1861 June 30 Afternoon Remarks in Centerville


1861 June 30 Afternoon Remarks in Centerville



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George D. Watt

extracted text

by President Brigham Young Centervile June 30th 1861 P. M.
Reported by G. D. Watt.

I consider myself well paid for coming up here by learning from br. Lorenzo that he lost his three dollars He has always kept that from me. Now I will tell you my experience about mony, and let it compare with his. There was a man came into my office when it was pretty hard times, and he was poor, and wanted some mony. I <payed> put my hand in my pocket and took out a five dollar peice and gave him, it was all I had, though that made no difference, I gave it to him and felt right in so doing. Next evening was after something in my pocket, I know now what, but I found two five dollar peices. I never put them there, and no person else to my knowledge. That is my experience in monny matters. I never lost a dollar out of my pocket. And this is not the only time I have been so served. I have been served so a number of times, I have never felt hardly in my life that I wanted mony so bad that I could not live without it. I do not think a sixpence ever burned a <hole> thread out of my pocket. Mony never burns it, I do not know that I ever lost a sixpence out of my pocket but I have had a great deal placed in my wallet or pocket. The angels know how it came there, I never knew. This is the opposite to br. Lorenzos experience I we knew what to do with mony, the Lord has oceans of it to give to give to us. Gold and Silver is just as plenty in proportion to the real necessity for it upon the earth as are rocks for building purposes. or the iron ore. There is a certian portion of the element of which this earth is composed, as gold as silver, platina copper etc. which are native elements, and they are just as plentiful in proportion as the other according to the necessity of the material to orgonize the earth. The Gold people worship silver they worship, wealth they worship, and it has consequently become a snare to the people. I this people called latterdaysaints could have what they disire of this material it would be their ruination If the Lord wished to ruin this people I do not think there is any way in the world to do it so effectually as to lead them to find a few gold mines in these mountians. Were to commence digging gold we should have to leave here, that is the latter day saints could not live here, if they tarried it would be because we forsook our religion, because we joined hands with the world, and hailed them as freinds, and bade good bye to the gospel of salvation. I beleive that all the wealth we possess or can possess is given to us and we have all now we know what to do with in a great many instances.. When you see people that are suffering for the wants of life, and for that which is to sustain and make them happy and comfortable, we would disire if we could have our disire gratified, we would have that we feel as though we ought to have to make us happy. Poverty, abject poverty is not known in this territory, that is what the world calls poverty. There is not a family in this neighborhood, then go to bountiful and there is not a family in that neighborhood, you go to farmington, and then you go to the extreme north of our settlements, and to the extreme South, and there is not a ward in all this territory but what if there is a poor man or woman that is destitute of bread if they will go to their neighbor that has it, and they can get it whether they have mony or not. This I speak to the credit of this people, to their praise. You go into the world and it is not so. You go among the presbiterians or baptists, or Methodists, and it is not so. There is not poverty in this Territory. The people here are wealthy if they knew what to do with it. Now I complain sometimes of the brethren because they do not take a course to make themselves wealthy. How wealthy would you make us bro Brigham? I will tell you how wealthy I expect to be. I expect if I am faithful to possess all things. I would not be satisfied with a hundered dollars in mony, with a thousand or a million, but I am hair to all things in the heavens, and upon the earth pertaining to this organization pertaing to the children of men -- to the kingdom of God upon earth. I do not expect to be put in possession of that which other men have earned by any means, but I am an heir <of God> to all there is. Every man that has faith in this preisthood walks up to their duty manfully and faithfuly discharge their duty, loves the Lord their God with all their hearts, and build up the kingdom and nothing else will inherit all things. Will they inherit the crown that moses earned, that Abraham earned, that Lot earned that Noah earned, or that Adam or Seth earned? No. They will not ware any mans crown but their own. But if they are faithful to the Celestial preisthood that God has dilivered to the children of men they will become heir of all things-- to inherit all things there is in that eternity that is spread out before all the inhabitants of the earth, and the Gods and the Angels, worlds on worlds, countless in number, and every man that is faithful will become an heir, not to that which others possess but there is the same eternity before them. And now what is their heirship good for what will it do for them if they inherit all things, there is the same quantity to organize that there was in the begining That is not a correct term but the quantity is is infinitely beyond the callculations that man can possably make by the use of figures. There is that same eternity ahead. Every man that exerts himself in the preisthood which is placed upon him, he will possess the power err long to bring forth and organize and bring into existance the same, creations and see others pass through the same ordeals we have passed through, and we can be called the bigging and the end of all things pertaing to the worlds we make. That is his heirship, and his wealth. Now to be satisfied with the paltery wealth the people are satisfied with here, showes a megre small mind. I recollect when Mormonism was first preached, and I first went into the world preaching, they called Joseph Smith a speculator. They said we were all speculators. I never saw the day, that I did not accknowledge it. I said, I go in for the whole pile, and I am in the greatest speculation there is in this earth, which is to gain the heavens and the earth, and the fullness thereof. There is a iew that will get there.
