1855 October 29 Remarks at the Funeral of Martha Batchelor


1855 October 29 Remarks at the Funeral of Martha Batchelor



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Wilford Woodruff

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The following is a synopsis of the Remarks made by Presidents Young & Grant as reported by W. Woodruff at the Funeral of Martha Batchellor Daughter of Wm I Appleby on Monday 10 oclock Oct 29. 1855

Meeting opened by Singing. & prayer by W. Woodruff

President Young arose & said It is better to go to the House of mourning than to the House of feasting for it is the end of all people as far as relates to this Life & the Living should lay it to heart, for this is the destiny which we all have to pass through. it teaches us that our spirits have to leave our bodies & our bodies have to be consigned to the dust & pass through a Decomposition this is common to all mankind. it shows that the young may die & the Old must die. this seperation is nothing but the seperation of the Spirit from the body the spirit will live but the body must <die> be decomposed when our spirits go into the Eternal World they are not deprived of sensation or knowledge any more than while they are tabernacleing in flesh. There is a fear of Death resting more or less upon all people many are afraid to die who are not afraid to be dead they feel it a fearful thing to die they fear to pass through the ordeal of Death. but we should feel that all is right when our friends are taken from us who have secured unto themselves Eternal Life. we have full evidence that our Sister who is taken from us for a season has secured unto herself Eternal Life therefore we have no cause to mourn on her account. when our friends are taken from us who have improved their time in this life & secured unto themselves Eternal Life & Celestial Glory we should feel to rejoice rather than to mourn & say that our friend has ended their suffering and are prepared to receive a glorious reward. we do know that all mankind are so constituted in this Life that pain,sorrow, grief, sickness & Death enters into their corporeal bodies & they are Destined to be subject to it more or less but if we could see things as they are we could see that these things do extist in all the creations of God Our bodies turn to dust, yet there is life in all Eternal matter there is life even in the body of that corps. if there was not life in that body it would remain just as it is to all Eternity it would never change it would never decompose. Whether her spirit is with us to day is not for me to say, but one thing I can say that she will come forth in the morning of the Resurrection & take again that same body which she has left & will return to dust, Her spirit will enter into that same tabernacle of skin, sinnews, flesh & bones which her spirit dwelt in while Here, the same body that the Spirit <adorned> adorned with virtue, honor & life she will again possess but it will be clothed with immortality, beauty, power glory & Eternal Life her veines will be filled with the fullness of the Spirit of God as her mortal body was with Blood and she will be no more subject to sickness pain or Death I am satisfyed that while she was here she has done all that she could do to receive to Herself Eternal Life & immortal Glory & she will receive that reward when I see any one carried to the grave yard that has secured to themselves Eternal life I feel to rejoice and to give Glory to God far more than I feel to mourn or sorrow even if it took every member of my own family wives & Children & I knew they had secured Eternal Life & immortal Glory & was to see them laid in the tomb I would feel to shout Hallaluja to God & the Lamb more than to mourn & sorrow for I should then know they were safe beyond the power of sin & Satan, & I should receive them all again to myself in the morning of the first resurrection which will be but a short time. but on the other hand what would be my feelings to raise up a son who should turn from the Lord & become a son of Perdition it would cause me pain & great sorrow of Heart through my whole life we have no cause to sorrow for the Death of the righteous but it is a cause of great sorrow to know that we have raised up posterity who are to become sons of perdition & to suffer the wrath of God to all Eternity. Mourn not for the righteous when they go to the tomb, but mourn for the wicked for they are true objects of pitty.
I know their is not any man who is not a son of perdition but what will eventually be redeemed & come forth from the grave & will receive a glory and a far greater glory than they have even conceived of in their hearts they will have a glory as far as their capacity are capable of receiving but the Sons of perdition will suffer the wrath of God while they exhist for they de seek to dethrone the Almighty & to overthrow & destroy his Kingdom but they can never accomplish it. I would say to all the Elders of Israel who are labouring Day & night to preach the Gospel to all the world & the inhabitants thereof worry not your <minds> minds because all the Heathen Nations & Gentile world do not receive your testimony & obey the gospel let them steep untill the resurrection all the Heathen Nations & Honorable men of the Earth will come forth & receive a glory in some Kingdom & some of them will have a far greater glory than many men who have received the gospel & not been faithful to their covenants but turned from the work of God unto follies.
