1861 July 7 Sunday Morning Remarks


1861 July 7 Sunday Morning Remarks



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George D. Watt

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by President Brigham Young Bowery July 7th 1861
Reported by G. D. Watt

I am thankful that I have the priviledge of meeting with the saints this morning, and trust that I do so with singleness of heart. It is my desire, and my wish, and it is the desire and wish of all those who wish to be saints. There are so many things that is attached to the experience of the people. When to touch the items which are best collculated to stimulate the hearts and the feelings of the just, and those that disire to be just it is not in the power of man to know, the inspiration of the wisdom of a God to dirrect Without this no man can know where to pick up the minds of the people in order to open their understandings to things that will attract their attention, so that they will hear to them observe them, recollect them and treasure then up in good and honest hearts that they may bring forth fruits unto righteousness. It needs a superior power to mine, a superior knowledge to what I possess, or conceive, nothing short of divine inspiration will do it. Almost every day of a persons life there is new scenes presented, something that is different to that we have experienced before; perhapes some little trial, some reflection of the mind, that is new and different from that we have been accustomed to. The slind of an intellegent person, or of intellegence as far as we can understand is reaching forth for more intellegence, greater intellegence, something new. Iris said in holden times that the eye is never satisfied with seeing, neither is his ear with hearing, no matter how much we see, no matter how much we hear. Still there is a disire for something more. Now where an opportunity presents itself to dirrect the attention of the people to do the most good requires more than human agency. And I feel myself entirely dependant upon a superior power and influence, upon superior knowledge. <and> The experience of the latter day Saints as they are called is so great that you might hear men talk if we were to continue our meetingg year after year, day after day, it would not touch the experience of every individual probably that would hear. I find there is. (I find there is quite an obstruction in my organs of speach this morning that I was aware of before I rose to speak) Upon the experience of the people, how varied we are in our wishes. If you will recollect I have a few times related to the people, the diversity of feelings, sympathies, disires, there is manifested in prayr. You meet together in the capacity of saints while one is mouth in prayr and a hundred present, there will perhaps be ninty nine pititions <ascending> put up at the same time. When we understand differently, that we should be of one heart and of one mind, to obtain that we ask for. When an Elder rises and preaches to the people, if there is a thousand present, perhapes there is ten out of that thousand that are realy benifited, whose minds realize the ideas advanced, and perhapes will be enabled to obtain new ideas that will strengthen them, and do them good while nine hundred and ninty have their minds here and there, and if they would like to hear expounded perhapes that thing is not touched at all. The minds of the people are much like the visage of our countenances, they vary about as much. Here we present ourselves in the capacity of a worshiping assembly. We say that we are latterday saints this is our profession. It is no small matter to be a saint, When we read when we hear preaching, when the gospel is expounded to us, so that we understand it. If we beleive and receive in our hearts the word of truth, yeild obedience to its requirements, we set it down for a fact, that we have become a saint immediatly, but this is not so. perhapes I might again say, yes, yes, we have become a saint to a certian degree. Again perhapes I do not conceive in my understanding the full meaning of the term, as others receive and consider it. To be a saint is one that is iniciated in the faith, in the practice, in feeling, every sympathy, every affection, every partical of the person, all that pertains to their bodies, all that pertains to this world, all that pertains to the reflections that reaches into the eternities he is bound up, asimilated, iniciated and become like the son of God. Nothing short of this constitutes a saint in my estimation. A person that is not prepared to judge a person, that is not prepared to receive all righteousness as soon as they can come to understanding, A person that swerves from the path of righteousness, pardon me I realize we are in the world of sin, that we are in a world of temptation, and that all mankind is subject to it. That is now and has been the lot of all men. I realize this, but still to be a saint A saint indeed is more than you and I are yet in my estimation, take us as a people. Here we have these ten thousand experiences and reflections, and as many differences of faith and disposition (3) and abilities to grapple with. One person says, I do not care anything about you Mormons it does not suit me. What is the reason? Why some of this people called latterday saints, they perhapes deal a little different, and what I believe to be right in their deal, and transactions There traditions have been different from mine, and they do not conceive it is tradition, but they think it is a fine principle of the gospel; and because one man does thus and so, another one says, I do not see how Mormonism