These persons we have been talking of too <of> day, that could not have the preisthood again There is a great many men in this Church and there has a great many been in it, and there is a great many in it now, and that will yet come into it, that will receive the keys of the eternal preisthood of the son of God and forfeit it, and yet they may have the priviledge of possessing some kingdom other brethren do, but not possess the same power. This may appear to you a strange thought. A new idea to many but it will be so. No do not let us so forfiet that the Lord has bestowed upon, do not let us mingle with the wicked, do not let us fellowship the ungodly. You and I are called to build up the kingdom of God. We are called to save the children of men, we are appointed to esstablish the Zion of our God. The very men that is before me we are brethren we are all one,we are called upon to esstablish the laws of Zion, to become the laws of the land. We are called upon to form a nuclus arround which shall be gathered the wisdom and power of the nations of the earth, and from this goes the law to govern the nations. You and I are called upon to perform this work, to gather the house of Isreal, and redeem the whole seed of Abraham and bring them back to the lands of their fathers. and be the means of restoreing to them the covenants made with their fathers. What time have I got to go to camp Floyd, to go to Callifornia to digg Gold, or to the states to speculate? Not any In all I can do in my hand labor, in all my callculations in buisness matters, in all I can speak with the organs of speach, and every thing I can do and say and perform, have I one hour to speculate for myself. You say, "No we admitt your services. The latterdaysaints would rise up in a body and say, We have a right to demand your services." No more than I have a right to demand yours. We can say to the next Elder no matter what you do, what you possess and are blessed with, all you have and are is to build up the kingdom of God upon the earth, and we are called under obligation to one another and to our God to spend our time our talant, and substance, and all we have for the esstablishment of the kingdom of God upon the earth. Is this not a fine docterine. You say yes, it is right. Then what time have I got to run here and run there, to run to the grog shop and drink with the drunkard I have no such time allotted to me. I have no time alloted to me to join the gambler, or to spend a single evening in reveling here and there to get drunk and lay in the street. I have no such time allotted to me from the heavens, or from the angels. If Joseph was here What would he say. Would he give me one hour to waste away to no good, no not with the knowledge Joseph has now. You may some of you say Joseph used to have his frolics. So he did, But if he was here now, he would say there is not one hour to waste, not a chance to any to say good bye we are going to leave you one hour and we are going to act just as we please. Suppose in that hour God was to cut the thread and leave you there, you would continue in eternity acting for yourselves, as the devil wants you to do. Says the Lord you have taken your tune to yourself, and your ability into your own hands to dispose of as you may think fit, Now see what you can make of it. I shall withdraw my spirit. and you are gone. Have I an hour? Have I the priviledge of spending five dollars, or a hundred dollars of wasting it without building up the kingdom of God with it, or twenty five cents without doing good with it? I have. All that I have all that I am, and have, all that you have and are, everything the Lord puts in your possession and mine he requires usury of that for the building up his kingdom on the earth.
We look at men in our City up and down whiskey street, and some of our high preists, some of our permamant men, are still held in fellowship, they could not look me in the eye to save their souls. High preists are held in fellowship right in our City, And seventies, and Elders, and High Counselors who build up themselves and our enemies instead of the kingdom of God. Now I want to know if we have one hour to spend in this way that we can call our own independant of the heavens or the Gospel? I have no such time. Who gives to men their ability, their thoughts, their reflections, their brain their capacity they are endowed with? Did they give it to themselves? No they received it from the heavens. Then we owe the heavens that in return. And you high preists drinking so you cannot give a streight answer and you do not know whether you are, or are not A rational being or a brute. Many of them act worse than brutes would act. And these are professed latterdaysaints, running to the right and to the left, east, west, north and South, here and there, what are you doing.
