1859 September 18 Missionaries' Meeting Teachings


1859 September 18 Missionaries' Meeting Teachings



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George D. Watt

extracted text

by President Brigham Young to the Missionaries appointed to
forign lands. Historians Office Sepr. 18th 1859.
6 P. M.
Reported by Geo. D. Watt.
I will say a few words to these brethren going on Missions. Brother Bertrand is going to France, the rest of the brethren are going to England. Cap. Hooper is going to Washington to represent the people of this Territory. Brother Moffit is going to I do not see that there is any difference <in> between the missions of the brethren at the present day, and the Missions they took years ago, with this exception, I do think there should be an increase of knowledge to a considerable extent. Were I to ask the brethren present if there is an increase of knowlege with themselves, and with the Elders of Isreal generally, I beleive You would all answer me in the affirmative without hesitation. I think I am not mistaken, when I say I know more now a great deal than I did when I went preaching at first. If I am mistaken in this the brethren can correct me. I understand and know more things now than I did then, and I think this is the case with the brethren generally who have been faithful.
We have made a celection of a few brethren to go on Missions bro. Calkin is alone in England as we may say. The most of you brethren have been on forign Missions that are now going, and they understand and know precisely what is wanted of them. They can see the situation, I presume, of the Churches. I have been thinking on the state of the churches abroad and feel as tho' I understood them, as well as if I were there. There is one thing in perticular that I do want the brethren to consider first of all, and then consider it the next and the next and so on, Go in the spirit, and in the power of your holy calling, and I do not care a groat for the rest. Go in the power of God, and you will have an influence that no man can gain without it. We have celected A few to go on Missions this fall, and in celecting these few we have had a single eye to their good moral character, as well as to their good sound sense. They are all here except Brother Milo Andrews and brother William Gibbson. I have perfect confidence in these men, as far as I know them. Bro. Milo is a head strong dareing man, but I beleive he has done as well as a man could do, he is a good firm man, and if he controles his passions he is a very powerful man, and in the rest of the brethren we have no less confidence. If Brother Milo was here to speak for himself he would say at once, brother Brigham if you had a club in your hand You would throw it at me. I have to pound him once in a while. But there is one thing brethren that you should learn, I have learned it and I think I see it pretty well. I may be deceived. But my study is this with regard to my brethren in their mistakes, misdealings, and overtacts, is there a disign to do wrong is the question which is continually in my mind. do they have the wellfare of the kingdom of God at heart. If a man abuses me I will tell him of it, and we will have our quarrell out together. But when men make mistakes in the kingdom and do wrong that does not infringe on me as an individual but they infringe on the preisthood and on the rights of the kingdom of God, and when I chastise them I do it on these principles and not to satisfie a private peque. Remember brethren one of the greatest snares that will lie in your way, but I consider it is almost useless, even to mention the things, but still no harm can be done by mentioning it, and it may result in some good. In the first place be watchful and prayrful in all things; in the next place for your own sake, for the glory and honer of your own persons, <and> families and freinds, for God's sake keep out from between the legs of Women, or you will just as sure as you do it bring darkness upon your path, sap the foundation of your influence, and render yourselves entirely useless in the great work you are called to labor in; this will be the case as sure as you are living beings. This is the week point that besets the Elders of isreal, and it is also the strong point. Go and remain just as pure as I beleive you are. I beleive you are all pure, and I beleive you will keep yourselves so. If you should be tempted do not permit Yourselves to do as much as to say, "Get up to the gathering point and then I will see if I have it fixed, if you do even this it will weaken you as sure as you live. Treat them as you would supose an Angel would treat men and women; and when you find that you have gained a reputation, and and influence, keep that reputation and influence from spot or blemish. It is a thousand times easier for a person to preserve a good character than to regain a lost one. Our Elders slip, slip, slip. How many there are that do it, and come back here loaded with rings <sins>. I generally know when a man has done wrong, I do not ask anybody to tell me when a man has committed an overt act, I know by his countenance, and I will tell you how you may know. You look at a man that has sinned in the eye, and you see his countenance falls, and esspecially if he has committed the act of adultry. he cannot