1861 June 16 Sunday Afternoon Remarks


1861 June 16 Sunday Afternoon Remarks



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George D. Watt

extracted text

by President Brigham Young June 16th 1861 P. M.
Reported by G D Watt.

Br. Kimball does pretty well in playing on the fiddle I think, so does br. Joseph Young. I will try my hand at my fiddle. I talked to you this morning and I feel like talking a great deal to the people I have a great anciety to see this people rise in the knowledge and wisdom of God, and Godliness. I wish to instruct them, and I wish them to learn While br Joseph was speaking of the poverty of language, he did not expect that any man in the flesh can use language to portray the beauty of heavenly things, but if he is filled with the spirit of heaven, though he may use his own rude language he begets the heavenly spirit he possesses in the hearers, and they partake of his ideas, though they may not be fully expressed, and they can see and understand things as he does. Were it not for this we might dispair ever to bring one another to understanding in our common rude words, we cannot convey the ideas we get from the holy Ghost, in the exact way they flash through our minds. How often it has been said to us, how often I have repeted the fact to this people, send out your Elders, and let those go out that have been colledge bred, and then take the striplings, that has never perhapes read a dozen chapters in the bible, let the learned go with their learning, and the striplings full of the Holy Ghost and the power of God, and they will far out strip the lerned in the building up of the kingdom of God. The unlearned striplings depends on the Lord, they pray fervently they seek to have the spirit to convey their ideas, though their words do not but the spirit but the spirit that flowes through them lights up the congregation and makes their hearts fruitful that they can understand the things of God from the unlearned while the learned man paints it over with faulse coulers, daubs it over with untempered morter, and leaves the people in ignorance and doubt. They are something like the baptist preist that preached himself happy and the congregation to sleep. It is the spirit we want, without this all is nothing. We need not expect to do the first thing toward building up the kingdom of God unless we have the mind of Christ in all the avocations of life -- in everything we do the eye ought to be steadfastly fixed to the building up of Zion, to the bringing forth salvation and deliverance to the house of Isreal, redeeming and building up Zion prepare the way of the coming of Ghrist the son of man. The kingdom of God first and formost is to be looked at, and must be first and foremost in the affections of every saint, without this our labor is nothing. Br Joseph has said a good deal about life liberty and the persuite of happiness. No being in heaven or on earth can persue happiness unless they they are in life. No matter where they are they do not persue when they are lifeless. They are liveing beings that persue happiness, if they enjoy liberty they enjoy the principles that endure for ever and for ever. There are that is occupied in human life in a manner that tends to disolve the organization we possess, and not redeem it and bring it forth to enjoy eternal life. It is bondage death, desolation, misery, darkness, and every specious of misery portrayed in all that has been said by the ancients pertaing to death, hell and the grave. You must preserve your existance or you cannot persue happiness Now try to preserve your lives, and if I were to commence and lecture this people upon the life that now is and that which is to come, I should commence with the present life, and if I had a congregation, or an association to learn the people medicine, to learn them the deseases of the body, and we were to appear in a class to lecture the people, I should commence at the commencement, and should take the course that is recommended by docter Luke Johnson refered to by br Kimball, who had his sign out, it was nailed to a large Cottonwood tree; with the inscription Dr Luke Johnson's Office up Stairs. And he recommended rotton wood and flower prepared into pills. Now recommend in the first place a diet for this people. That is where I will biggin. I defy all the docters, and all the skill there is in heaven, or on earth, to save the lives of this, and let them live as they do now. And before I would say much more, I would want to relate. I was pleased at the a idea of br Joseph, of the abuse the people have received from the faculty , and the abuse the faculty have receive from the people. Words do not kill but think if we can hold them in fellowship; and we can think with impunity and not marr their conciense in the least, and when we come out we were even. I said we would hold them in fellowship. Will we abuse them? No. I cannot abuse a man or woman here with my tongue in a way that it will kill them. But let you be sick, a little sick perhapes You have overloaded your stomach, and there is nothing in the world wanted only to be patient and not eat your breakfast tomorrow morning. But instead of that you call for a docter, and he administers death to you. What next, why we have a saxton in the place, and he was alowd in Nauvoo, in the neighborhood of four dollars for digging a grave, and taking the corps to it. used to say, when he saw a certian horse before the door, "I shall get that job. Now I cannot abuse you with my tongue as I could if I administered deadly poison. Though there is constitutions that will surmount it. I have a cosin in this place that is almost years old who has for twenty years yoused poison, and it was her main subsitance, and she still lives, but when she received Mormonism he medicine was laid aside. There is constitutions that will be helped by taking Calomal. I am hard on it, I wish to reject from my family and all who hearken to my counsel will do the same, that which brings death into our systems, and receive that which tends to life. But there is constitutions, and situations in life, wherein you may administer calamel to persons, and it will do them good when nothing else will. But is it
good in every case? No. Not one in fifty thousand, but we will reduce that and say one to five thousand. It will produce death in five thousand where it will do good only to one person. Br Joseph is in favor of lobilia and he says there is no poison in it. I have an experience in this. You may go to Boston, to Cambrige Colledge, and to all the colleges in the easteren and Southern States. And then you may pass over to one of the first schools there is in Christaindom in Edenbrough Scotland, and let the Chemists of these schools take a hundered pound of lobilia seed, and extract the poison that is in it and see how much they would get. I told them in England I was ready to pay a thousand dollars an ounce for poison extracted from lobilia, I also told them so in Boston.
