1860 October 27 Morning Remarks in Provo


1860 October 27 Morning Remarks in Provo



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George D. Watt

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BY President Brigham Young Provo Oct 27th 1860 A. M.
Reported by G D Watt.

The sole object of our visite is to comfort the hearts of the saints, and instruct them. We have not come here with any disign of evil; we wanted to look <at> at you,<and ascertain> and <see> ascertain how you feel. We did not send any appointment ahead, from the city we did not know we should certainly come. We have been preaching along, and sent in an apointment yesterday morning for meeting to day and tomorrow. There is a good many others along with us that are Elders of Isreal, we expect to talk some to you, and when we get threw here, we may go on still further. If the saints really wish to enjoy the spirit of their religion we know they will like to meet together We shall know by the practise of the people something how they feel. I did not wish to come here this morning on account of my health, for I feard I should have to speak if I did, and thought it would be better to stay away, still I have considered to come downe, and to say this much to you, and I shall now hand the meeting into the hands of those that are with me, and they shall do the preaching, and when I can with any digree of comfort, I shall talk to you as well as I know how. I feel it in my heart to bless the saints and all the good. I would be glad to have the inhabitants of the earth turn away from their iniquity, and try to live and serve the Lord. And I am not the freind of those whose hearts are fully set in them to distroy the last vestage of the Gospel of salvation from the earth. I do not care who they are. I would do them good if they would let me, and so would the Lord but their hearts are fully set in them to do evil, I pray for them dayly, that they may beremoved from the earth, and encumber it no more, but let it be filled with the saints of the living God. Amen