is good for anything. I do not see that this people are different to any other christians. Dont you see it all the time and is it not before your eyes that one person will apostatize for the very thing another person will come into the Church for. This I see and have all the time. Go and preach to a certian individual or family or neighborhood, they receive the Gospel upon the very principle that those who have received it two years ago will leave the Church for. Is not this in your experience, what you have seen. Do it not tell to us that this eternal variety of feeling, of sympathy, of faith of affections, that we see in the midst of the people is a hard thing to graple with. I am here to do this people good. And what will do them good. If I were to come to the acts of myself and others Take up one of the simplest things you can think of. Somebody comes along that have about concluded Mormonism is true, but they do not know exactly, but they have an idea this gospel we preach is the gospel of salvation. They come with us, mingle with us, and you ask them to a splended party,-- to a dance -- one of the most frivolous things there is, nothing to do with religion, nor with our faith, Along comes an individual, and enjoys himself for an hour, two hours, three hours, or six hours, and is ready for baptisam What has made him ready Why "I think this is the best people I ever saw, because they can dance, and enjoy themselves. Is that anything to do with religion -- with your faith -- with the gospel of salvation? No. Then the saints why do you permit it? Why for nonsense, just to please your nonsensical feelings and mine. Is there hurt in it,? Yes if you have a mind to make wickedness of it. Misheif of it.-- sin of it you can do so. But suppose you do not make sin of it is there any sin in that of itself? Not in the least, any more than there is in striping your coat and running a foot race, one of the best things in the world for clerks, who study all day, six or eight hours, let
them go out and take a game at ball, at foot ball, or anything, go out and restle, (4) jump, pitch Quoits, and exercise themselves in the various ways that are introduced for the exercise of the people to strengthen and expand their <feelings> lungs, and to strengthen the musles of the body. Suppose we get to jumping up and down. What of that? Nothing any more than-a to kick a ball. it is all of one peice. And yet some will condemn persons for any of these things. And others come into the Church for that very thing and are a short sighted people. A curiosity? Yes, I frequently think that man is a certain curiosity to himself. I see all this variety in the people. We are from every Nation, almost under the heavens we are from the four quarters of the Globe. We have assembled together for a score of years from the various nations in the four quarters of the earth And we have our different views, notions traditions and feelings, and are said to be latterdaysaints. Well we are a curiosity aint we? We are. Do we marvel at ourselves any of us. That we have not become saints in the <least> fullest extent of the word The question may be asked with propriety, dont you think there is a great <variety> many Saints here? Yes, there is a great many of the elect of God up here, <we became> they prepared in all things to build up Zion upon the earth? Judge for yourselves. We need not go into our past experience many years to
behold the full visage of the self esteemed full grown saint. Just wait a little longer and you will se anothr kind that will exhibit the same people that are saints, tell them they are not saints and they will almost be angry with you. Say to them they are not the servants of the Lord, and they will be angery with you, and say if I am not a saint where will you find one? Wait a little longer, and you will see the same exhibited, you have only to let the time come, when the strength of the Armies of Satan makes its Apearence here, and you begin to think all will overcome the kingdom, and you will see these very righteous ones tippling at the cup until they lay like brutes in the streets. What next? Why it is dam. And God dam everything there is latter day saints and all. Can you mark them in the forehead and tell which one of these Elders are going to cut up such capers within a few years. You say it is not me! and you bigin to number through the congregation, and touch every man, and ask them, is it you? They say No. it is not me, And yet if you wait A little time, you will see men that have been in the Church, and had the gospel of salvation in their possession, perhapes a score of years, and the power of God upon (5) them, and they have prophecied and had revelation to themselves, and yet they will turn away and yeild to those foolish ungodly influences. It makes me think of what a man said in England, he got a little crazy, and he was so religious, that he was entirely beyond all religion that God ever revealed to man, he was not content to stop on this dide of religion, When he was taken up and rebuked, "O,'' says he, it was not me but the spirit that was in me. There may be some in this congregation who have lifted their heel against the anointed of the Lord, and will like the man I have referred to say, it was me, but the spirit that was in me. Well you had better have that spirit bled out of you, cast out the beast by bleeding. What do you mean by all this talk? Take it just as you please. I have my meaning you may have yours, and we will vary upon this point as we do upon others, but they will say it is not me but the spirit that is within my. They love the iniquity of the evil doer. They role sin as a sweet morsel under their tongue, they have mingled with the ungodly they breath the breath of the
