1861 July 7 Sunday Afternoon Remarks


1861 July 7 Sunday Afternoon Remarks



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George D. Watt

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by President Brigham Bowery July 7th 1861 P. M.
Reported by G. D. Watt

I would like it very much if I was able to speak a little louder. I do not know that the people can hear me. I do not know that they did this morning. There is no one that feels perticularly disires to talk though I will say a few words. I am perticularly attatched to my own government to my own kingdon. Much has been said to day with regard to norishing and cherishing other kingdoms. We talk about fellowshiping and disfellowshiping men for certian acts. Supose we were to adopt the constitution of our Union for the constitution of the kingdom of God which we ought to thing a great deal of. My interest is in it at any rate, and no where else. I beleive it is written in the constitution of the United States defining the crime called treason, giveing aid and succor to our enemies, those we were speaking of to day, according to our constitution it would make them treasoners, to give aid and comfort to persons who are seeking to distroy this kingdom What do the southren States that have seceded in such case -- the confederate States -- suppose they find a man that is giveing aid and comfort to the federal government, do you know any of them what they are doing with them, dont they tie a string round their necks, and hang them out to dry. They are now beggining to look to those who are giving aid and comfort to the seceding states, they begin to look after them. What are they doing with them not merely bleeding of them, not in the nose only, but they tap they tap them where they will bleed effectually, and they take all the blood they call bad blood, rebels blood on both sides. Suppose this afray was to come to an end in the course of a year or two, and the southern States should receive the benifit of br Kimballs prayr and be enabled to whip the Northeren, party and the southeren States be the loyal government then, and the northeren that old creature we used to think very odious, that we used to look upon as a set of old tories not fit to live. The loyal party is always the one that whips the the disloyal ones, and the rebels are the ones that get whiped. So it is in every case, it would be with ourselves if we were to get soundly flogged and threby bo brought into subjection, they would say we are tories, and disloyal to the government (2) They have you very well know published the statement that the people called latterdaysaints are not loyal to the Government. Now what is to be done with those that are disloyal to that kingdom you and I are in? I said this morning bleed them a little, You may put your own definition upon this saying, I put mine on it to suite myself, perhaps we shall do nothing more than turn
them out of the synogogue, And then there is some things to be reckoned on here that is not taken into account with other Christians, that is I will say with the reformers. You take the reformers and their kingdom is all a spiritual kingdom. They will get together on Sunday and preach and pray, and hollow, and shout, and it is halelujah and glory to God and on Monday morning it is who can cheat their neighbor the quickest. Talk about a litteral kingdom says the preist My kingdom is not of this world, were it so my servants would fight. They will fight by and by, His kingdom is of this world, this kingdom that you and I are in is the kingdom that is to stand forever, it never can be distroyed, by all the powers of earth and hell, It is a litteral kingdom a kingdom pertaing to the world in which shall dwell righteousness, and Jesus shall be the king, and his laws shall be the laws that shall govern the people. Now suppose that this kingdom is set up, and suppose we are in this kingdom, and suppose this kingdom should prevail, and the time soon come that Satan, and those that lay in wait to deceive the armies of Isreal those that desert their coulers, and flee to the enemies camp to detail the sercumstances and positions of the camps of Isreal, Look at them, What shall we do with them? This kingdom we will say prevails. Is this kingdom bound to make the inhabitants of the earth what is called Mormons Not by any means. This is new to those that are in the church, no question of it many of you. The kingdom of God that he has set up is one thing, and the Church of Jesus Christ is another, it is within that kingdom, that kingdom is to cast arround it its power and its influence. Do you see that kingdom anywhere? If you do not you will by and by. Never mind we are in no hurry, we take things moderatly, by and by that kingdom will be visable to all the nations of the earth. Right from the members of this kingdom, or this Church you will call it, so will I. You will see men rise <an> up that will go forth and will sway the septer of the influence and power God will give them, Not individuals but Nations will call upon them for succer. This is hard to beleive for many because they do not want to beleive it. But the (3) wisdom of the wise is fled, their strength is becoming weakness, and it will soon be said, the great men of the earth, the kings and the rulers are you as weak as a child? Turn to another nation and kingdom perhapes, and their weakness is made manifest, they are as weak as a child. It will be said we are as weak as you are. Every coheisive principle that is now within the governments of the earth will perish. What will be there condition? You will see pretty soon. With regard