If I were going to recommend this people to the persuite of life and happiness, I would recommend the ortical bro Kimball speaks of, only not have the beans so far between, but have them closely connected, there should at least be a bean to every half pint of and not have them so scarse as in Vermont. A yound man there was hired out to farm through the summer He worked about a month, and it was pretty hard living. He would go out and chop, and grubb, and plow, thrash in the barn. The beans were scarse. in the spring of the year, they brought in the soup in a great wooden bowl, and placed it in the middle of the table. The young man one day all at once jumped upon his feet, and commenced taking off his coat to the surprise of his employer, who inquired what he was going to do. Says he "I see a bean in the bottom of that bowel, and I am going after it. I should not want the bean soup quite so poor as that. I would recommend as a good diet bean porridge and course bread. I presume there is not five women in this congregation that if they could obtain it, but what would feed their children on wheat cake, mince pie, custard pie, apple pie, apple sause, preserves, suit cake, and suit cake again. Will you have a peice of bread and butter my daughter"? "I dont want it." "Will have a drink of milk"? "I dont want it." "What will you have," a peice of mince pie" "I dont want it. "What is the matter with that child, she is certianly sick". The fact is she is sick like the ladies lap dog, that was over fed and can be cured in the same way. She got the gardener to cure her dog for her, after starving it for a day or two, he brought it home, and it would snap at a cold potatoe or an old crust on anything in the shape of vituals. That is the kind of medicine our children want to bigin on. I am not preaching to you nonsense. There never was a truer docterine preached to you than I preached to you this morning, and what I am telling you now. You ought to listen to it. Ask my women if they will stop living as they do, and they will say, "No I wont, I will swill down the Coffee and the tea, and the sugar, and I will kill myself if I can. Just kill yourselves, I wish they would two thirds of them. Now dont catch me up and say I am wishing my women dead, I would actually instruct my own family if they would hearken to me, how to prolong their lives. I wish to live long on the earth; you oblige me to eat rich vituals, and you will have to lay me away in my grave sooner than necessary. If I could be treated as I should be with my own family, I am as good at a hundered years old as some are at fifty. There is no necessity of this body growing old as it does. It is the living of the people nine cases out of ten, premature ensues through the luxeries of life that is administered to the young, the Middle aged and the old. Live upon good common food and exercise sufficient, observing the word of wisdom. When you have labored enough stop, when you have walked far enough stop; learn to understand your own strength and ability in performing Manual labor; and not overwork yourselves, but take food and exercise sufficient to preserve your bodies in life and health. A docter in Edenburgh left a large book as a legacy to his freinds, it was sealed up About the middle of the book was found a bit of paper with the following written upon it, keep the head cool the feet warm, and the bowels open. Never overload the stomach. You hear people complain, and say how bad my stomach feels. What have you done? You have eat too much. drank your tea or Coffee too strong, or drank too much beer and overcharged your nervous system. put a bushel of wheat upon a weak womans back, and let her run up a hill, and she is used up that is a comparrison. The stomach must digest the food or you are a dead man. It must be worked up sufficiently by the stomach to pass into the blood, the system is working all the time to draw the norishment from the food we eat. You hear people say they eat hearty, and theyare weak all the time. Does the food they eat operate up their system as it should? No, there is not power enough in the system to encorperate the benifit <y> of the food with the blood and the flesh, and with the various parts of the system, to sustain the bones, the film and fibers arround the bone, and the cords and the sinews, and nerves, and vains and arteries etc of the whole system. If the food is not thus appropriated it almost kills the system to throw it off. learn to sustain and preserve your lives. If my family, my sisters in this kingdom of God of which I am a member will hearken to me, they will refrain from their present way of living "When shall we quite?" right away. I have said to my family, why not make bean poridge for my children to live on through the winter. I recollect what was said of my father when he was seventy years old. He was driving a cow from to Mendon. The whole country was sleet, almost clear ice. My father was driveing that cow like a little boy. One old gentleman standing in the door of a tavern, said there goes a man that I beleive has eat a hundred bushel of bean porridge in his life time. If we could raise a society of boys, and get them to enter
into Covennant Not to ride a horse violently, do a little, run up the mountians, eat spareingly of meat, and all they want of course bread, and let these little fellows, about three or five years of age biggin to jump and run, and practice gemnasiams, to develop and strengthen the mustle In twenty years you would have men that would scale those mountians like mountian sheep. But now it is put a horse under me or I cannot go This country never will be pronounced a healthy country unless this people undertake to preserve their health in it. There is no healthier climate than this. And yet in the living we administer to our children we lay the foundation for decease and premature death, and they go and leave us. All that has been said to day is good, I beleive in it. I do not beleive in the lancet, only when necessary. A great many ought to be served like the old fellowes dog he wanted to cut its tail off. Said another I will hold him over the logg, now strike a heavy blow, he did not like the dog, and as the blow was come down he pulled the dog over the logg and his tail went off just behind the ear. Would you not bleed a person that has got a broken bone, or a strained joint, a bruised limb. It is nonsense in the hightest digree. I do not care where the bruse is. Supposing I have a bruise in my side, and a good deal of clotted blood, you have your good blood to counteract it, but phician must say we will bleed you in the left arm and take a pint of blood to day or pint of blood tomorrow, and thus he take away your best freind you have out of that garrison and gives the enemy power to ruin the temple, and death ensues. It has been contended that bleeding is necessary. This is nonsense. What would you do in case of abruised limb? Renovate the system by the proper means, and let the healthy blood in opperation, mix the cloted blood with the good blood, and let the freinds of the tabernacle take possession of it, and let it reign predominant in every vain in the patient, and he is well in a little time.
Enough of this. God bless the people