sinner and ungodly and they have fellowship with that that all heaven dispises. They say I want to be an Elder yet, I think I am a pretty good saint, or wish to be, I would like to remain in the Church, I love the brethten I like to be here with you. What do you like? What is it you love? It would take a great while to tell all they like to be here for. They like to be here because they can have sympathy here, they can find persons that will fellowship them here --they can find those that will receive them into their enbraces here. Whereas if they were to go among the wicked they would be despised by the <wiked> devil and by all his subjects. They cannot find freinds in hell, and they make freinds with those who pretend to be saints, and they are full of sympathy. You know the latter day saints are sympathetic people, and how ready they are to fellowship everything and everybody just as readily as they have heretofore, only come along with your wickedness, and we will join hands with you, sustain you, embrace you, uphold you, support you and give you all we have got; and we will take everything from the kingdom of God that we have power to take, and we will give it unto the hands of you that serve the devil. Let the kingdom of God rise in strength, power, majesty, they then turn their cup in that direction, saying, I want to be a saint. I like to be with you, I love the latter day saints, and I am A mormon if I am anything. That is very fine if you are anything. You would be a latter day saint, there (6) nothing else good for anything, "I am a mormon if I am anything, You aint anything then. What proof have you and I before our eyes, take these poor miserable, silly, contemptable outcasts, go and follow them, trace them into the ranks of the wicked and ungodly he that turns his coat with us, will turn it with every other party with whome they associate when they consider it suits their purpose the best, they know it as well as I do. I have sometimes thought that I would glory a little in the good gritt of the people and if they get to be mormons, and they are *ot saints, just be gritty enough to stick to their Mormonism through life anyhow. And if they do not know, and if they do not know whether they have been deceived or not dont apostatize thinking you will <apostatize> find out, such a course would only plunge you into a greater state of darkness and ignorance. If you do not know Mormonism is true, you may just as well stick to this, for if you leave what you have got you would be further in the dark than you are now. How many is there that dont know that this work is true? There is a great many that knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet, if they do not know they say they do. How do you know? Because his revelations come to pass, That is no proof to us. Not to me at any rate. If a man were to rise up and prophecy of all that was to come to pass for five years, andit should all come to pass as he spoke it would it be a proof to me he was a prophet of God? Not in the least. Suppose a mn had the power, to do as they anciently did, work all kinds of miracles before the people, would they prove that he was a prophet of God, A prophet sent of him? Not in the least. You know that in my doctrine. There is a proof, there is a certainty, there is a knowledge, but it is not in the outward act, not in the outward fulfilment, or performance of that that has been declared. I have heard men say, If Joseph is not a prophet there never was one, because he prophecied so and so, and it came it came to pass. That is no proof. The wicked can prophecy, and their prophecies will come to pass. I have undeniable testemony of this. It was stated boldly and in public, and proved by the ignorat the learned and the wise, and by all classes, that Joseph Smith could not stay in the State of New York, they would not let him stay there. They told him he could not stay in the State of Ohio, and they succeeded in getting him out, and he and the Mormons went to Missouri and they prophecied, high and low, presbiterians, baptists, Methodists, drunkard and swarer, and every (7) class was prophecieng we could not stay there, but did that prophecy prove that they were sent of God? I recollect when the Elders of Isreal was called up between the ranks of the Malitia who stood there with their bayonets pointed towards a little Alley like this. "Walk up you mormons ye Elders. Joe Smith has been trying this long time to make you consecrate, now damn you we will make you consecrate, and they walked up, and what did they do when they got to a logg building, they had to sign away every partical of property they possessed in Missouri to pay the expenses of the war which the governments made on the Mormons, Joe: Could make you consecrate we can" Did they not tell the truth? Yes, says they you cannot stay in this place, we wont let you stay. Did they let us stay? No. And I never heard Joseph say we should stay, but we did hear him say the time would come when the land we paid our mony for in the State of Missouri will be in peacable possession of the latter day Saints, and this will com to pass as sure as the Lord Almighty lives. Now if any of you Mormons want to know how to know the truth, I can tell you how. It is one of the easiest things in the world. When you once get into the true path once, learn to subject yourself to a certain rule, and you will find it one of the esiest lives to live that ever a mortal being lived, no other path is so easy pleseant, The