1853 November 23 Letter to Isaac Morley


1853 November 23 Letter to Isaac Morley


Brigham Young assures Isaac Morley amid reports and rumors, expects him to take his seat in the Assembly, and encourages him not to resign.




Brigham Young


Isaac Morley


1853 November 23


Great Salt lake City



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Great Salt Lake City, Nov. 23rd, 1853,

Beloved Brother Morley,

Your letter of the 15th inst. is at hand.  Permit me to state that I was somewhat surprised that one of your years, Judgment, and experience, should allow himself to be so affected and weighed down by mere reports.
I did flatter myself that you knew me well enough to know, that whenever I had any matter of consequence with a brother, that I invariably wrote or spoke to him in all plainness, which should have prevented your being disturbed by rumors; and I take this opportunity to again assure you, that you have always had my best feelings and prayers for your welfare.

I shall expect you in this city, with your certificate of election, in time to take your seat in the Assembly at 10. O.clock A.M. on the Second Monday of December next, and do not wish you to even dream of resigning.
I have reflected upon your age, circumstances, and probable feelings, and feel to say, that it would please me much if you would arrange your affairs with the view of returning, & living with us here in this City at the earliest reasonable date.

On the last, and all other subjects, we can converse freely, and fully when you come here to take your seat in the Assembly.
I Remain as ever
Your Friend & Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young