1854 January 9 Letter to George Bailey


1854 January 9 Letter to George Bailey


Brigham states that it was not proper for the surveyor and recorder to sell the property in question. Counsel for Bailey to return and get his money back.




Brigham Young
Heber C Kimball


George Bailey


1854 January 9


Great Salt Lake City



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Great Salt Lake City,
January 9 1855.

Presidents B. Young &
H. C. Kimball,
to George Bailey,

Dear bro.

Your note has been received asking the counsel of Pres. Young whether you had the right to sell your own property that consisting of a half lot in a certain part of the 19th Ward. Prest. Young would state to bro. Bailey that, (believing he will be willing to obey the counsel he asked), in the first place it was an oversight in the Surveyor ever to survey that land on which your lot was located, and a mistake, and unauthorized in the Recorder to take your money and record your name on the plot in that location, and he advises you to go to bro.Bullock and get back the Dollar and a half and say no more about it. You know on reflection, that this will be the best you can do, for it has been appointed for us to control in building cities and temples and whatever little expense in which you have been involved thro' any oversight of the public officers will be abundantly made up to you in a ready and willing obedience to Gods servants on the earth. You will perceive <also> that when bro Kimball required the same of you, was the right time to have cheerfully responded, as he acted in accordance to my wishes and designs as well as for the public interest

Truly your brethren
Brigham Young
Heber C Kimball

Bro Bullock had no right whatever to record a <city> lot to you or any other man except it had been first given to you by bro Kimball the proper man appointed for the purpose.