road is so delightful and easy you travel in; the path of strict obedience to the requirements of heaven, if you travel that path you will know for yourselves. Read the words of the saviour. "f you love me keep your commandments. If I wish to know of the doctrine that is preached do as he has said If you wish to know whether Joseph Smith was sent of God or not as a prophet to the Nations of the world, and revealed to him the preisthood and plan of salvation, to call upon all men everywhere to repent, for he is about to restore to the house of Isreal the lands of their fathers and to give unto them the new and everlasting covenant. If you want to know this do as the saviour has told you to do. This is the way to know. Now all who wishes to know the things of God, come to the Lord, and do as he dictates you, keep his commandments, do his requirements, walk obediently in the path he has pointed out, then people will know, and they cannot know without persueing this course I do not care how you prophecy. A prophet is (8) nothing more than a person who tells future events true or faulse. No matter where he is from, he may be a prophet from beneath or a prophet of God. There is ten tousand feelings in the midst of this people, but there is one point for you and I to come to and one only. No being on earth can be prepared to be receivcd into the Celestial kingdom of God short of this. he must do the will of Cod in order to be prepared to dwell with him, and you need not make any callculations on getting there short of it. To be Mormons or to be within the pails of this Church and have fellowship, receive the oracles of truth, the keys and powers of the holy preisthood, this does not prepare us to enter into the presence of God of the father and the Son, but strickt obedience to his requirements will prepare us. We may justly say, that a person by beleiving, and embracing the principles of truth they are a saint, but if the Lord should see fit to call them from this world if they have been obedient according to the best of their knowledge, walked in the light that has been revealed they are entitled to the blessings of the Santified as though they had lived and magnified there callings. But they that trifle with the blessings the Lord has bestowed on them, strew their ways to strangers lift up their voices, and their hands. to esstablish the kingdoms of this world God wont own them in the day to come, and every person that is not for building up the kingdom of God, and esstablishing righteousness on the earth, publish peace to the Nations, gather up the honest in heart, and all the house of isreal, and restoring them that has been lost through transgression, and are fervent in every respect they will come short of the Glory they anticipate. But all who are obidient and faithful to those things, and to all the Lord requires of us will recevie to the fullest extent of their anticipations. But the half hearted, those who turn to the right and the left, who kiss the righteous, and hold the sinner by the hand, and turn away from his commandments, and do as hundred, and thousands do, kiss the worst enemies and at the same time hold on to the hands to the saints, trying to put into full fellowship with each other, Christ and Bail. Can they do it? No. Will the latterday saints build up the kingdom of God or will they do as they have been doing. There has not been a day yet that when the opportunity presented, you will see the Elders here leading out, "let us build up the kingdon's of this world, and let us promote them, why do (9) it? Up comes a man, perhaps a bishop, and says he, he is a very nice man, I want to favor him, and
I think he will beleive the gospel, the devil will beleive as quick. All you latterday Saints when you talk about people com<ing> here <to open> you heard the Gospel preached year after year, you beleived it, your parents beleived it, their parents beleveid they rejected it, and turned away from the holy commandment, and joined those that persecute the saints, who have slain the innocent, and have joined in the ranks of those who have come here, and then a bishop or Elder saying, perhaps they will receive the gospel. You dont know what you are talking about, you dont know anything about yourselves, nor your own faith, you know nothing about the people. Says you is there any honest people left. Yes plenty of them, they can be found by thousands and millions that will be saved so as by fire but will they come out? No. Have they courage and moral ability to come out and renounce the world, and say I can will be a saint? No, There is only a few right gritty independant, that dare say I will be a latterday saint, I will beleive Joseph Smith to be a prophet, and the book of Mormon is true, and you may do what you please about it. I am independant in my choice. But those who have come here, for what, to bleed every vain that you and I have got, that contain one drop of the genuine blood of the Gospel, to gouge and grill, and build themselves up. Is there any honest ones comes here? Yes, And when you see them they do not want a bushel of wheat to buy him, or a dollar of your money to make him beleive the truth. He beleives it independantly. The spirit of truth can find way to his heart, and it will tell him in a moment that the kingdom of God has to be sustained with everything there is upon the earth, with all the influence power, and means that the latterday saints can rake and scrape together honestly, to send the gospel to all nations, and gather up the house of Isreal. You need not give him a green log for your substance and then give all your real available