"O I dont know," they want to hire me and I am going. A man here has offered me goods and he wants me to sell them for him and I am going to do it. And if somebody comes along and offers me a dollar per bushel for my wheat I am going to take it." Has the latterdaysaints such a priviledge? No. If they have they had better go where they can practice it without hearing my tongue. I have not the priviledge of selling to my enemies a bushel of wheat. Neither have I ever done it. I heard a week ago today while I was preaching <in the stand> that I had sent wheat to Camp Floyd. That was the first time I ever heard it. They never had a bushel of wheat from the tithing office, except a few bushels I let br. Little have in making out a contract for Livingston & Co. and that wheat was returned again. I heard a week ago today, for the first that br. Wells had been selling them wheat. I explained it to them. I never heard of it before this spring. Mr. Bell wants to furnish so much <wheat> grain to Camp Floyd we was hauling from Sand Pete. Bell says My wheat is right here, as good wheat as any in the Territory. Now Mr Wells if you will furnish me so many hundred bushels of Sand Pete Wheat, I will give you the same here, very well said br. Wells, that will save us half of the hauling of the wheat from SandPete, and they got it round that we was selling wheat there. I never sold them a pound, or traded them a dollar, except the lumber I sold them, and I was justified in that. Some of you know a man that is called Ben Halliday that had a store here. He got the flower contract, and made fifty thousand dollars on it. Floyd made fifty thousand on it. and a company in New York made the same, but Livingston and Kinycade made little or nothing. Did they get any of me? No. They have got it. Yes. They wanted to know of me what I would furnish the wheat for. I said, seven dollars per bushel, and eighteen dollars per hundred for flower. I would have given you from seven to eight dollars per bushel for your wheat. And if the people had taken my counsel would you have gone into these nasty <grog> shops to buy their rags? No. I would have picked out good buisness men and sent them to the states, where we could have bought our Calico for eight and eleven Cents per yard, and hauled it home with our own teems. I am not talking a new thing. If you would let me have the influence I ought to have in the midst of this people I would make you rich, and what would you have done with the richesI could put into your hands, you would have apostatised a great many of you. Perhapes their poverty will keep them a little longer in the Church. I almost had the bargain made to furnish the wheat, but some <fellows> fools steped in, and said I will let you have wheat, I will let you have wheat. Ben Haladay said, The Mormons are a set of damned fools. I can get wheat from them for a dollar a bushel. Brigham may talk as much as he has a mind to them they will bring you the wheat if you will turn out the raggs to them. You offer the rags to them and they care nothing about Brigham, no more than they devil. So they bought it from the people for a dollar, and a dollar and a quarter per bushel. If they would have hearkened to me I would have made them pay seven dollars for it. They came to me and wanted to know what I would furnish it for. But Joe said Jim sold his wheat so and so, and I can undersell him, and so it went, they tried to undersell each other. The other day just before i started up to springvill, <before> br. Kimball came along and said he they are selling flour at two dollars and a half per hundred. It came into my mind to enter into a speculation to hire a man not know in whiskey street, and just say to every fellow that sells his flour for that I will undersell you and run they out of the street. And when I had got them low enough pay over the money and buy all they bring their, and put my own price on the flour. The emagrants feel insulted to get their flower for less than ten dollars and they say it clear to Callifornia; the Mormons are the biggest set of damned fools there is to be found in the world. They might just as well have ten dollars for their flower as a shilling. They do not buy my flour they never have. I had flower to deal out to the poor in the grasshopper war, & Hundereds of men and women. I never sold a pound of flour unless for work, and I had plenty of it. When I came in here in forty eight with my family I was scanty for provisions like the rest of the brethren. I had not been here long before people would come along "Sister Young cannot you let me have a little flower, I have not had a mouthful in so long. In february I weighed up my grain, and I found I had not over a pound per head, for three days. I had what is called the "blues". I beleive it was about the only time I had them since I have been in the Church, but I had the blue horrors for one day. I saw poverty death and starvation before me. I chawed it over and over through the day, and it was before me and arround me, only bread stuff enough for three days, and here they are coming all the time asking for a little out of my scanty supply. I had laid the foundation for the people who were destitute to get their bread. When I came in here I saw hundreds of acres of stubble ground with lots of wheat upon it. I said to the owners wont you let the brethren and Sister glean in your feilds. "O no we will glean it ourselves. I asked this favor for the destitute in the stand. They never got the priviledge of gleaning a single head of wheat from that stubble ground. I said we are a pretty set of latterdaysaints. There was scores and scores of bushels of wheat scattered upon the ground. I had tried this to see if the brethren would do it. They would let the sisters gather up the scattered heads of wheat. And that wheat never was gleaned. I wanted a corn husking so as to put some bread into the hands of the people. bro Charles Crich had hundreds of bushels of Corn eat up with the Cattle, and I could not get him to let the brethren and Sisters help him to take care of it, and earn their bread. You know br. Charles is as good a man as there is in the kingdom. Yet we could not even prevail upon him to save his corn. It came February and I saw the poverty of the people, and I had the black blues. I went home and said, <to> Wife do not let man woman nor child go without bread stuff that askes for it If we starve to death we will all starve to death together in a pile, and if any starves I am going to be the first one that does it, and I never lacked a meal This is some of my experience. So it was in the Grasshopper war, I handed out and ment to until I had not a gill of flour in the house. Br. Lorenzo has given you part of his experience to day. I am wittness to this that when br Kimball said that clothing would be as cheaper in Salt Lake as in St Louis br Lorenzo did not beleive it not a word of it. Br Kimball after he said it, it scared him two thirds to death. Who can beleive their own words after they get over speaking them and the spirit goes from them. Joseph Smith used to say lots of things that scared him half to death He would speak things by the power of the spirit that when he had done speaking, he sat down and it fairly frightened him (br. Kimball, "He did not beleive a word of it.") Br Lorenzo told Aunt Harriet to deal out the flour. And you know Aunt Hariet that your barrels were filled up. Well then be beleiving and never have a coveteous spirit about anything and never be afraid of doing too much good. I will preach a little