1854 October 30 Letter to Erastus Snow


1854 October 30 Letter to Erastus Snow


Enclosed with this letter was a traveling commission and a certificate authorizing the receipt of donations to the Perpetual Emigration Fund. Brigham offers advice on a business arrangement and gives details on the purchase of a steam engine and Cards for his wool machinery. He authorizes Snow to locate settlements on the Kansas River.




Brigham Young


Erastus Snow


1854 October 30


Great Salt Lake City
St Louis, Missouri

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Great Salt Lake City, Oct 30. 1854.
Elder Erastus Snow,
St Louis, Missouri,
Dear brother Erastus,
Yours of Aug 24th. came safe to hand, but too late for reply by the October mail.
I inclose your traveling Commission as member of the Quorum of the Twelve, and a document constituting you an Agent for the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company, and expect you will request the assistance of bro Milo Andrus whenever you deem it necessary, and his attention to the Fund and other business at any time when you are out of St Louis.
In regard to your trading arrangements with your brother, and Dr. Clinton, I see no objection to them, provided you proceed, and conduct your business carefully, and in a manner not to involve yourself or any one else by running too much risk. It is always lawful to do good, but be cautious about credit. You will find, when you begin to publish, that there are plenty of subjects to treat upon, without troubling politics, hence it will be far the most prudent, and beneficial to let them alone.

At my request bro Kesler wrote by the Oct mail to the Eagle Foundry, and in St. Louis, letters of inquiry about the price, weight, &c. of a small steam engine. I wish to get an engine of ten horse power, and calculated for a stern wheel boat, which you are aware I have already built to ply on the lake. Since those letters of inquiry were written, I have concluded to have the engine bought at any rate, and I wish you and bro Andrews to call at the Eagle Foundry and at and such other places and on such persons as you think best, and purchase a good steam engine of ten horse power, adapted for a stern wheel boat, and if possible with the boilers so constructed as to enable me to use the densely salt water of Great Salt Lake, and at the same time save the salt in a condition fit for domestic use. I wish this engine to be forwarded by the earliest opportunity next Spring.
Please send by mail a copy of the Book of Mormon to R. M. Bell, Shelby Seminary, Shelby County, Illinois, and charge to the a/c of the Trustee in Trust.
Since writing the above the mail has arrived with yours of Sept 21st, and I was pleased to learn of your good health, and the improved prospects of the Saints in St Louis. The short time before the mail leaves prevents my inquiring into the matter relating to bro Daniel Carns.
In regard to settlements on Kansas River, as you are in that region, and have facilities for information on various matters having a bearing in such cases, the Spirit of your mission will enable you to determine all questions on proper points for settlements, but be sure and search for as healthy locations as possible.

The Cards for my woolen machinery I wish forwarded by the earliest opportunity next Spring, and I will furnish you means seasonably to meet liabilities for purchasing and transportation, not only for the cards and such articles as I have previously requested you to purchase, but for the Steam Engine, and whatever other articles I may send for. I will also furnish means to purchase the teams and wagons to forward the engines and cards early in the Spring, and if I do not forward the means in season you are at liberty to draw on Dr. Bernhisel, or the Liverpool Office, and buy good, well broke cattle, put the cards in water tight tin cases, and see that all the articles are well packed, and put in charge of a good trusty teamster. I understand that Steam Engines are made at Jersey City with Copper Cylinders, and in every way, light, strong, and neat, and as I wish the engine I now write for to be of the very best quality, combining strength and durability, with all the lightness consistent, with black finish, it may be well for you to write to Jersey City and learn the style, weight and price of a steam Engine of ten horse power at that place, and in short take such steps as your judgment in connection with that of bro. Andrews may dictate, in order to insure the desired success. Please correspond with bro Edward L. Page who lives in Barry, Pike County, Illinois, and make arrangements to assist him and his family to come to this place next season. I cannot fill the blank name of the Firm, as bro Kesler is not at hand but either place has a full description of the engine I want, and if I think you will be unable to find it, I will write more minutely by the next mail.
Our affairs continue to move on prosperously, peacefully, and harmoniously, and we expect to have the Sugar Works in operation in about six weeks. You will learn the general and minute items of news from our papers, and your family, and other friends.
Praying for your prosperity and welfare in the pathway of truth, I Remain, your brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

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