to our own Government are they going to be united, North against South? No. Will they be united South against north? No. As it was said by the honerable Seneter so called. Steaven A. Douglas while addressing his constituents. Says he, "dont inquire whether this is republicism, or democracy, but it is the union, now sustain the Union" To all appearence it is now, sustain the Confederate states. Now sustain the federal states, it will soon be. Now this wont prove that I am a prophet when we see this come to pass. It wont prove anything less than this that I have guessed some things that are coming to pass. You will see them rise up state against State. Is this going to be so? It is. The South has risen up against the North which calls upon the north to defend themselves. Men will rise and contend against the South by and by, and it will be State against State. The South will be divided. Admitt the principle for one moment, that one state as the power, the right to secede from the union You admitt that for a moment and you admit that a city has a right to secede from a state, and that a county has a right. You admitt the full power of the principle to say that the whole government has a right to secede one part from the other, and by and by you will see man against man, and he that will not take up his sword against his neighbor, must needs flee to Zion. You will see this all come to pass. What would men in this kingdom do, suppose the united States was now in full fource and virtue as it was in 1812 when war was declared with Great Britian, You would find men in Buffalo, you would find men along down the lake in the eastern States, when vessels make their appearance from England --from the power of Great Britian, you would see a small boat run out to give them aid and comfort, taking them provisions, giveing information. "Theres a Man of war laid at such a place, so many men ashore at such a place, dont go in there." This little boat is catched up by an American officer What would they do with them? Tie a string round (4) their necks and hang them up to dry. What are you going to do to men that are traiters to the government that are sworn by all the sacred honer of man that they will be true, what do we think of such men. We are not talking about the Church of Jesus Christ of latterdaysaints, it is a kingdom that will issue forth laws to sustain every class of men, in the free exercise of their religion. I do not care if it is the Indoo, the Muselman, they want protection under this kingdom. The Kingdom of God they will find <out> it to have this right. Our government is said to be such an one, but do you recollect that the power of the Government is laid down for the sake of Mobbing the latterdaysaints, as it was rehersed in br. Taylers address on thursday. Our constitution and laws forbid this, our State laws forbid it, but then they can fold up the laws and lay them aside until they moble the latterdaysaints, and then they can unfold them again for their own government. The nature of things requires no eye of a prophecy to tell that that principle will increase until man rises up against his fellow man, like the old Jeradites did, who wasted each other away until there was none left. The Nephites wasted away each other, until there were only a few left, and the ignorant mountianeers lost all tast and desire of improvement, and have become what you see our natives now. They become so through their wickedness. The kingdom of God will sustain every Class of mankind there is upon the earth. Give to them the laws that is suitable for them. If they are not capable of being controled by A Celestial law give to them a Terestrial, and if they are not capable of being governed by a terestrial law give to them a Telestial, give to every people laws to suit them, and govern them accordingly, and make them as comfortable as they can be made in their capacity. But when we reflect upon the travels of this people, and their enemies, I do not want to talke about it. Br Kimball ventured to say a few words about it. and he went to the point I have been at for years. And when the president of the United States sent his <armies> Minions here, it was with all the power I could muster to keep from taking the sword, and not leaving a man of them to tell the tale. With all the power I could muster, I could hardly hold myself in subjection until the Lord Almighty should give the word, and he would have needed to hint it slightly, to have wispered it, and I would have wasted them away, and not left a greese spot Is it true. What br. Kimball said? He has not (5) began to tell it. There contemptable damnable meanness canot be told, you will see the somoke of their torment ascending up, and you can read in it their destiny and the feelings they have to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to every good there is on the earth. Gentlemen have whisky and Tobacco, Gentlemen get drunk and Gamble, fight duels, plunder the treasury, mob each other, decoy away the innocent, betray their neighbor and their freinds, Gentlemen seduce every woman they can get. These are the gentlemen of our country and not of our country only, but of Europe, of the civilized Nations of the present day. What do you think about civilization, or of the gentlemen of the world. I can tell you what I think the character of a gentleman ought to be. I do not care whether he beleives in the Lord Jesus Christ or not, or in the bible, I dont care if he is a follower of Tom Pain if he is a gentleman I could trust <him> my sister or daughter, or wife with him to go arround the world, and she will come back