for farmington. Here is the bishop and br. Thomas Grover. They are building a little meeting house, and they callculate to be a year in building it when they could go to work and do it in six or eight weeks, and they would be richer and better off for it. Pitch in and say let that house be built this fall, and let us come up and preach to you, and noise it abroad and you cannot build a house that will hold the people. As I told them in Springville, we have cuffed you, and kissed you, knocked you over and picked you up, turned you out and brought you in again, pounded you as hard as we know how, and then given you bread and butter and the end of it. But we have tried to do you good as rough as we are, Give us a two days meeting, and we would begin to penetrate the crust that is over you. What do you Mothers do, when you are making up bread, perhapes the butter is on the table and the young ones get their hands in it. the dough is under the stove, and another one sticks his fingers into it, and another upsets the salt holder, and you make them fly and you scutch their little fingers, but you kiss them again after a while, and they are not really hurt. That is the we have to do, to try every means possibly to get the people to understand things as they ought to understand. You know we are preaching all the time. We want the people to be latterdaysaints There is a host of Mormons. There is not as many Latter day saints as there is Mormons. We are trying to get to the people. We are trying to make them rich in faith, and in the good things of this earth. We are trying to fill them with wisdom, and prepare ourselves to receive that the Lord is taking from the nations of the earth. He is going to take this away from them. Where is it going to? all the wisdom and light, and intellegence in every kind of machanism and art and Sciense and in learning, God is the fountian of it all. He has bestowed this upon the nations, and upon individuals, he is going to take it from them. The wisdom of the wise <shall> perished in our own nation. and the understanding of the prudent are hid. Where is this going to. The Lord gave it. It came from the heavens to the earth. What is going to be done with this? If you are philosophers, decifer and point out what is going to become of this wisdom. If the Lord dont find a people that will receive it, he will have to take it back again. Dont you see the propriety of this. He has bestowed his wisdom, his knowledge, his light, his power, upon the Nations of the earth, and they reject him, refuse to be taught by him, say the Lord if you will take to yourself strength I will leave you yourselves, as he has the North and the South. They take to themselves great strength and great power, and they thought to distroy Jehovah. They killed the prophet and drove this people into the willderness, and they say we are capable of taking care of ourselves and the Lord is withdrawing the power, <and> of the Government. They are treading under their feet the <power of the government> constitution given by our fathers, one of the purest instruments that could be made by man they think. What do we think of it? We think it is one of the best instruments ever given to man on the earth. There can be no better, and what do they think of it? They treat it as a light thing. They have become wise in their own <eyes> estimation, therefore the wisdom of the wise has perished, and the understanding of the prudent is'being hid. Where is this going to. You philosophers tell this, point it out you Elders of Isreal, ye great men of the world and of the kingdom of God that knowes so much, wont you tell us where it is going to. Teach the brethren and prepare yourselves to receive this. We want it to stay on the earth; that you may become statsmen, Here is a few men in this room that know that Joseph Smith Junr. prophet of God orgonized the kingdom that Daniel saw, not the Church of Jesus Christ of latterdaysaints, but he orgonized a temporal kingdom and he called men forth to issue laws to the nations of the earth, and some of those men are going to live to do it. That is the kingdo'n Daniel saw that will cercumscribe and rule all the kingdoms and nations of the earth, and it will protect every person and nation and family in their rights. Then prepare yourselves to receive the wisdom <of> God has bestowed on the Nation. This nation will crumble, and go to the dust. The prayrs of the faithful are being fulfiled. You know how br Thoma's Grover prayed Lord we thank thee for the wars we hear of etc. We have been praying for that thirty years. For Wars? No. Yes, both either one. Now how are you going to dispose of all this? The Lord allmighty has issued forth his decree, that if the people do not repent thus and so what should be in the latter day. The people do not repent, and we pray for the words of the Lord to be fulfiled. We do not want to see wars, but we wish to see the earth emptied of the wickedness that is upon it, and that is what the Lord means to have. And those ungodly rulers, that have ruled the Nations, he will remove them, and you and I will say Amen if we are saints, and all Isreal will say Amen. And they are praying for the fulfilment of the prophecies prophecied years and years ago. Joseph had a revelation, it is written in the Book of Doc. Cov. Behold you shall hear of wars and rumers of wars, and you shall hear of it in your own land. Did he not say if they did not cease their persecutions of the Saints they should have mobb upon Mobb, and the whole land should be filled with Mobbs. Did the Lord not say through him that the time would come that he who would not take up his sword against his neighbor must needs flee to Zion. Did he not say the South shall up against the North, and the North against the south. And did he not say it would commence in South Carrolina. He did, and it commenced there. Where is the judgement and wisdom of our statesmen? It is fled from them It is hid from their eyes, they know not the day of their visitation. And will the Latterdaysaints know it. The same people cannot build up the kingdom of God balial, you must quit the one and hold on to the other. I made a statement that we needed preaching to, My preaching and br Kimballs is a different kind of preaching you get from sabath to sabath. There is a crust over the people I have said, perhapes it is over me. I will strip it off if it is. If I was here I would argue with the people until I could get sense into them. and open their understandings, until they would all say we will build up the kingdom of God or quit it. There is <my> men here that will hold Christ in one hand and Bail in the other. I know them, I know also that we are subject to the liabilities the fall has brought upon us. I understand their weaknesses, but the Lord Allmighty has endowed you and I with the power to choos or refuse. Then say that we will be for the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God or nothing with us. build up Zion or build up nothing. Never put forth your hands, Elders of Isreal from this day to build up a gentile population or a gentile power. You have made these gentiles our lords and masters and our rulers we have done it as far as we could
The conduct of a few men in Isreal would have brought every man and woman in this Territory into bondage. I say let the curse of the Almighty rest upon such men from this time forth, and they will find the preisthood taken from them and they cannot possess it again, if it is bestowed upon it will be the cause of their going from the Church.
