1861 March 17 School House Remarks


1861 March 17 School House Remarks



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George D. Watt

extracted text

by President Brigham Young in his New School House
March 17 1861
Reported by G. D. Watt

Though I can judge of the preponderating feeling and influence which is upon the congregation, I like to hear from the brethren and sisters. We have our prayr meetings, and our Ward meetings for this purpose. Still we like to hear the good things of the kingdom. There is an eternity of principles to bring forth. When you hear a person take a text --when you read a passage of scripture pertaing to certian principles that is in the Gospel. These as a whole we may compare to a chain, You take a link from that chain, and you cannot tell much what it is. Every part is fitted to its place, and it needs the vision of the mind to be opened to behold the beauty of the principles pertaing to life and salvation. We say we continue to learn, When shall we cease to learn? I do not know. I trust I shall never see the time, though I may endeavor to all eternity, that I will not have the priviledge of advanceing. I would not know it all for anything. I would not comprehend eternity for it would put an end to my existance, in my feelings. I want to persue my object ahead. I wish to attain to more, and if I knew it all, if I had the power to comprehend the eternities that has been, that are, and that will be, and all is before me, and present with me, and I could comprehend it, I would know that that is the end of my existance, the end of eternity.
Consequently I do not expect to learn all things in one day, in one year, or in one short life; but we expect to improve, and continue to improve -- continue to learn and to increase, and we are here to press after it, secureing to ourselves eternal life. Brother Clements observed this afternoon, that in the school of the prophets, or the saviors we may say, the school of intellegence, they concluded that the greatest that can be bestowed upon any intelligent being is to live and never die. The greatest blessing that there is offered to us, is the power to preserve our own identify to all eternity. Nothing can compare with this; this is the blessing which the gospel puts in our possession, and who would not give all things for this? That is if we had any all to give, but we have nothing to give. When I think about giveing ourselves to the Lord, and this and that to the Lord; I never gave him anything in the world, for I never had anything to give him, and if I ever did anything to promote his kingdom it is that which he has learned me. He has given me my organization, my intellegence, my eyes to see, my hands to handle, and every sensation of my system he has bestowed upon me, and upon you the same, and upon all intellegent beings, and all is his, and it is for us to improve upon the grace that is given to us, and upon every oppertunity, and means put in our possession to improve upon. And we ought to bear with each others foibles, and follies -- overlook them, and strengthen the faith of each other, do good and forsake evil, cleaveing to that which promotes life everlasting, and forsake that which tends to death, and thus live and bear our own own infirmities, and the infirmities of the weak, and the strong, of the aged and middle aged, and of the youth and children, and continue to do so, until we are called to go hence; and then we will leave this weakness, and this curruption, and all that tends to death we leave in the grave, and are prepared to dwell in the spirit world until the trump of God shall call our sleeping dust forth, then we expect to see men and women to be more perfect there. If I were perfect I would not stay here, I would not be perfect all over, for you know the association I am blessed with you know is my hearts delight. I do not want to leave father Smith, sister Whitneys father who is now over eighty years old. Twenty eight years last fall I baptised him into this Church, I would leave him, I want to be with him all the time; and I mean to keep him hear as long as I can. I expect he will sleep in a little while, but I shall hang on to him, and keep him here as long as I can, and when I cannot keep him any longer I will bid him good bye, and God speed. This is my home, and I expect eventualy it will be my heaven, I expect to inheret some place on this globe, where I do not know. Joseph pointed out the place he would inherit. He told brother Tayler the very place he would inheret on the earth; it is somewhere near Nauvoo would be the place of his eternal habitation and home. I never asked where mine would be. And I dont care anything about. It will be upon the earth somewhere. Maybe in old Vermont where I was raised, or in Nauvoo, or in Jackson County, or it may be in the midst of the mountians, but there is not a place in this earth, but what if I had my way about, I would make it a heaven, a paradise if I had the power, I would make as pretty a heaven as you could disire. The question is, will you make it? Yes, and I am at it. All that is required is wait, and abide your time, and we will convert this earth into <the> a heaven, and by and by the <son> sin and the wreatchedness that has afflicted the human family, and followed their tracts from the time of the fall until now, and every pain and anguish will be wiped out from the earth, and it will be beautiful, become celestialized, and John the revelator says he saw it like a sea of glass. That is a Urim and Thumim. "What do you mean"? A Urim and Thumim is comparitively like a mirror. I <may> have a dimple on my cheek, but I turn my eyes in such a way that I can see it; but I walk up to the mirror and see my own face. So if I wished to see Adam as he was when he came into the garden of Eden before he partook of the forbiden fruit, this Urim and Thumim is the Mirrer I look into, You step up and you look, and you see Adam as he was. You would like to see Jerusalem as it looked when the temple was finished, I walk up to this looking Glass, and I look, well the whole earth becomes like that, it will be a true Mirror, or Urim and Thumim. And anything you disire to see or know is present before you, you look and it is there. If we are faithful we will inhabit this earth, and we will have our location here. The question was asked me to day. "Brother Brigham dont you think there has been inhabitants enough upon the earth to cover the whole face of it, with human <beings> faces as close as we see them in this tabernacle"? I told him I did not know, but we could soon make a mathimatical callculation, and I think <the result would be> we should find they would not cover the earth. But what are we going to do with all the mass of human beings? But few of the inhabitants that has been upon this earth will enter into this kingdom -- that is, that will inherit it. And now where will the rest be. We will not talk about that at this time. If we should try to hunt up their place it might trouble us, and we might lose our way. There will be a few that will inherit this earth, and those that are faithful with brother Joseph in this kingdom will live and enjoy his society. He will be here and others will be here and all the faithful of this people will be here,and they will have their inheritances upon this earth, and they will receive power and honor and dominion, and principalities and all power of expantion in our thoughts, in our reflection, in our recollection to committ to memory. Brother Kimball drew a comparrison this morning of the individual that could only cercumscribe a circle of three inches, and another of twenty four You can sercumscribe your farm, your houses, your domestic affairs, but what do you know about the Territory. Supposeing we know all about the Territory only what do you know about the United States, about England, Ireland, Scotland Wales, France Germany, and all the contenant etc. Nothing, here you are sercumscribed. Now then as we extend, we have this power this gift, with the increase of the power of expantion, and as we have the power to create --No that is not a correct term -- to organize that which has been eternaly created from the elements, to bring them forth and orgonize them for the use and benifit of those to whome they have been committed, to whome this power of expansion has been given, and all this will be to increase, and thus be mad Celestial.
Those who have the priviledge of getting into the Celestial kingdom, <are kings> there kingdoms are prepared for them, though in the Celestial kingdom there will be those of different capacities, and so will there be in every other kingdom that exists,-- there will be capacities far greater than others, but they will be all equel with regard to their endowments, and they will be equel as far as they are capacitated to receive, for every one will receive a fullness, and enjoy it, and have all the power, and glory, and honor, and dominion, committed to them that they are capacitated to manage. We have nothing to do only to be saints, and go along and bear each others weaknesses, comfor each others hearts, lift up those who are bowed down, strengthen weak, and ease off the burdens of the oppressed, and be sure to keep in the path that leads to eternal life, Walk in it ourselves, and then say to our freinds arround us come go with me; go with us, follow me as I follow my file leader; go with us we will do you good. All these weaknesses that will afflict us will be in the land of forgetfulness by and by, and will only prepare us while we are exercised with them for exaltation. And we shall say father "I am glad you reduced me in the world, and made me know what the bitter cup was, you made me drink it to the dregs, and now I can be useful in my calling, and I am qualified now to extend my dominion, and become like my Master. I will not occupy more time