1856 January 13 Sermon in Fillmore


1856 January 13 Sermon in Fillmore



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Thomas Bullock
Jonathan Grimshaw

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Minuts of a Sermon preached by president Brigham Young in the School House in Fillmore City On Sudy Jan 13 1856
At 10 A M as reported by Thomas Bullock

By our acts we have said to the world we are Christs, & we have exhibited it more than any other Christians for every thread & tie that Bind man to man have been broaken asunder. Men have left their wives, wives their husbands Children their parents & parrents have forsaken their Children & <They> this people have proven to the world by their acts, that they have a knowledge of the way of Life & Salvation. X This people prove, they can sacrafize every endearment for Life & Salvation & we prove, that we love these principles through every difficulty x we should be looked upon by our Father in Heaven by Holy Angels & by all just men enthroned in Glory power &c. x they all look upon us in this capacity for we have proved to them in their Kingdom that we sacrafize every thing endeering to man so as to secure a seat with them x And then again see how easy we can be turned to the right & the Left Do you not recollect giving way to temptation & then be ashamed of them, Is it not the case with us all more or Less? it is I can see 10000 weaknesses of B & nonsense in myself that we now regret. & it is so with those who have the light of the Spirit we give way to temptations & Anger against our Brethren & want to be revenged on them & yet we live year after year in this way, a little Lying, deceiving, Swareing a little do you think you can repent of all & be forgiven in a moment it is the Doctrin of the world, even that a man may commit Murder & when he is going to be Hanged He can be forgiven in a moment but there is not a LDS that believes it they know better. x they should improve Day By Day, shun the enemy as you see them & improve on them & be better men & women than you were last year there is not a man or a woman now present but can do Better.
I Am Death & Hell On The Wicked I will know the Human family.x As your leader I say let us try & improve our lives Let us overcome any temper & evil passions & when an Evil passion is on you you can shut your mouth & keep your tongue quiet & the next time you are tempted in the same way you can overcome it easier keep silence & it will give you a victory Mothers when you are cross with your children conquer yourselves first. Fathers bring yourselvs into subjection for then you need his grace & then you can go in the Spirit of meekness untill you get the victory over your feelings we are subject to get out of the way it would be a hard task for me to say I did wrong knowingly let a person be governed by righteousness let every Elder of Israel look on his Brethren & Sisters like little children (repe ) When a person does a rong in his foolish weakness look on it as luck & wealth will not give you wisdom but if you will shun Evil & extend the Hand of charity to every living being & do good to all this will grow in you & you will increase we should live & enjoy the Spirit of Revelation that we may know the will of God concerning ourselves & do not live for yourselves alone for if your Affections are not placed on Jesus you will miss the [goal] then not receive the spirit of the Gospel you must be emptied of every thing but the Spirit of the Gospel if the majority of this people should turn away from righteousness you would be liable to be led to Hell if I was to get out of the way would not all the people see it as they did Sidney & others wait & see if you dont believe when Sidney claimed to be the Shepherd the people knew when the voice of the true shepherd spoke unto them for the people shouldlive so & not to be deceived by a Deceiver No person can magnify their standing unless they live their Religion when you live your religion then you will see an end to Bishops & High Councils trials parents are under the deepest obligations to live their religion & the young men & women also that when you get Married your children may be born into the world in Holiness <it> they will be Begot in Holiness & brought forth in righteousness. & than you cannot make any thing but Saints of them Begin your work right teach your Children right & when they are old they will not depart from it x this is the Covenant made with Abraham to the Lord their shall be no end & this promise was made to him when he was childless He received the Covenants of the Lord & desired to see them promulgated upon the earth He was driven from his fathers Home & the Lord Bestowed the priesthood of Melchisedek upon him No one received him when the Lord promised him a seed to which their should be no End, the Lord promised him that He should raise up children & No greater Blessing can be promised to a man than that He shall have Children who shall have the priesthood & they shall possess the priesthood, & the various ordinances of the Lord & they should not be again taken from the Earth. a greater promise could not be given to him x then let every child for the future be begotten in Holiness & remember this one thing live your religion x x
I want to speak of another thing a very small portion of our time was spent in the temple according to the words of Malachi in his last chapter when he says, "the Lord shall turn the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children & the Hearts of the Children to their Father, &c ) if Fathers not be turned to their children Abraham recd the promise from the Lord that his seed should be saved & all the Seed of Abraham <will> in all the gentile Nations or among the uncontaminated of the House of Israel will be gathered x they have us they have transgressed the laws they have changed the ordinances Or you would not see the children of the , in the Degradation they are in now. they are Manasaites almost exclusively they are very little of the Blood of Ephraim & they are called as the seed of Abraham. And they must be saved or they would not have become as loathsome as they are they are punished in the flesh & when they pass through the vail the enemy has no power over them in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ all the particles of the Blood of Abraham will be gathered together No greater.Blessing can be expect than to have a Posterity x . the Seed of Abraham have not been counted for many years & never will be again if an Angel was to commence now to number them all when he got through he could not number them for they would be many more have been born they cannot be numbered x Now brethren & Sisters Live your religion x this priesthood will turn the Hearts of the Children of the Fathers anciently & the Children of the Fathers Now & those to come will be made perfect the chain cannot be broaken & no man can be saved by any other way. this priesthood must be linked together so that all the children may be linked to Father Adam it may be asked when is this to be done this will be done in Temples in our day, & in the Days of our Children men will go into the Temples & be pillars & go no more out & they can plant trees & eat the fruit