How long shall we bear with them? It will not be long before we will disfellowship them, and see what they will do then, and that is all that we can do. A great many will want to come into the Church again, of our brethren that kick up their capers, and do that that will cause them to forfiet their membership. I wish I had the full history of a certian chap that is refered to by the saviour that said to his father Give me my portion, I want to do for myself. He is called in the scriptures the prodigal son. What his real name was I cannot tell. But he was Prone to wander, he was a prodigal. I have no history of him after the feast that was made for him. The boy that had remained with his father complained. Say he you never killed a fatted calf for me. And the father could have said neither was you ever a fool. fatted calves are killed for fools. You never made a feast for me, You never was a poor miserable apostate. You never made a dance for me, and this my br. has spent his living; and you made a feast for him and killed the fatted calve and made a dance for you. Dont you know that all this is for cursed fools to pamper them up and see if they will fools of themselves again. I rather think if we had the history of that son, we shall find that he left his fathers house again and became a poor miserable charracter, not even Good enough to stuff hog holes with. It is said there is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repenteth than ninty and nine good persons that need no repentance. I do not know where such a being is. I beleive in a God that loves righteousness, that beleives in and sustains righteousness. I will stop here, I do not want to say anything about the bible. It is all right they may rejoice as much as much as they have a mind to over an apostate. I have never rejoiced over those poor devils lazy hounds that have gone up north here. When you find out the truth all of them, you will not find three persons that have not been theives, and whoremongers in the end when they break up, trace their charracter and you will every one of them guilty. honest and virteous persons dont go there. The Lord almighty dont suffer the elect to run astray, and run after fantums, and fools. What I dread is that the poor miserable apostates will after they have begged to return again into the Church they will seat themselves in the most prominant seats right under the nose of the righteeous and good. When they come about your house, tell them they were fools, and will be fools to morrow. "But we see our error, dont anybody come back into the Church after they have sinned their fill." Yes but you must not stick your hands into the best dish I have. Make them sit in a corner, and if you have a mind to give them a peice of bread and butter give it to them and let them be out of the way in a corner, and keep silent. I have had too much fus with such characters. I am not going to bear with them any longer. Joseph was hunted all the day long with such charracters. Who cares for the howling of the damned, few if the poor miserable apostates will keep away from us, or behave themselves. We are not afraid of them that are on the outside. Joseph was never afraid of anybody but those who professed to be saints and his freinds, and it was those charracters that lead him to the slaughter. If those out of the church make war on us we are ready to meet and use them up as fast as they can come. But No the poor devils come here and creep into houses and are called brethren until they get the advantage over the simple and the unwary, and those that ought to know better, and then they will waste away every sheep and lamb they can have power over We will dig after them, and if we find any sheep gone we will hunt them up, but we may be on the track of the goats also, and think they are sheep. When we was down on the Santa Clara. Br. Dodge wanted to know if I knew the difference between goat meet and sheep. I eat that which tasted the best I expect it was goat. Br Dodge said, "Well that is well for you br. Young cannot tell the difference between Goat and sheep meat." I replied, how should I, if I do not know the difference when they are living. I preach to all alike. The day is coming when we shall be able to tell distinctly. We mean to keep preaching to as many sheep as we can make we shall make, and we mean to bear and forbear as long as we can. How long shall we bear? I do not know. I recollect in forty nine, I met Joseph in a dream. at the time the brethren was going to Callifornia. I dreamed we was coming up by the hot springs there on our way to Cap Browns after some goats. Joseph said to me where are you going I replied I am going to Ogden after some goats. I thought Joseph passed along by me. Before I got ready to start. Here comes Joseph with a large flock of sheep, and I misstrusted he had got my goats He had with him a baggage waggon, and a full set of Camp equipments. and there was men out this way and that way. And what did I saw a perfect world of sheep and goats. There were sheep four feet high, with wool as fine and soft as silk. and as white as snow, and then there were smaller ones, down to the Merino, and there was dirty sheep and clean sheep, and goats'mixed with the sheep, and sheep with the goats, and they were all coulers, shapes, fashions and discriptions. I laughed, and said to br. Joseph, What the devil are you going to do with that flock of sheep. He looked at me as cunning, and said, O br Brigham they are all good in their place. Well said I go on goats and sheep together and dig gold, we will gather you up again, and save the sheep and make mutton of the goats. I do not know who is sheep and who is goats, so I said go to Callifornia, and to the states, and we will gather you back if we can. It does seem the day is too far spent for the people to