1860 October 25 Evening Remarks in Pleasant Grove


1860 October 25 Evening Remarks in Pleasant Grove



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George D. Watt

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by President Brigham Young Pleasent Grove Oct 25, 1860 7 P. M.
Reported by G. D. Watt.

We have heard good preaching and, good exortation from the brethren who have spoken this evening. I inform the people here if they will live their religion, I give them a promice of being a very people, not however that I like you one partical better than any other people who do right.
While brother Joseph was speaking to day with regard to the people in the North, in the south, in east and in the west have been brought from different Nations, I know of none but one Nation, one family. I frequently here this mentioned. My feelings are as brother Joseph's are. I am well aware that some will have national feelings, but where these exist it is for want of understanding. Is not an American just as good as anybody else if he does right, and is he is any better than any other flesh and blood bone and spirit? No. Are they any different from a French man, or a Jerman or an Italian? They are not, they are all made of one flesh, and of one blood the whole family of man; and I know no difference. All the difference there is is simply the traditions of the different families and nations of men. With me, it is not what country do you come from, but do you do right. I frequently look at the motely mass of of people our Elders gather together. We have members in this Church from almost every kingdom and Nation, and people under the heavens. Is there another set of men on the earth that could gather <so many differences> together into one community people from so many different nations, and peoples, and have them dwell together with the same digree of peace and union as they do as latterday Saints? This is positive proof of the agency of a supreme power, that is not to be seen in any other comaunity of people. I thought of a little item with regard to people's feeling timidity in rising before a congregation. There are men in the world that have boldness of charracter naturally in their organization nothing daunts them, they can say anything they wish before a congregation of strangers that they could in the retired circle of their freinds. I frequently wonder at myself. This timidity is called a man fearing spirit, but is a wrong term. I will give you the key to this. When I arise to speak before a congregation of human beings, I arise before a portion of the same <intelligence> divinity that dwell as Gods in eternity. My nature is encorperated with the divinity that is in me, I doubt whether any upon the earth have seen the things as it realy is. I fear not that which pertains to the world. I have no diffidence, I have no suffering in my feelings, to rise before all that pertains to fallen nature, neither have You. What makes men of wisdom, and sound judgement feel that same timidity. that same weakness and trembling. Both the wise and unwise have this fear, but is more felt by the wise than the unwise. Why is this so? Because the divinity within them, added to their superior judgement -- and understanding makes them more sensible of the true nature of their position -- that they are rising before a portion of the divinity of the Gods of eternity. Think of it, this fallen nature within us shrinks, and the speaker rises with fear and trembling. It is not A man fearing spirit it is a reverential awe, that every person has within them that has lived upon the earth, and is formed after the likeness of the heavenly beings, our parents, our brothers, and our Sisters, our relatives and freinds. The heavenly hosts are composed as we are made as we are. We have a small portion of that divinity within us, hence the weakness of humanity shrinks before it, proportionatly to what it would suposing and Angel were here. If one of the heavenly beings were to come here, and you <should> should be requested to rise and speake before him in his glory, you could not even look upon him. No man can see the Lord in his Glory and live, neither could you behold the glory of an Angel and live. Supose it were possable for you to behold the glory of the smallest angel there is in the presence of the Father and the Son, What would you do? You would fall on your face saying I am not worthy to look upon him. You <feel> have a small portion of that feeling when you rise before the divinity that sits here in this hall to night. Did you ever think of this brethren. The weakness of fallen nature shrinks in great awe before the the Glorious divinity that is within you<rselves>. When you talk about excuses, if a man could only see and understand they do not amount to anything. Can my brethren say what they want to say when they rise up to speak? No. there is that, quivering, and shrinking within their systems that preys upon their spirits, and they cannot think of what they wish to say. I have never seen the time there was not that shrinking in me that my brother Joseph speaks of, and feel at the same time I would rather talk than here anybody else. I make those remarks to show to you explain to you, and give you ideas that perhapes you have not possessed before. When you think of these things you can know how to look at others, and feel for them. When you look at human beings you look at beings who are formed after the image of the heavenly.
It has often been said the Lord looks upon us as worms of the earth. It is not so, were I to tell it as it is, I should say the Lord looks upon the inhabitants of the earth as a set of devilish fools, poor and miserable, and seeking to make themselves miserable dayly. Says the Father I have sent my children to inhabit an earth, and to take upon themselves bodies, to be exalted, and come again into our presence, and enjoy our society, being orgonised as we are, and decended from the same lenage and parentage. Do they act worthy of this parentage -- of this heavenly connection? How do they appear? like brute beasts, as the Apostle said made to be taken and distroyed. They know nothing as they should know it; they wallow in their filth and and wickedness, and delight in all the wickedness that has been introduced by the enemy. As I said last sabath I boast of my religion -- that I honer my God -- that I revere him. I am proud, that I am assciated with heavenly beings -- that I