I will say again when I see the Saints go to the graveyard it is no source of Grief to me but I feel more like setting up nights to shout Hallaluya that their work is done & well done and I wish to say to Brother Appleby that all I ask of <him> ypu is to secure unto yourself Eternal Life as safely as your Daughter has done & I will be satisfyed with you. I do not feel to make many remarks at this time for I feel bound, not bound in spirit but when I get upon this subject I want a big House & a large congregation that I can give full flow to my words & spirit may God bless you Amen.
President J. M. Grant followd & said I do not know as I wish to add to the Doctrinal parts that presidents Young has presented to us on this occasion. But I feel interested in the presentation. and I Believe the tenant has left the home for a season & is not in it but the body has got to be Decomposed we may say the spirit has left its earthly tabernacle & gone to mingle with other kindred spirits & there to remain untill the resurrection of the immortal body & then enter into it when it is clothed with glory immortality & Eternal Life what I understand about the Resurrection is and it is my belief that Angels will come down holding the keys of the Resurrection & go to the graves of the Saints as the Angel did to the grave of the Savior and administer an ordinance in raising the Saints from their graves as much as we do in Baptizing for the remission of Sins & I do believe the spirits will take these very identicle bodies which they dwelt in in the flesh I do not care if the body is cast in the sea & eaten by a shark & the shark by a whale, & the whale by the fowls of Heaven or if it is eaten forty times the Lord is able to bring that same body forth in the morning of the Resurrection & He will do it for He has declared it through both Ancient & modern prophets & I believe He will perform it. I had a Dream since I arived in these vallies which satisfyed my mind upon this subject if I had no other evidence I met with death in the valley in one instance in a peculiar manner & the circumstances attending it were of such a nature that it called forth my strongest energy to inquire into the Nature of the Resurrection. I prayed earnestly to the Lord to show me the truth concerning the Resurrection I fel asleep & had a dream and I thought the Angels of the Lord came unto us & we were taught the true principles of the Resurrection & I thought we went forth & raised up the Dead by Quorums and while Doing it I thought Brother Joseph Came along & said to me Brother Grant what are you doing do not worry about the Resurrection you now know all that is necessary for you to know upon this subject, your same bodies will come forth in the Resurrection that you have in this Life I awoke & was satisfied Those that I saw raised in my dream their bodies were the same as they had in this life their countenances & every thing about them the same & I will now ask Gentlemen & Iadies who of you would wish to exchange your bodies for another persons in the morning
of the Resurrection would you not rather have your own than any other I should & we shall all get our own tabernacle & no other.
W Woodruff said as there were a Number of young persons present He wished to give a word of council to them, Our Sister who <was> is taken from us was taken away suddenly & in the morning & Bloom of youth which has closed her work in this probation all of us especially the youth should lay these things to heart & be also ready we have heard a strong testimony to day that she had secured unto Herself Eternal Life this is the Greatest of all the gifts of God & I hope the young as well as the old will do likewise we should remember that our Eternal Destiny Depends upon our course in this Life & that for every act we shall be brought into judgment therefore the youth should be admonished to improve well their time, act well their part, & treasure up the word of God in their Hearts that they may bring forth good fruit so that if they are called as suddenly unto the Eternal world as this our Sister has been they may be satisfyed with their lives, but if we store our minds with vanity & folly & these things which do not eminate from God which is the source of all truth it will cause us pain & sorrow of Heart & we shall deeply regret it. We should receive the Doctrins & Council of the presidency of this Church that it may prove a Blessing & not a curse unto us. I can say with President Young that I would much rather that my wives & Children should go to the tomb than to be left to persue a course to be deprived of Eternal Life & I would much rather my own body would be laid in the grave this day than to turn from the Lord & his work & miss of Eternal Life & the approbation of God we stand in need of the spirit of God continually to lead & Guide us in the ways of Life Everlasting