make such fools of themselves. If they are going to be saints they must build up the kingdom of God. These things pass before us. How shall we trust and fellowship those who do wrong among us. This Church has now been orgonized thirty odd years. This Church was thirty one years of age 6th of last April, and the Lord has lead it up from a small one until it has become a nation. He lead carefully along the boy Joseph and those that obeyed the gospel in the moring of this Church. There was Oliver Cowdery, one of the smartest men I ever knew, he apostatized. Then look at the Wittnesses of the book of Mormon. I knew them all was personally aquainted with them and was familiar with them, and see them go here and there for nothing. Martin Harris is the only one left of them, with all that came forth to wittness the book of Mormon. And has he not been a fool? Yes all the time. Is it not asstonishing. See the thousands and thousands that have been baptized and see where they have gone to. You can hardly go into a neighbourhood in the whole the United States <but> without running foul of <them> old Mormons You may search Callifornia and Washington Territory and you find them, they are scattered from the pacific to the Autlantic, from the south sea to the North. Is it not asstonishing? Is Mormonism true? Is it the gospel of salvation? Has God set to his hand to gather Isreal? Is the Lord about to esstablish his Zion upon the earth? All these questions arise. Has God set to hands to gather Isreal? Is the Lord about to esstablish his Zion upon the earth? Yes, and you and I hail the wellcome day, and shout Glory to God in the highest because we live in this day. What little frivolous thing shall come along to make you and I apostatize. It is enough to make a man dizzy to think, that men will be such fools to love that sixpence or that fifty cents so as to cause them to forsake their God and their religion. The world is not ours nor the things of the world. I mean it is only put in our possession to see what we will do with it. The Wives and Children the Lord has trusted me with are not mine nor wont be until this body is ressurrected, and I have overcome and am crowned with immortality and eternal lives. Here a man seems to have his goods and chattles, houses and lands and lands, wives and children, and it will be said by and by there is a faithful man, take that which the unfaithful seemeth to have to him that is faithful You do not know what you are going to possess Then work for the pile, every Elder there is in Isreal. Dont say I am going to be contented <and> to serve God part of the time and myself the rest of the time -- build up the kingdom of God one day in the week, and the rest of the time work for myself. We work every day for the kingdom, to redeem and build up Zion here. And remember that our works here, point back to Jackson County Missouri, to put that land in the possession of the saints, to build up the great Temple of God Every hour we labor points to that, and to the glorious morning of the great resurrection to meet Jesus. We do not possess a thing that is put in our possession it is only put there to see what we will do with it. As I have said, these Elders of Isreal they are most miserable speculaters. If they see a sixpence roling down the street they are after it and are fit to break their necks in trying to arrest and secure it, when perhapes they are stubling their toes against a twenty dollar peice. Their eyes are at the ends of the earth like the fool's. Why dont you move carefully along, and pick up the dollars, and see every thing that surrounds you, know everything, and understand the position of the times -- know how to get seven dollars per bushel for wheat, and how to buy our own raggs, and bring them here. By our own wool and sheep, and start a Cotten factory We are now starting a cotten factory. The Mormons eat tobacco. For eleven years there has not been less than sixty thousand dollars paid out each year for that artical. Why do you not raise your own tobacco and save the dollars. A <gre> much larger sum than that has been paid out for sugar. I am now talking to Brigham with the rest of the latterdaysaints. You Brigham and the rest of you dont know what to do with mony. If you did the Lord would cord it up at your doors. Then let me tell Brigham and the rest of the Saints what to do with it. Build up the kingdom of God, send Elders to the nations of the earth, build up Cities, build a house like this. You have done here almost a mirical you think, but there is not a man in this neighborhood but what can build a better building than this every year if you had good Callculations and give it to the public. Do you beleive it? I do, and it is just as well as though it were so. Do you know how to get rich? You know how to make yourselves wreatched and miserable. For instance there is not another set of women on the face of the earth that are favored as our women are in this kingdom and Church. But let them tell the story, and there is not another set of women that has the misery and affliction they have, and not one people on the earth as poor as the latterdaysaints they make out. They are united in making themselves unhappy in making themselves poor. Go to work and make yourselves rich, go to work and make yourselves happy. I could explain many of those points. How will you make yourselves rich? You remember an adage about the showr of porridge that comes once in a while that everybody gets a meal, but a many do get this because they get tired waiting, and tip the dish bottom side up. You dont get angery at waiting and turn up the dish, and you will get it filled with porridge. You recollect the thirteenth comandment, Frett not thy gizzard, dont be in a hurry, look where you step. My young family accuse me of their floors. I will pick up