means into the hand of the ungodly, thinking to buy them. If you were to buy them it would be to watch until you are asleep, and then they would take your knife out of you pocket and cut your throat, take your purse and leave. You say I am hard. I am not hard. I am not talking (10) anything about anybody only those who are verily what I say they are. The spirit of truth finds way to the hearts of the innocent and honest, and testifies to them the truth. When you talk about God, heaven and heavenly things, things you have not language to paint before the people, what advantage has the man of God, he has the spirit of truth, that bears testemony to what he says, and there is the same beauty before his hearers he beholds himself, they rejoice in it, loves the truth and receives it. But there is a great deal of stony ground on the roads we are traveling, a great many thistles and thorns, that grow up and choke the word, they run well for a season and then turn away, and they stick to the mormons and the gospel and they say they love it, and as quick as an oppertunity presents itself for them to join with the wicked, when they can join hands with them and fellowship with the unrighteous, and when their time of doubling dealing is over, they turn around and say, I declare, I am sorry what I have done, and it is the spirit is in me, for I do love Mormonism and the Saints. No you dont. If you live you will do anything to promote the object of your life, wont you? Yes. you will. A man that loves the kingdom of God will he <prepared> promote the interests of any other kingdom? Will he sustain any other kingdom? No. he will not. Is it not written that we should do good to all men? Yes, How are you going to do good to them. Feed them in their unrighteousness? Foster them in their unhallowed acts? No. Tell them the truth, do them good by giving them the words of eternal life, preach to them the gospel of salvation, profer it to them, without Mony and price, tell them how to make better men of themselves, tell them the object of the Gospel, it is to make good men of bad men and better men of good. Tell them it is to increase and organize those that love the truth that they may become strengthened in the truth until they are preparcd to dwell in the presence of <God> the father and the son. Will it do them any good to give them your substance? They laugh at you, and say as others have said, that we shall not take the trouble to repeat. If you know what you beleive if you understand the docterine you have embraced each and every one of us, I talk to myself as well as to you. If we love the Gospel, every thing we can do on this earth to promote it we will do. If we love the world equaly as well as (11) the kingdom of God,
and say we all good together, You are divided in your own affections. What will become of you? You will cleave to the one and leave the other? No. Will you hold fast to the one and forsake the other? No. What will you do? You will slip between and you will not get either -- You will not get the kingdom of God nor the kingdoms of the world. No. Mark my words. A great many men have apostatised from the truth thinking thereby to get rich. They will not be rich but will be found in the depths of poverty. As I have hinted a few times, modestly hinted to those who have been to Callifornia, I told them every man that would stay here and mind their own buisness and pay strict attention to the work before them, they would be able to buy out four of you that flee the track, for gold, When I was down south I told them the same, There is a many come back again, and they are poor I asked them where is your houses your lands your oxen your horses your swine your sheep <your horser and> your mules, your carriages and waggons. You have none. Where is your money? You have none. You got some gold by digging for it, Yes. But says one I lent it to a
gambler, and he ran away with it. And how are you now. I will not say four but I can buy every man of you myself all you have. I mean if they were black, and if there was only a slave state here, I can buy every one of them and all they have. They have made themselves poor and dispisable in the eyes of God and angels. What does men do when they apostatise to get rich? They get poor, and loose what they have, or what they seem to have for the time being. But how long will it be before they are mouldering back into Mother earth. Will they leave their gold with them? No. If they have some theif will dig it up,and him and sell his bones to the docters. He left a wife and a little money perhapes. How long will they be before they are in the dust, and their mony in hell it will not buy them a passage through it. Wait until the winding up scene and see who enters into the Glory that is spoken of in this booke by Isaih that we beleive to be a most divine prophet. He says when the Lord reveals Zion in the latter days, and brings his kingdom upon the earth, for brass he will bring gold etc. And beautify the place of this sanctury and maake the place of his feet glorious. Who will own it? (12) Will those men who have gone to Callifornia and other places to build up themselves, Those men that have put forth their hands to give their wheat and their oats, and flour, and all they have to the wicked for little or nothing? You will not possess a dime and another thing You wont be there, If you are your place will be in the barn, or stable, to clean them out, or in the garden to dress it, and when your Master comes along, you will run to hide from his presence as Adam did of old, you will find yourselves worse than naked, and if you are permitted to be