as pure as when she departed all of him. That is what I thik belongs to the Character of a gentlemen. Talk about a gentleman, perhapes I do not understand the term correctly. I do not as the world do I admit Talk about civilization, and the rights of man. When men intrude up the rights of each other dont talk about a man being civilized. You talk about barbarism, the talk about us have the traits of barbarism because we have more wives than one. Who said it was barbarism? Mama said it, my preist said it and that is enough, Mama and the preist. Have they any knowledge of the subject? If they have where did they get it? That school mast and preist told them, and their Mamma told them, and you can thus run it back and you will it A mass of nonsensical tradition. Was there <any> no civilized people on earth until monogamy was introduced. Where was the first of it? search the history of the nations, sacred, and profane, and you will find that when a band of robers, pirates that followed the seas up the Mediteranian, and settled on the peninsula called and they built a little town now called Rome, on an arm of the see where the mother of harlots sits. This is only my assertion as to that being the mother of harlots. When they had built a little town there they sent their Minions out to steal women, and they ran across the bay and stole a boat load of women And they passed a law among themselves that no man should have more than one wife because women were scarse. If you can show me one (6) partical of history were monogamy was accknowledged until that day among a set of theives and robbers, I will give it up. It cannot be done. It was first introduced by a band of pirates that settled Rome, and made their strong hold there, and that afterward became such a powerful nation. They introduced this law
and practice Why because they could not get as many women as there where men, and that is the first of it, and the only time they can refer to where "this good and wholesom and Christian law" was enforced upon the people. What a virteous set. One of the best men there is in all the American Army I will venture to say, among a thousand he cannot be exeled in varasity and truth, I speak of Vanvlete that was here. When I introduced him to my family it seemed as though his head touched the floor. "O president Young it seems very hard, that you have so many beautiful women, and I cannot have one of them," No sir you never would leave this city alive if you dared to infringe upon this family, but a dozen would drop before he would. But says he, "it is hard. I like the people I like there ways, but you know Governor Young we are not accustomed to such things. We live as it were in another element altogether. I beleive I will relate another little sercumstance. A young gentlemen, because he takes plenty of whisky and tobacco, Leiutenant Moury he came arround my family, got aquainted with certian females that belong to my family. I told him one day, says I, You dont know the ground you are walking up. You are infringing on the rights of my family. Not a bit Governor Young, I do not mistrust that I am. In the city of New York or in any other City, where we are in the habit of taking the wives and daughters of gentlemen, and riding out with them, and haveing our fullest pleasure with them to our uttmost." Says I you stop where you are, or I will cut your throat, you never will leave. I will kill you as God almighty lives, if you do not stop your present course right streight. He did stop because he was afraid, and said we are accustomed to live in high life, in society that is civilized. And God diliver me from such civilization I dont want it. I dont want any such gentlemanly character as this, I have not got it and never have taken a step towards it in my life, never no never. To see a man whose brains are crazy with liquor, and incapable of performing his duty is a pityable specticle. Nepoleon Bonipart made a remark once, when one of his aids came to him to recommend an officer for a perticular (7) situation he was urgent for him to occupy. He was a freind <of> Bonipart's inquired his character, he was recommended as an exelent man, first rate, and always attentive to duty, and allways on hand. And says Nepolian, "he never gets so but what he is capable of attending to his duty. "O yes sometimes he will drink a little, so as not to be capable at the moment of doing buisness as he should, he will want a little time to come to himself. Then said the emperor he is not capable of doing my business You can inform him if he is incapable of doing his own buisness at any time, he cannot do any for me. So a gentleman that will let that that will poison his system and shorten his days, through him into a position that he is not capable of attending to his duty and calling and call him a gentleman is preposterous, Excuse me from differing <with> from you, and from the accknowledged principles of the day. Adam's ale is the prettiest stuff to drink, and if you want anything very strong take a little good sower butter milk. I realy feel my weakness. The Sisters while I was South would pour out a strong cup of tea and coffee. "Br Brigham, have a good cup of tea and coffee this morning. I invariably told them that br Wells and me were weak headed, and wont you pour out three fourths of that and fill up the cup with water, but we have to gaurd against our weaknesses, and we do not pretend to be strong headed! like you, if we are strong minded, therefore give is a little coffee or tea weak. As to the liquor I would ask it all turned out of the cup, and filled up with water or buttermilk and