishing what they beleive. They beleive in laying hands on the sick, that base, low degraded practice. Why it has been done away for years and for centuries, and the sick are actually healed. And lere we hear the testimony of a man that the blind are healed How foolish that any person in the world should beleive in such doctrines. But still we can do nothing with them for in ancient times the Lord used to heal the sick, the prophets and apostles used to go and administer to the sick and they would recover, and it is no use taking the new testament for there it says the apostles did it.
And these poor, miserable, degraded race of beings are collecting themselves together, and say they are saints. What will be done with these creatures? They do not beleive in such a God as we sectarians do. We beleive in a God without body, parts or passions, and I was going to say without principle or power, but these poor, foolish Mormons beleive in a God that has ears to hear, eyes to see, nose to scent, and hands to handle, arms to stretch out, and feet and legs, stomach and bowels, and that he is as perfect, and a great deal more perfect than any man upon the earth. And then what foolish stuff to go to those foolish, poor people on those Islands, and they beleive it to be actually their duty, a duty they owe to the people, And they think they ought to go those Missionaries over there and try to introduce civilization. Why we send our missionaries over there and try to civilize the people. Yes and when we would introduce the true principles of civilization they (those missionaries) try to introduce what they consider to be civilization with the poor native women, and this is the way they carry their work and religion among them, and they carry Lawyers and Judges among them and they will amalgamate the species and bring civilization, and make them like to themselves. How fast do they increase? Why anybody knows how much they increase in ten years. Shall we say it is an increase? Yes an increase into the tomb of three forths of the people by those very missionaries. Then say the sectarians we have our good missionaries and we have our good religion, and we do not beleive in a God that can see and hear. We beleive in a God without body, parts and passions, high and lifted up on the top of that topless throne! O thou that fills immensity, thou art the God for me, thou whose centre is no where and circumference everywhere go over and convert them, bring them to me. Well what is he like? I dont know. Where is he? I do not know, he is somewhere.
But these poor deluded Mormons they travel to and fro and they journey from place to place, they are settled far away from our refined institutions. What shall be done with these poor deluded Mormons? We have got religion, thank the Lord. So we make long prayers, high professions of sanctity, all is well. We can go to the whore house, we have got the religion we can carry both to our religious meetings and to our respectable places of resort, and all mixed up, we are the people, we have the religion, but those poor deluded Mormons they are not fit to live upon the earth.
Well I look over these things, they have been before me for years. Talk of going over to those Islands and tell them to cleans themselves from the itch that he (Bro. Lawson) spoke about, and of cleaning them from inside to out, and make the platter clean. But what excuse is this to the sectarian world?
But by and bye the Lord will cleans the whole earth, and then what will be done with the Mormons? I will tell you. Mormons that have not made themselves clean by faith, obedience and purity of life, as Joseph once said in a dialogue in answer to the question is all but Mormons to be damned? Yes and most of them too if they do not cleans themselves from every kind of wickedness, but if they do right they have no reason to fear those that can kill the body, but fear him who after he has killed the body can cast both into hell fire. He is the man to fear, and the only one we have any need to fear.
Write that down some of you and send it to Washington wont you? Treasonable expressions! But I tell you the Lord will make his appearance and he will purify the earth. I say to the Iatter day saints rise in the magisty of your faith and cleans your houses, and your streets and Territories and States, and cleans the wicked from the earth. That is treason again. (A voice in the stand, yes that is treason) That is the doctrine that I beleive in as foolish, and unreasonable as it is. As foolish as the Latter day saints' doctrines are or
I will tell you what I used to say when the sectarians would say it is from hell, do not beleive anything of the kind. Joe Smith is teaching a doctrine that will lead you all to hell. I would say if this be from hell Glory to the devil.
I was not a religious youth, and when I became a man I was called an infidel, yet I did make a profession of religion, but I was not satisfied. I could see men and women fall down speechless, breathless by an hour at a time, not a pulse beating for an hour at a time, to all appearance perfectly senseless.
I expect that I have experienced as much power as the wisest of them, but I have not experienced the falling power. I would ask them what better are you after you experience this great power of God, can you see and feel any more? Can you instruct me? And I could not find enough in all the sectarian world to satisfy the little craving after happiness that was in my heart. There was not enough, to put it all into my cranium, as small as it is to give me that satisfaction which I desired to have. But says I the doctrines that Joe Smith has taught have put me in possession of happiness; I am full, and if the Devil has given all this peace and happiness, glory to the devil. It is Joy, it is peace, no ill will to any upon the face of the earth, but good will to all the inhabitants of the earth, it is to bless them, and if this be of the devil says I glory to the devil, for I am satisfied. And this is one of their arguments you know. But the earth will be cleansed. You do not beleive it, but it will surely take place.
The Lord is a man of war. they felt a little of it last year, but he only showed a little last year, inasmuch as they did not beleive thar he could burn up the earth he showed them that he could by burning up some of the lowest most loathsome swamps in the United States, and if he can do this, completely burn out these swamps what can he do with the dry places? I think I am acquainted with some of them. The Lord has just put fire to them and burnt them and some two or three feet deep. He has only sent us a few grasshoppers to eat off our crops, but suppose he should send the locusts that would eat the shoes off a man's feet, the mustache off his face, and that would eat the hair off a fellows head, as they have been doing in the East. They say they can bend a pin with their bite. And men turn round and say it is the drought that causes all these things. They cannot see that God is working among them, Bless you you cannot see that God that has no body, Parts nor passions. They cannot see that he sends the fly, the catterpiller, the cankerworm, the grasshopper, the locust, and all such things, but he will let all the world know that he is God.
To the saints I will say be faithful, and live your religion, and you are at their defiance, and at the defiance of all hell. I ask no odds of any of them. God is the man for me to fear. But they that mock and dispise him, says I mock on, mock on, by and bye you will see what will be done at the dry tree. If I have God on my side I need not ask any odds of any man.
The poor Mormons! enquire from north to south what shall be done with them. God will let you know what is to be done with them. Is he in the midst of these things? Yes, and those that have the spirit can see his footsteps in all these movements as plainly as they can see their own in the mud, if they will look at them. But it is not the God that has no body, parts or passions, but it is that God who has worked to save his people from the beginning, but I say to the poor, the ignorant, and those who dispise the ways of God mock on now, you cannot avert the purposes of the Almighty. Pontius Pilate could not avert his purposes, Christ must be slain, neither can his purposes be averted now. He will gather Israel, he will sanctify his people and make them a royal priesthood.--This will be done and no power can hinder.
What have we to do? to live to God, and live to his glory and to do good, and all will be right.
May God bless you: Amen.