a needle from a pillow, or there is a needle on the carpet. "How curious it is that you can see <them> everything." "Children pick up those pins, it takes fifteen pair of hands to make a pin in England, and if you had to make them you would be saveing of them." "Well it is strange you do see everything. And my family sometimes think I am the strangest husband and father there ever was. "Here children do not be in that mischeif, silver spoons were not made for hammers, lay that on the table, or in the cupboard. Put your needles on the needle book, where they ought to be. Dont let this thread be running arround the floor, and the young ones running out with the end of it. Here is sixpence there put it in your pocket and do not wo ship it for fear you do not see the dollar. You say br. Brigham what shall we do to get rich? Do not let your enemies have one pound of flour without paying you so and so. Now let me bring you a comparrison. Did you use to live with the Christians Yes. Ask yourselves if it was not a <hundred> united thread to keep the poor poor. As far as my aquaintance extends it was so. They are united to grind the face of the poor. Have You go to a man, Will you let me have a bushel of wheat until harvest? If you will work for me two days in harvest you can have it. You go to another and it is the same, and thus they united from the preist in the pulpit to the lowest of the independant ones to make the poor laboring man labor for nought. This made me mad when I was young They tie<d> the poor mans hand that he can never have the priviledge of planting one acre for himself. It made me hate every man that I saw tieing the hands of his neighbor, but they were united in this. Let the people here be united to undersell each other, as they are now and they will always be poor. Let them be united to sell their grain, but let them take the other course and they will build up each other. How long will it be before they come here for beef cattle. They are war with each other and useing up their cattle by hundreds of thousands, and the army of the two parties does not cost less than one million per day at this time, and they are out with their muskets instead of raising grain and beef they will come to Utah and want it. They will come in here sly. "Joe cannot you buy some beef Cattle for me." "Yes," "How can you buy it." "At five Cents on the foot." When it is wanted you will find fools enough that will take every beef there is, and if they cannot buy them they will steal them. And they will yet be glad to cart away our flour to the seat of war. They are taking it to Pikes Peak and <Callifornia> Carson Vally now. Why dont they raise it for themselves? Because they have gold mines. Why dont they raise it in the east, because they have war there. Now these latterday Saints are so greedy for mony they will run after a picayune and stumble over the dollar. Now stop doing this. Suppose your neighbor sells off his beef cattle, and you do not sell yours, and there is a thousand dollars here he has got to distribute it among the people. And if my neighbors have plenty of wheat, and flower, and gold and silver, and merchantdise I am not conserned but what a portion of it will come into my way. And it comes along without any effort on my part, it comes perfectly easy. Do you know how I get rich? I could tell you a story about a mans getting rich. A young merchant went up to Galena after he had bought his goods and had set them in order on the shelves etc. on Monday Morning he opened, and was seen in the door of his store bowing and scraping to everybody that passed by. Nobody came in to hand him a sixpence. A few hours passed along. "Well I realy expected to get a little trade," and his heart began to pity pat By and by a man came along with a load of rails on his waggon. He walked up to the store "Good morning, Do you buy rails here?" "That is the last thing," said the Young Merchant. He paused and thought a little, "it is the first trade that has been offered to me shall I take it or refuse it." He thought a few minutes. "I am starting for my fortune." "Yes I will buy the rails. "What is your rails worth? "Three bits a hundred. He bought the rails, the man took his pay and went away. Pretty soon another man came in and wanted to buy something, and a week had not passed away, before a man came to buy some rails. He sold the rails and got his mony. This is the way I would get rich, You that are from Cannada and the easteren States know what I mean, If it was amlock slabs after harvest, (John you know what <I mean> they are) I would not refuse them, I would trade for every thing and wait until all should come into play. A man would come to me and want to sell me some ox bows. Yes. Will you buy some spokes"? Yes, What dont you buy? I dont know but I always found use for everything Accommodate your brethren with a trade. If he has an ox you want sell it to him and make the best o him. The people can turn beef, horses, mules, Waggons etc. I never saw a time that I could not buy anything out of the stores for the things I can raise. There is a time you can sell mules, anything and everything. I never have disired the world, nor run after it. I wish the latterday saints did not love the world any better than I do, and then I think they would feel <better> different. They want to get rich stop and inquire how. By making yourselves unhappy? by trading? No. But in the first place sit down and make your minds passive and and satisfied with what you have. It is an item of my docterine to create what we want, and what we have not dont want. The Lord means to make a kingdom here, here is a kingdom that that shall go forth and rule all the kingdoms of this world. He must bigin it among some people You and I beleive he has commenced it here; why then prick against the pricks, and