secrete from a man that is filled with the holy Ghost any way in the world. He may committ other acts that are highly wrong, and that will weaken him, but this is one of the most powerful machines or traps the enemy can employ, working by means of the strongest passions of the people. I want to say to you that I have felt, and I do not recollect the feeling before in my life so perticularly strong as quick as the names of these brethren were mentioned, and I have prayed for them and experienced an holy disire for them, and felt confident if you should go, you will have cause to say that the same number of Elders never performed as great a work in the same time before. That is what I beleive about it. When the Twelve first went to England, Joseph said if we would go in the spirit and power of our calling we would actually be asstonished at the labor we would perform, and the things that we would do. So it came to pass, we was asstonished, I was if anybody else was not. You may look over the history of the Church, and where has there been such a labor performed as was performed in England at that time. You are the men that can perform a greater work if you go in the power of the Holy Ghost, but if you slide one partical from that you will miss it just as sure as the world. You may go and say you have done a great deal of good and return, but you want to feel like ten thousand lions, and just as though you could take up mountians from their ancient beds and cast them into the sea.
Bro. Hoopers Mission is to Washington. I consider it to be as important a mission as was ver bestowed on an Elder. He will perform just as much for the kingdom of God as any other Elder. He goes as a delegate to represent this people, and here is the power of the eternal preisthood that he is raped up in, and they cannot get him out of it, unless he walks out of it himself. He has got to get out of that building, and house from under that sheild before they can infringe upon him, and he will perform as great a work by the power of the preishood, and they wont have the least idea what he works by, any more than they understand by what power this whole people works by, and I. They think it is the spirit I have in me that controles the people, and enables me to perform that I do. They acuse me of this that and the other, they cannot lay a good thing to me, but it is the power of God. He will be surrounded with blood hounds who are continually upon the track of innocense. I said here my preisthood would controle my governorship, and so it did as long as I was Governor, I never let it nucke a single hairs breadth: but I made my office under the Government of the United States honerable by it. And so will brother Hooper. Bro. Andrew Moffit is going to the States to assist bro Hooper and he will get team and his,i load and come back, and he will do good all the time if he goes in the spirit of his calling. He is an Elder in Isreal and has a right to all the power and blessings of the Holy preisthood if he lives for it, and he will do good before he is aware of it, and be a preacher of the Gospel, and be filled with the spirit of revelation.
Now brethren we say God bless you. I shall pray for you, and so shall all the rest. We have been through trying times for a short season here but let me tell you when the voice of the Lord is heard they will see the lions, and they will arise and shake their mains, and the enemies of the Almighty will be filled with fear and trembling, let it be at night or at any other time, The Lord rules and he will fight our battles, and the Gospel of Salvation will role and spread, more than it ever has done before.
Well brethren God bless you Amen.
There is another thing I wish the brethren to remember, that is not to fret or exercise the mind more than it can bear. The doctrin of the learned world is, train the mind; whip in the Mind, and keep it in continual exercise and by this course they expect to accomplish greatresults. The practise is not in reality a profitable and will thwart the purpose in veiw. So long as the mind is so closely united with the mortal tenement, it partakes more or less of its nature, and will flag and tire out the same as the body will, and by excessive and constant exercise reduce the body to a state of weakness, and if presisted in will shorten its existance, and consequently its term of usefullness. Now this I know. You all know the great amount of streight clear thinking, and the great amount of buisness I am capable of performing in a short time. I am enabled to do this, and to keep my body and mind healthy by throwing off all thought, and suspending intirely the minds exercise when it is weary until it is suficiently rested, then it is clear vigerous and strong. When it is in this state then give it the right training, and stamp upon it those impressions that will produce the best results. This pernicious practice has created more weakness and embicility among children than any other cause. If Brother Hooper had followed this course of resting the mind twenty years ago he would have had this day a more healthy and vigerous body. Suffer yourselves not to be fretted, but give your minds necessary rest as well as your bodies, and you will accomplish more labor, and do it better, and produce the greatest amount of God.