then you may call upon meat any hour in the night or the day and I am ready for buisness all the time. If drinking liquor belongs to civilization I am so weak headed I beleive I could not drink a great deal of it. If I were to drink a quart of liquor a day it would injure me, I am not strong in my mental constitution I could bear a gallon a day, or half of it. If I was a governor or a president, or in any office, and should have person call upon an official buisness should I not be prepared just as well to attend to it in a perfectly sober state, as when two thirds drunk? Dont you think so, ladies, I have the sanction of the ladies and it must be so. As I told them south, I glory in their gritt, they are not to be beat for they have the last word (8) and I have learned them well enough to know that what I cannot get out of them by kissing and loving of them, I am off, for I cannot conquer them any other way. These boys arround here they have the Mothers blood in them, and they are always on hand let them let the liquor, the tea and coffee alone, and keep the fource of the stomach healthy and strong, When you strain the nervous system of the stomach by over eating it is injured by this. There is more hurt done by over eating and working than by useing tobacco. If you eat more than your stomach can bear, you will feel the labor in your stomach so excessive it prostrates you. Then never cat so as to call forth an extra exercise of the nervous portions of your stomach, and it will easily digest your food, and in health and strength. I try to govern myself, and to keep the word of wisdom as much in eating as in drinking. A man should be as capable of doing buisness at one hundred as a man at forty or fifty. It is the duty of men to preserve their natural lives, and make them useful, make much of it, do good and promote that that will promote your own life and that life which is to come. I preserve myself as well as I can, and callculate when I see four score, <not be> I will be as I am now, I callculate to live until I am over five score if I can. How long I shall live I do not know,but if the Lord Almighty will give me power to live until the devil is kicked from the earth and righteousness shall reign, I would not ask this body another Minite, then I am ready to sleep, and if it is necessary and and right and the Lord wishes it, I am as ready now, and let my body rest, I am as ready now as I expect to be if I live a thousand years. There is a br. by the name of dustan Amy, he was in our party last thursday, says he it makes me feel a little lonesome and gloomy when I enter into such a little room as this where they are dancing. I sent word to him, "If you are not as ready to die while engaged in the dance as well as while praying, go home and go to praying. If I am not as ready to die when dancing I do not live the life of a saint. What do you dance for, cannot you chop wood, hoe the garden and take exercise in that more profitable way. For twenty years past that employment has been taken out of my hands, by people who wanted my advice, my counsel. (9) I would say get out of my way and let me mind my work, but we will do the work if you will only talk to us, then work and I will go into the house until you get through, but we want you to talk to us while we are hoeing. So I dance to exercise my body, and God be praised I am as full of praise then as anywhere else. I am here to take the sacrament, and it is one of the ordenances of God's house, and when I go into the ball room I go to
take exercise to my body and rest to my mind, and God permitts it. and I am thankful for it. What ever you do do it to promote your natural life. You see a great many Elders and sisters work themselves to death, Are you a useful woman, be careful how you labor. A woman that is a splendid house keeper, her words alone are worth A mountian of Gold to learn the young women to keep house. You may enter many houses but you enter but few wherein you will find a house keeper. You will find perhapcs a woman playing on the peeana, and tho young ones in the dirt, breaking the crockery etc. They are thought to be ladies when they know to sing and waltz and to do a great many such things. But this would not answer for me. Let me have a wife that knows how to take care of the children, teach them not only their letters but the principles of economy, and to make the best possable use of that that is brought into their house. It is the duty of the woman to be prudent and economical before her husband and her neighbors such a woman as that is more precious than fine gold. I want now to tell a little story about bogus Brigham. I do not know who gave him that title. He is as far from aloy as any coin that is made. What I am going to tell is a scene that William Miller and I acted out. When the officers came after me, after Josephs death, I told them what would be the doom of the first man that said to me you are my prisoner. I swore by the Gods that I would him into eternity God being my helper. They gave fifty dollars to a man to point me out on the day I refer to. I heard there were officers there, and I was praying in my room it was in the sealing room. "Lord what shall I do? It came to me all at once, and I jumped up, and looked across a long hall, and I saw br. William Miller. Says I, come here, here is my hat and cloak put them on, It was br. Kimballs cloak but they were both alike, and (10) go down to the door, and the man at the carriage will say you br Brigham are you ready to ride. There is officers here to take me, and I shall kill the man that presumes to say I am his prisoner, and