have the privilege of calling on my father, and of enjoying many blessings too numerous to enumerate. But the wicked are proud that they hate God, that they have the capability, and are made so they can blaspheme the name of him who has created them and given them a being upon this earth to prepare themselves for a glorious resurection. They seem to boast themselves that they can dispise their saviour and every holy principle that is introduced from heaven among the children of men. That is the difference between them and me. I am proud that I have the priviledge of praying, and of claiming that charracter that has framed the earth as my father and God Look at the inhabitants of the earth, and at <many of> the chosen seed people of God, and see how like fools they acted, and how they have wandered away from the Lord, and dispised his precepts It was but a few years before they transgressed, after they was dilivered from the hands of their enemies, and brought into the promiced land, their to enjoy the blessings of a goodly land; but it was not any better than this land is if it did flow with milk and honey they had not as good wheat flour as we have, and as good cane mollases as we can make. Perhape they had plenty of honey that was made by bees, but it would be hard to find anything like it now. They was brought away from their enemies, and located in a land the Lord gave unto their fathers, and that was enough and they ought to have been faithful to their covenants; but they transgressed the law, changed the ordenance, and broke the everlasting Covenant made with their fathers, and they all went out of the way, none doing good no not one. Were this people not continually brow-beaten, and urged, and plead with they would be like the children of Isreal in a little while -- they would be running after the Golden God. How many within a year have been overcome by the spirit of speculation which is idolatry, and after the spirit of the world which has lead them into apostacy.Apostacy has run <they have rushed> rampant <into the vortex that was open to receive the>, among the inhabitants of these settlements. There has not many gone after it after all, I wish a few more would go. There is a band that are strung together from the North to the south of this Territory, these I wish would leave, but we callculate to fight the enemies of God until they are over come. The Lord has conquored our enemies, and they think we have done it, they have no better knowledge. Universally through the United States and Europe, they say that Brigham and I have actually whiped Uncle Sam, but the Lord has done it, and they think the Mormons have.
As for a name, as for being president of the United States, I would just as quick be president of hell. And as for holding controle and the reins of Government on this contenant, just wait a few years, and see who guides and dirrects, and rules thus and so. I want to see all the bitter branches wasted away, and good men raised up to hold the reins of Government, which I shall see in these United States. It is no more the Government of the United States, but it is the broken Government of the once United States, and it will be forever so. And whoever sustains the constitution, they will hold controle on this land of Joseph. All that is wanted of us is to be faithful, and we shall conquor. You say you want things thus and so, you want the blessings, and you want to prosper, you want righteousness to prevail, and the kingdom of God to advance in power and magnitude, if you live for it you will see it. You do not want to see the Saints driven any more -- you do not want to see the heritage of God laid waste any more at all, if you are faithful you will realize all your fond anticipations. We have made the last move, by compulsion; if we move again it will as we please, and as the Lord shall dirrect. The day has pased by when for our enemies to fource us from our possessions. If this people are faithful to their Covenants, they will never see it any more. Do not foster in your minds that you are not going to stay and you on that account neglect improveing your homes Cities, and the countery. If you do not improve to the best of your ability you will not have the priviledge of going back to the Centre Stake of Zion. But if you do all you can to make these valies glorious, the most of you will live, and return to Jackson County Missouri, that is all that wants to go,but you will never see the time that all will go, for there will <go> be always a strong hold here for the people to come to. I have give you only A few items I would like to say much to you. But, one thing you may look for, and all Latter day Saints, you may look for docterine, principles of life and salvation, and practice, You have never read in any book of revelations if you will live to God, live as brother John T. Cain as instructed you, so you can know for yourselves that the docterine you have embraced is of God. It is your priviledge to live so, that when the truth is told you to know for yourselves that is the truth. And if you do not live so that the spirit bears wittness to you you do not do your duty. You should live so that the spirit of the Lord is in you like a well of living water springing up to everlasting life. This is your priviledge and the highest you can enjoy. You will find that that which was taught anciently will not answer in all respects for the present. Shall we do away with the commandments of the Lord, and his revelations through prophets and apostles Anciently? by no means: but this is the time of times, that swallows up, comprehends, and sercumscribes all the times from the days of Adam until now. I have more to teach this people, as soon as there is a place to receive it, than has been taught from the days of Adam to this time. But there is no place for it at present, that is enough to know. I could wish with all my heart and soul that the people were prepared for the things of God, for he is waiting graciously to give them a fullness of knowledge. Will you prepare as fast as you can? Yes. You are finding out a great many things you never thought of, and you will learn, you will increase in knowledge, understanding, faith and power, and in all the glory might and dominion of God on the earth. For this is your home and mine, and it belongs to the Saviour, he has redeemed it, and wants to come and dwell with his children. Let us live so that we can enjoy his presence. Amen