there you will be a poor slave. Some may say I believe in slave labor, slave labor has always been, and always will be in eternity. These poor skeezicks many of them you have to provide for, because the devil wont have them. Have you any place for them says the Lord. I have given you mansions kingdoms, and throwns, and dominions. Yes, pardon me for the folly of the expression, but we want somebody to make our soap, and do our washing, This is only a comparison. We will have a place for them, the devil wont have them, and the Lord says I cannot crown them, for they have forfieted all right and tittle to the blessings, they ran to Callifornia for Gold, shake hands with the ungodly and sinner, and fostered those who would have cut the throats of all of my servants they catered to those that came into the midst of the saints to distroy my kingdom. What will you do with them my servants? We will make use of them here and there and we will put them to do as much good as possible, and where they can do no hurt. Can you run then and trade and deal and trafic, and manifest the same amount of fool as you did in the mortal existance? You cannot do it. The wicked and ungodly has past away, they are out of your reach, You cannot go there and drive an ox team there in two days. You cannot hop into a waggon, and take your butter and chickcns, etc. and sell it. There is a gulf and no bridge over it, and no balloon, and no watter in the gulf that you can take A boat. And if there were it would melt all the pitch off the boat and you would sink. What would you do? crawl down, and sneak down, and ask your Master what you are to do next. Now all this seems perfect nonsense to the most of you. These are bad terms,perfect and nonsens, but you can better to suit yourselves We wish to do you good, that is the question (13) There is a great share of this people if they cannot have something to gratify their nonsensical passions, they say we are going where we can have them gratified. We are going to build a theater to keep you in the Church, and there is others you know we are building it to make them apostatise the sooner. We will have houses and dancing, and we will get up plays for you, and we will have exercises, and exibitions, and have a grand turn out. We had a grand turn out here last thursday one of the finest exibitions I ever saw. I have seen a great many such things in the old country and a great many on this contenant, in the old States in the Civilized states, in the Christian States where they knew about the whole of it, and the procession of last thursday is one of the best I ever saw; it exhibited more tast, and more talant than any thing of the kind I ever saw. I have not seen a great deal, it it was the best forth of July turn out, the best exhibition of tast and talant of the people, and the best order, and the best looking people, and the best and handsomest children, that can be found in the world are here. Did you see the children any of you? and did it not make you feel proud? I did Me. There is some of you here that dont understand what I am talking about when I speak of myself. Did you notice a little procession carring a flag with the incription "The kingdom of God or nothing" And another flag which proceeded that with inscription life liberty and the persuite of happiness. those were my children my school, my own family. Well you did not have them fixed up very nice. I told them they should not ware anything only that they wore at school, and that I considered good enough to drag through the streets, but walk up here and see if you can spell, see if you can read, see if you know about geography and history, and then take them to music, and as for a calico frock it is good enough to drag through the dust. Parden me for my folly this is childish talk. I say this to gratify some that dont know what part of that procession my children were in. I was there arround about them to protect them to see thoy walked streight, and right. I am proud of the children, I am proud of that procession.
it speaks much in favor of this people. The mormons are a better people than you will find on the earth, I am not talking about saints now, I thought that was the hansomest croud I ever saw. Did (14) you see any drunkeness in the Street? I did not, did you hear any swareing? not much I reckon. Any disorder, or confusion? No, very little, it was about as peacable, and orderly, and about as nigh civilization as people generally get to be in this benighted world And when we talk about civilization in the nations of the earth. We will relate a little thing I heard read in A Newspaper. A certian regament did not like it very well, thinking that their tobacco and Whiskey was taken from them. The general wrote a letter to the quarter Master, and said My regiment are gentlemen and have been used to whisky and tobacco. These are two prominant traits of Civilization They are used to get drunk, they are gentlemen How is it in the civilised world? How is it with our congress men, with our presidents, with our judges, how is it with all of those that dictate laws to the nations. You recollolect the old saying. As sober as a judge, and the judge can say with propriety "as drunk as a Lord. We can say now as drunk as a judge. for I do not know that man and have not for thirty years past I do not know that judge that sits as a United States judge, that sits as a supreme judge that dont get drunk. "My regiment are all gentlemen they are used to haveing all the tobacco and whisky they want. This is a certain proof they are gentlemen, they are used to haveing all the tobacco and whisky they want, which