I do not want to make a row. And if they take you go along with them, and if they take you to Carthage go, and I will warrant you shall return unhurt. He went down and the man at the carriage said br. Brigham are you ready to ride. A man steped up, and said, thats him, there he is, The officer comes up, and say you are my prisoner. Says William I am going home to the Mansion, dont you want to ride down and they rode down there. There was lawyer Edmunds in the house, and he got the wink, before they got down, My children Joseph and Brigham saw the joke, and ran along with the carriage crying "O <dad> dad dad are you going away and wherever they went the boys catched the spirit of it, and there were scores arround the Mansion, crying "O br. Brigham are they go to take you to Carthage to kill you. Edmonds <the> gave the Sherif Backintoss the wink, Edmonds says I take charge of this person, and I will appear as his attorney. Edmonds and backintoss in William, and away they go to Carthage. They got there and put up at Willsons Tavern. Take Brigham in the upper room, and place a gaurd arround him. He was garded by twenty soldiers volunteers, by and by the supper was ready. President Young walked down to supper, two men gaurding him with pistels in their hands. In comes a man named Thatcher. And he was well aquainted with William Miller. They said to him, We have got Brigham Young at last. Mr Thatcher comes in, and looks round the table. "Mr Willson where is Brigham Young. "There he is pointing to William Miller. "Well says he, That is not Brigham Young. I have known William Miller for years. is it says Willson. He runs round and wispers in the sheriffs Ear, "You aint got Brigham <after all> at last. the Marshal roared to William Miller, "Why in hell did you not tell me your name." William says, What the hell is the reason you did not ask me my name. "Well as is your name not Brigham Young." " I guess not." What the devil is your name then" "My name is William Miller the world over, and I never was ashamed of it. They began to withdraw as the men did that brought the woman before Christ taken in adultery, and the poor Marshal (11) that was the end of his race, he died as dead as a door nail. If they ever mentioned William Miller, or Brigham Young, he would run home, and I expect he went and hung himself under <the> his Wifes apron for he was never seen afterwards, and perhapes went under the bed. William came home all safe and sound, and he got the name of Bogus Brigham, and that is the way he came by the name, there is not a bit of bogus about him. You have got the story. I dont know that I ever read of any thing richer than that. They have not got Brigham Yet. They spent a good deal of time. There was one man here they said I called him the baby judge. I did not call him that but somebody else did. He sat sixty days trying to dismember James Furguson from the bar. he sat all that time to get at some thread that would lead within the walls of my garden. But they could not get it. The governor would keep saying to them dam you you cannot find anything you are a set of damned fools, why dont you quit. As it appered the governor came in here and Got acquainted with me a little before the rest of them came in through the introduction of Colnel Cain. They put themselves to shame hunting for someething that they did not find, and tley made their shame fully manifest before the whole nation And they were going to issue a writ, determind to take Brigham. Says I Governor Commings, you stand at the head of the Malitia of this Territory, and he was ready to call upon the Militias. if I would have said the word, and put that army where they belong. No man could act better than he did according to his knowledge. I will say that for Alfred Commings Governor of Utah Territory. He had his weaknesses and was full of them, but as the Governor under the cercumstances he was placed in no man could have done better. You may carry that away to freind and foe it is all right. He understood always that if he did not do right, and step forward and defend the innocent, All I had to do was to crook my little finger. He knew a host could be marsheld in a night that would have swept them out of existance. Toe the line, and mark by the law, and do it right or I shall crook my little finger, and you know what will come then. Says he I am between the difficulties and you know I shall do my best, All right, I trust in God and his providences and all is right. And as br. Heber said, "Let them show the first thing wherein we have violated the law. Joseph was murdered (12) and what was that? That he had more than one life That was a curious treason. James Buchanan made war, on the only peasable <people> law abiding people he had in his old domain. That was treason did he make war on the mormons because of their treason, in the same capacity and light that Joseph Smith committed treason? Yes. The devil he did. Go to wheat lands, and there you will find full women bearing children to him, that never was married, he has not a wife to his name and the time will come that he will not have a man or woman on the face of the earth to lift up their voice in his behalf, he will be forgotten from the earth, and be as though he had never been, and his portion with be with the hypocrits and unbelievers. Bro Heber said that old Doc taylor has gone there. I raised a quarrel in 1851 with the judges because I depriciated the conduct of some of the officers, and especialy of the flaming judge that made that speach. Says he if I can once get the ears of the people, I am just as sure to be returned to Washington as deligate as I have that oppertunity. He referred to the ladies of Utah, "I came here for the Ostensible purpose" You understand, and he went on and said, "I trust I shall live here until I see a virteous set of ladies. If I did not hold on to the people, the women would have striped him into ribbons and shoe strings. If I had not held them by my faith. I took the liberty to speak. Here are men come here they are whisky and tobacco gentlemen, and there practice is to defile the bed of
