1854 December 26 Letter to E. J. Steptoe


1854 December 26 Letter to E. J. Steptoe


In response to the Lieutenants letter Brigham defends the subordinate spirit of the citizens and affirms that both the troops and citizens are expected to comply with the law.




J M Grant


E. J. Steptoe


1854 December 26


Great Salt Lake City

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Mayor's Office
G. S. L. City, Decr. 26th 1854.

E. J. Steptoe
Lieut. Col. U. S. A.


Your note of yesterday came duly to hand, and would say, that had you been more intimately acquainted with the character of our citizens relative to their subordinate spirit to the Commands of a legal Officer in the line of his duty, you would not have anticipated that They would commit any overt act on your troops while the Municipal force of this city were on duty.

The citizens of this place have ever proven themselves by their past conduct to be of that class, although, as in every community, you must expect, that among the multitude there are always persons easily excited, and when infuriated by what they may consider unprovoked imposition, or hostility, they may unbridle their rage, or hate, and do much mischief, before a sufficient force could be on the ground to restrain them.

It is now over Seven Years. since the entrance of the Pioneers into this Valley,-- the first disturbance of the public peace and the shape of a riot occured in the Theatre. on Saturday evening last; the second, yesterday in one of the streets in this city. I am not prepared to justify either party, no doubt parties on both sides acted very unwisely, without regard to law, order, or the quiet of those who felt otherwise disposed, yet we intend that as long as the troops conduct themselves like men that they will not be molested;when they act otherwise, Utah has Laws. which they must expect to be amenable to, as well as other citizens. Your kind, and gentlemanly suggestions are appreciated. I would observe that the measures indicated in your letter, were in force before its receipt, and we intend to keep a competent & vigilant force on duty, to prevent any farther acts of violence or collision between the troops under your command, and the citizens.

Most Respectfully

J M Grant

P. S.
The case of the soldier in custody, will be presented to the Grand Jury today, by the City Marshal Col. J. C. Little.
J. M. G.