is a certian proof they are gentlemen according to the present acceptation of the <word> term. My remarks are just about as scattering as the feelings, views, traditions, faith, and understanding of the people, so I am just about even with them this morning in my remarks, but I would be glad to see a few thousands, a few score of thousands, a few, hundred thousands of Elders in this Church that are latter day Saints. When I do see it, I will see every such man cut loose from the deal and life of the world, the trade and trafic of the world, from every iota of trade that does not build up and promote the kingdom of God first and foremost, And you men that are here, that belong to this Church, that hear me this day, who are trading and traficing, and promoting the kingdoms of this world, God dont own you and I dont fellowship you, how much? About as much as the Indian says, how much peace? A little bit of peace, I fellowship how? So much? No. No but just a little bit (The presiden showed how (15) much with his finger as the Indians do) I fellowship them enough not to cut them off the Church. For a men to say we are for the kingdom of God, we are for building up Zion on the earth, we are for peace and righteousness, and then curse and sware, and lie and get drunk, cheat deceive, trade, trafic, promote the kingdoms of this world, it is faulse when they say they are for the kingdom of God when every days work and toil, they <toil agains> make gives them the lie, and they are faulse witnesses against themselves and before God and the brethren, beleive it or not as you please, I do not care. What will do the people good? Be for God and none else,and if you cannot be for him be for anybody else you have a mind to. Every person that will not be for God and nobody else might just as well leave to day, or start tomorrow morning and go in peace, and continue to go as long as you please, go undisturbed by paying your debts and stealing nothing. That is the word from the begining, every body has a right to go and come, steal nothing, and pay your honest debts, and go in peace. Either be for God, or rise up and say we will be for ourselves, we will serve ourselves, we will not stay here, but one says we can do better here than anywhere else, This people will fellowship me in my wickedness". I have a chance to make mony better here than in any other place. Hundreds of men in this congregation never owned a pig or a chicken in the world, until they came here, and now they have their oxen, pigs, sheep, farm waggon, and a great amount of other property, and they lift their heel against the Lord Almighty, and say we will bigin and serve ourselves, and we will do as we have a mind to. Your mind will lead you to distruction. One thing is true, You have a right to beleive and obey, the right of choice, in your own will, and it is the only thing God has granted to you. <The acts> of Man can dictate and choose for themselves, but the result of those acts no man has power to dictate. You can be a latter day saint if you have a mind to. The gospel is to make good men of bad men, and good men better men, fill them with light and intellegence, impart to them the things of God, moro faith, more wisdom, until they overcome every partical of that in them pertaing to the fall, and bring everything in subjection to the love of Christ, and they reign over themselves like a monarch. But you rise up and say we want our liberty. What liberty have you got? You have liberty to live and die. Which road will you take, you have the power to make your choice, you can take the one that leads to life, or the one that leads to death, and that is all the power the children of men have. When the take the road to life they must obey the laws of life, the rules of life, if you will be the servant of Jesus you must serve and love him, keep all his commandments, and must not take the name of God in vain, bear faulse witness against your neighbor, deceive or lie, <and bear faulse witness against your neighbor> oppress the widow or the hireling, or any of these things, but you must be obedient to all the requirement of God. Some say it is oppression. Then take the other road, and you will subject yourselves to the law of death. What will it do? It will bring misery and sorrow to the heart, bitterness to the consciense, sickness to the body if you take the corupt path the nations have been walking in for these thousands of years. And what do you see? the proof is before us. How long do they live now? Three generations in one hundred years. thirty three and one third years wipes out the existance of the whole human family and another takes their place. One hundred years is as little as should be reckoned for a generation. It is said the Generations of the earth becomes weaker and wiser. It is not so, they are weaker and darker. There is not a nation capable of issueing laws, capable of sustaining itself. England has been sustained the longest of any Nation that has been on the earth. It is one of the longest lived nations there is on the earth. What has preserved it, There national debt has preserved it. Could they have sustained themselves with a republic Government like ourselves? No. They would have been crumbling to the dust one hundred years ago. There is not a nation or kingdom that is capable of making Iaws and sustaing itself for a short time only. This proves the embicility and perishableness of the nations as they exist. You see a wise Nation, and they bring forth laws that are callculated to sustain the people in the capacity of a self governing nation, How long? as long as the earth shall stand, but the wisdom of the wise shall perish, and the understanding of the prudent shall be hid. All nations will rise up and see this magnanimous nation we live in overthown. (17) How was it thirty years ago. Let a man say Secession and they would have strung him up, let a man talk as they talk now in Congress, and they would have tried him for treason, and condemned him, and hung him between the heavens and the earth. Is the nation strong, and powerful Now? Where is the bands of the union? They have burst assunder Yes. The keg was bound <on them> with thin Iron hoops, it was painted and covered over with a substance that has corroded the bands. The hoops are eaten to