complain against the providences of God, why is not every man and woman obedient to their calling. You beleive we are in the kingdom as much as I do according to your knowledge and faith, and then act accordingly. If we have started a kingdom here, bigin and make your own cloth. Do you make your cloth br Brigham"? Yes I have the home spinn un?, plenty of it, and I ware it when I am a mind to. I ware this coat and vest in honer of br Burhisel, I have the home made, and plenty of it. My wives ware the home made, and wont let them ware anything else, and I would not <dont> want to ware anything else <I> if I could hinder it.I am a tremendeous coward, and cruel to women. I can kiss them to day, and give them a peice of bread and butter, and if the wont do it on those grounds you just leave, for it is no use commencing a war on them, I tell you you may drown them until they are dead dead dead, and not conqure upon the principle of war. They have <of> truly got the gritt. You take our boys and send out to the wars if they had not mothers they would not be one bit like what the old quaker lady represents "Joseph thee should not kill thy fellow being, but let me tell thee one thing Joseph, if thee will go to the war dont thee be shot in the back." If he was shot at all, she did not beleive in his being shot in the back. I do not know when we shall go to wareing our home spun, and nothing else. I ware that that comes to me. We have plenty of home spun. We have made our own cloth a great abundance of it for ten years past I have not made less than fifteen hundred yards of cloth in my house. And we make hansome cloth, it will make as Pretty a dress as is worn in this territory that is the handy work of our Sisters. I never saw hansomer cloth especially after it has heen in ware six or eight years or ten years. You see the frocks the women ware now that has been in ware six or eight years, it is like silk at a little distance. Suppose we get shut down, and we could not get from the gentiles a thread. suppose we could not buy sugar from them. Could we not make our sugar. Suppose we could not buy a hat from them. could not our hatters make hats? Yes Suppose we could not make a Yard of cloth could not we live without it. You shut down the Gate, so we could not get anything, and we can live here. We have got to be as independant as any kingdom, and if we are not as independant as any of the nations as far as they supply us and we are obliged to have it we are in colegean with them, and servants to them. Let us esstablish the kingdom more fully, how? By greater faith, and this will be known by your works. The people have faith a good deal of it. They have faith to be healed when theyare sick, sick women and children are healed by the power of faith, and there is an increase of faith among this people. And here is one trait of charracter of our people that is not to be found in the history of any other people that is worthy of mention. You take the mothers of lsreal and there is not one tenth part of suffering in child bearing as there is in the gentile world. And this blessing is increasing upon them continually, year by year, and we look forward to the day when the life of man will commence to be restored to him. If I were to preach a sermon on life and health I should have to bigin at the bigining, and make a proper diet for the people. We should have to recommend the pills docter Johnson sold to the emagration that were made of flower and rotten wood. He told them to take two at night and one at noon, and three tomorrow, and eat so and so, tomorrow morning eat one cracker, and at noon the same. And he cured every mountian fever and disorder he met with, and they gave him the <mony> name of being the best docter they ever met with. All the secret was in keeping the stomach empty. Bring the children up on bean porridge and course bread. Tobacco is not good for the body or the belly, hot drinks are not good for man and woman, spiriteous liquors are not good for the belly, but are for the washing of the body. Tobacco is good for sick Cattle, and that is the way the Mormons use it.
Here a man waters all night and tomorrow he goes to the Canyon after a load of wood. Now stop that. Save your constitution, and try to lengthen out your lives, not only to sixty years, to seventy years, or ninty, but to a hundred and thirty. The time has commenced, when the days and years of man are bigging to be lengthened out. The people have got to commence to diet themselves and set a patteren and prepare to enter into the Mansions of rest, and to live as man did anciently, and not be filled with desease and curruption and death, but be pure and holy in their bodies, in their minds, in their faith, feelings and affections, and then their days will bigin to lengthen and they will be in number like the days of a tree.
Must this kingdom of God always be subservient to other kingdoms? No. But they must become subservient to it and build it up. Are we going to wait until kings shall become nursing fathers and queens nursing Mothers? No. Are we going to wait until they them Gold and Silver? No. But we will give them the word when they shall come along, and if they want the substance of the Saints have them pay for it, and let that be put forth to usury, and you will see such a kingdom that has not been seen on this earth <since the Lord has left>, for many generations and the power of the devil displayed in a manner not to be equeled since the Lord left the earth. I like to talk to the people, and profit by it myself. and I like to have the people profited. And I like to observe the commandments of the Lord and do them. And have the kingdom of God first or nothing.
Now may the Lord bless you all and help you to be faithful. And perhapes we will come up and scold at you again by and by. As the Lord will.