thereof I will call it the Millennium. I carry it in my breast I say it has begun Every Saint carries it with him then let us overcome <yee> every thing & we will extend this influence from Zion untill it roots out every evil & brings all in subjection to the Kingdom of our God we will administer in the Temple. that we have now begun & that is one point gained, & we will seel men to men by the keys of the Holy priesthood. it is a Hier ordinances to one of the Lost Ordinances of the Lord & above all the Endowments that can be given you it is a final sealing Eternal principle & when once made can never be broaken by the Devil when we return to Zion & build the great Temple which Joseph saw & the Centre of Zion is the Glory of God will be upon it by day & night & those that are prepared may see the face of the Son of man And they may see Joseph And Hiram in the flesh in their resurrected Bodies Then the Armies of Israel will be Terrible & we will put 1000 to flight who will resurect Joseph Body, A man named Moroni has received or will receive, the keys of the resurrection & from whom Joseph received the keys of the Aaronic priesthood & probably John & Peter from whom Joseph received the keys of the <Aarronic> Melchizedek priesthood & you will see Jesus & He will eat peaches & apples with you but the world will not see it or know it for wickedness will increase Joseph & Hirum will be there He will walk & talk with them & no man mistrust who He is Joseph will lead the Armies of Israel whether he is seen or not He has got to receive the keys of the resurrection for you & I after he is resurrected & he will say go & resurrect Brother Brigham & Broth Heber & Broth Carless, Carlos? & when that is done now go Broth Brigham & gather up your wives & children & resurrect them & no man knows any thing about it the wicked will be round about & they will be struck with fear that is the way the resurections will be Joseph will say be baptized for this one & that one. & seal such a man to such a man & count the priesthood to gather I tell you their will not be much done untill Joseph comes. Our hearts are turned to him this day & their hearts to us it is the order of the Holy priesthood & go on to administer in the holy ordinacnes. He will not officiate in this low capacity any more Neither did Jesus after his death a Jesus would Baptize Saul but He was exalted above the Earth, & told Saul to go to a certain man in such a Street & He
would administer to him the ordinance on the Earth. I say dont hurry the things that you ought not to do it is not time to hurry, but we may not undertake to do what must be done in 50 years. what has to be done today purify your hearts & receive the manifestations of the Spirit. x
Before you sow your wheat you prepare your ground, then sow your wheat & watch it untill Harvest. <Sow> it is so in the priesthood you will be great a hurry as you can be to do the things to be done to day x Now dont be in a hurry I say we are going to have time I say I will be on the earth. to do all I can and fight the Devils & be Here at the winding up scene I want to see righteousness prevail & the Saints have peace on the earth. x
I am Here as the Governor of this territory & I will commence at the president of the United States is he the master of the U. S. No He is not. He is selected to sit there as one of our servants to act for us to do what we wish to have done so it is with the Congress & the Governors of the Different State & I am here as one of them or the servant of the people. Congress has passed a Constitution for this Territory & have guaranteed certain rights to the people as a community of people they have said this territory should be organized thus & so in a Governor & Legislative Assembly & the right is given to the people to select the representative Assembly & to select 13 Councillors this body may enact Laws to controll each of us & all the inhabitants of this Territory including the Governor the Judge, the Secretary the Supreme Court the District Court & probate Courts, they have said they shall have all the power given to them by the Legislature Assembly & the Magistrates courts we leve the Legislative Assembly x <& they will send> & Congress will send certain men to hold supreme courts & send other Officers to the Territory of Utah to transact business for the Territory of Utah so as to make it as easy as possible the Judges are not here as Kings <a> or Monarchs He is nothing but a Boy No if you see a Judge put the city under Martial Law pitty him & give him a pece of cake x if a Man wants to be what He is not it is certain he wants to be something more when a man knows 100 words he think he knows all of Webster some study our sciences of the day & then He dont know any thing more than a child if a person studies Divinity 5 years hes only fit to be put down upon the spot or a Block to get upon your Horse x
I see some here who have come 50 or 100 miles at the squaking of a crow & dont you know if you want a c a Judge must come here & if he dont know that he ought to have his spanked I am perfectly asstonished at these my Brethren to think this if a man takes a pumpkin & swares it is an Apple you not another it is an Apple or if they take a rotten potatoe & swear it is a peach then cram it down your throats as a peach although it is a rotten potatoe I say to you Jurymen & wittnesses pack up your dudds & go home & stay their till you have business if I come here as a Governor & not the tyrant you ought to pack me & if you dont take the peach swallow the rotten potatoe
I know the meaning & the morrow & the pitts & the very principle by which they are built better than they do I know the meaning of them & know the Duty of all the officers in this Territory & say this for your advantage x x to see man come here at the babling of a foolish boy freezing your toes & killing your horses in the cold month of December when you want him send for him & pay your regrets to him but they do not understand . No take some of the boys & learn them something & treat them as gentlemen & make them treat you as Gentlemen & when a man says our Laws are not right it puts me in mind of the Fox jumping into a Hen Coop where the had attached a cord from it & hung a bell on it when the fox hit the rope the Bell made a dreadful noise & the fox run away a considerable distance but turning around and seeing nothing after him He returned to the Hen Coop examined the & it he the Bell & when He ut his aw on thew Bell it stoed says he now I must tend my chicken & in He jumped when he had got the chicken he looked up & saw the Bell was hollar & a tungue in & said you a a poor miserable hollo headed deceiver (a laugh) mke them toe the Laws of this Territory or you will put them in the way they must observe them I say to any man who has no business here packup your goods & go home Let him honour me & our constitution or he will not find any honour in me for them
I see one man on my right who will go straight & tell the Judges what I have said He is a kind of a Telagraph & if any man dont come to me & say Broth Brigham do you mean me I will say you are the man (alluding to Elisha Hoopes) .
Choir Sung I will praise my maker while I have Breath
Benediction by J. M. Grant