peices, and there is no binding power left. They may try and search and hunt up, and they may set all the machines to work to make fresh hoops to bind the nation, but it cannot be done. The power that held the nations together is gone, it has rusted away fallen into the groung, the sutaing principle is gone. Can it be mended? No. People tell about the wisdom of the present nation Where do you find our wise men but what are searching after the Antiquities of the nations that are ancient. For archatectural
disine and all kinds of machanism, carry out the same, in the wisdom they had thousands of years ago, and the wisest men we have now are those who search the deepest into the antiquities, and yet we say we are growing weaker and wiser. If we are wise produce that the ancients could not produce By digging up ancient Cities, they have found railroads and rail railroad carrs. And it has been said that Gun powder and guns were not know until lately, and here lately they have lifted them out of cities that have been sunk thousands of years, and some of the best Guns that has been seen. Do you think we are growing weaker and wiser. They said Franklin was the first to bottle the lightening, and controle electricity. This is nonsense. Old abraham knew more about these matters than all the philosophers of the present day. They are growing weaker, and darker.
Is there a nation that can build a national fabric that can hold together, No. What do they need. Superior wisdom. Is there a people on earth that can guide themselves? No. What do you say Mr. Speaker. I will tell you what I have to say; nothing short of that supreme wisdom, nothing short of that superior power and influence, and spirit to man can I edify, teach, and guide you, neither can any man on the earth, neither can any nation upon the face of the earth, Our nation worked day and days and many of the State legislatures also, and almost (18) succeeded in erradicating entirely the name of God being used in prayr in their assemblies, we ask no odds of God or heaven. You that make politics your religion, if you want to know the state of the nations, and the effect of the doings ot the people when they discard, and renounce the wisdom of God and say we can get along without you, the Lord drops them and says try it. He has droped this nation, they have rejected him high and low. those in office and power, and govern the nation, The Lord says boys see what you can do for yourselves. Where are they. Now here they are within ten, five, and twenty miles of each other, some sixty thousand on each side, snarling, grumbling, and complaining, and biting, and jaring, and devouring each other. What do you think, Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Munroe, or old Hickery, or any of those men that beleive that this Nation never could crumble to the dust. They are now maddned against each other, brothers against brothers, father against son and son against father, and here they were a few days ago heart in hand together, locked armes in the support of the Government, and now in the same government, is gathering the rifle, the cannon the swords, the muskets and baynetts, and are arrayed to slay each other. Tell about weaker and wiser, they are weaker and darker. A wise Child it is written is better than an old and foolish king. I think so. A wise child, if we had one at the head of our Government he would do far better than an old and foolish king. Enough about that. I want to say to you each and every one of you. I do wish and hope that you and I still try to be latterdaysaints. We are Mormons and trying to live our religion, but can we not refrain from loveing the world. We have tried twenty years many of us, and we find the love of the world will beat everything else in our hearts, just sacrifice that just take it Abraham like, take it by the hair of the head and lay it on the Alter, and take A knife, Now dont look of a ram, but chop its head off before you look for a Ram, and not beleive God is going to permit you to love the world. Then try to be saints, and let us endeavor to build up the kingdom of God, and let the kingdoms of this world take care of itself, they are building up each other most admirably, they are doing exactly right, but they cannot controle the result of their acts. They have perse*cuted and killed the saints, and the result is the Lord is going (19) to cause them to kill each other, and I bid both parties God speed until they are like the killkenny cats as they will be. You do not beleive that some of you. Just wait a little longer, and you will see they will distroy eachother, and they never will cease, until the wicked slay the wicked, and we say success to both parties. Let righteousness reign on the earth. Now the enemy has the earth six thousand years. let Jesus have it a thousand years, he will have it, and overthrow the ungodly and the wicked, and nobody can. The Lord help us to be righteous, and prepare for a day of peace. Amen.