1855 July 15 Sermon in Provo [Incomplete]


1855 July 15 Sermon in Provo [Incomplete]



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John V. Long

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To the Latter-day Saints White and Red, by President Brigham Young
Delivered in the Bowery at Provo City, on Sunday morning
July 15, 1855.
(Reported By J. V. Long.)
I shall occupy a portion of the morning in talking to the Brethren expressly upon the subject of saving Israel. I do not anticipate that I am going to frame a discourse systematically, and take item by item as I should if I were going to sit down and dictate a discourse to be written, and to bring out the things that I wish to lay before the people.
There are a great many things that I wish to say to the people upon this subject, and I shall treat upon them as they may occur to my mind, for I feel that I want to talk about them.
Here is the Latter day saints before me, those who have embraced the fulness of the Gospel; and that Gospel has been given and made manifest in this our day and generation expressly to gather and save Israel. We may ask the question do we think that the system of salvation would have been given to us, and have left the Book of Mormon out! Can we imagine that we would have received the priesthood, and the Keys thereof in this generation and nothing have been said with regard to gathering and saving Israel? I can say that there is not a person before me on a minutes reflection, but what would say at once, and freely acknowledge that had it not been that the set time had come for the Lord to redeem his people we might have died ignorant as our fathers before us as regards the priesthood which is calculated to redeem us and to give us celestial glory. Now every man and every woman on a little reflection will acknowledge at once this fact. Well, here we die far from the Gentiles, but of the Gentiles, with the Gentiles we were bred and born, and we have received the Gospel in its fulness, preparatory to the fulness of the Glory of God that shall be revealed in the Latter days. Inasmuch as we have received this Gospel, been made the happy partakers of it, I will say that love and justice, and mercy and truth, and every principle that should bind us to eternal life, and the kingdoms of our God compels us, draws us to this conclusion, -- inasmuch as the gentiles have received this Gospel, and been the first fruits of the labor of the Lord through the means made use of, that Auty binds us most emphatically to look after the house of Israel.
This has been proven years and years ago by visions, by peculiar manifestations to the people, by