every neighbor and prostitute every woman they can find. We are gentlemen of the high order. Well then let them be gentlemen, and I will be so as I please. I belong to the kingdom of God. Excuse me for this folly I know it is childish. I belong to the kingdom of God you catch me to be a treasoner, and you may bleed that vain, draw out that blood that will betray my king and country, Take such blood out of me I say. Let me be true to the power I have sworn to sustain. Does it infringe in the least upon any powers of earth? No. In all the revelations God has given it does not infringe in the least upon the laws of our land, and when he reveals to Joseph Smith it is the priviledge of a man to raise up posterity to the name of God, that a holy nation may rise and <rule> a royal preisthood a mighty kingdom may spring up before him, where is the constitutional laws against it? They are not to be found. It is just as wholsome a docterine (13) as any othe wholsome docterine promulgated by any Christians sect in this Government, and the constitution is bound to protect us. After we had been routed routed from New York State, from Ohio, been routed twice in Missouri, and from it, then at last the Great difficulty the enormous sin that was unpardenable by the President and goverment was a man had two or more wives to sleep with when he had a mind to, How is it with these officers Govenors presidents, kings of Europ? I Geuss the is some gentlemen here that know what I am talking about -- pretty well. I am aquaintcd with the world. I understand them pretty well I have studied the history of man, and have studied man for many years. But from my youth up, I have said hands off for a clean life, and it was beyond the power of those who wore their ruffles and frills to draw me from my integritty. This is what I teach to my boys, and the rising gener-ation, never to infringe upon the holy virtue of a female, until you own and possess that person, until she is rightfully yours by the santion of God and man, by the laws of the land, and by every sacred tie. It is more precious than fine Gold is the virtue of the people do not barder it away. do not infringe upon it. It is what I teach my children. I do not think I shall be troubled much in the circle of my family by ever hearing tell (I hope not at least) and pray not) that a son of Mine has betrayed the virtue of a female, I would rather see them go down to death. And then see our females act the fool, and our brethren. Are they traiters to the kingdom? Have they not sworn they would observe the laws of the Kingdom of God. Did they not enter into a sacred Covenant by being buried with Christ in baptism, that they would observe his laws and rules. If you do not beleive the book of Mormon, you can read it in the old and New Testaments. Then walk before the Lord and before one another, that in the end you can look the father in the face, and say father I am here and all thou hast
<given> committed into My charge. I have observed all thou hast given me, unless it may be a son of perdition, as it was with Jesus. Then secure to Yourselves eternal life. Yes what a glorious thought Here I am in possession of A body, of a mind, I can think, I have eyes to see, and I am gratified with the seeing of the eye, and the caring of the ear, and I am cheered and comforted. What a powerful and divine <thought> influence this is in me, It is filled <the> with the power of divinity. All my sensitive powers contemplate the vast creations of the Gods <14> Suppose we were elightened perfectly, and understood perfectly the great principles of eternity, we could look to those worlds, and behold the inhabitants of them, and know their laws and the powers by which they are sustaincd, and the earth we walk upon know its organisation understand it in its primitive order, understand the disign of it, were I may live for ever, and preserve my identity before my God. He is my father, Jesus is my brother, by and by I will return into his presence. What is the world and its magnificence and empty glory? It is but for a day. Mankind is like the grass that is cut down in the morning, and is soon withered away and thrown into the fire, and is gone forever We have the blessed priviledge of preserving our bodies, and our Mental powers to an immortaly, when death pain, affliction, and all that will cease forever, and there will be one eternal day, one eternal wakefullness. Yes, and go forth from conquoring to conquoring, worlds on worlds, and receive our bodies, become the saints of Glory, immortality and eternal lives. What a thought is this compared with the groveling nonsensical reflections <of this> and doings of the civilized world, Then go on from <variety to variety> victory to victory, preserve your Identity before God, and dwell with those beings that have the power of going from world to world, be crowned with the knowledge and power of the Gods, be crowned with crowns of Glory inmortality and eternal life. Let us act faithfuly upon the knowledge given us each for himself that we may prove ourselves worthy to be accepted of our father and God. May God grant it Amen.