1861 July 14 Sunday Morning Remarks


1861 July 14 Sunday Morning Remarks



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George D. Watt

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by President Brigham Young Bowery July 14th 1861.
Reported by G. D. Watt

I hope to be able to speak so the people can here. I do not think I have the consumtion on my lungs in the least, but it is hard work for me to talk. I talk a great deal and my preaching generally is to large congregations. And by lifting my voice above the natural tone it frequently happens pains my stomach; but I do not think I shall get the consumtion. If I can clear my throat so I can speak I will try to make you all hear.
You have heard the words of life this morning from br Kimball; it is good for both saint and sinner. We have the words of life for the people. We choose life, we delight in these principles. There are but two kingdoms in the eternities, or upon this earth or any other. There is life, and there is death, or the disolution and disolving, and seperating of matter which is called death. The power of God the kingdom of God, the wisdom of God, the plan by which he has formed worlds, brought forth the children of men, and all intellegence upon the earth, and upon all the earths he has formed. He has organized matter expressly to endure in a more intellegent position, and to possess more light and knowledge. We are endowed with the ability with the great gift of God to receive an increase. It is written in the bible that eternal life is the greatest gift that can be given to an intellegent being -- orgonized an intellgent being -- to whome is given that peculiar power to exist and dwell to all eternity. No other gift can equel this. What A blessed Gift it is, as I have frequently realized. Br Kimball refered to the gift of the sight of the eye, he said it was the spiritual eye that saw. All the eyes we have are spiritual. And there is an organization in my body that we might call a window through which the spirit looks and that is called natural. But all the power of sight that any person has, is by the gift of God, no matter whether you see it in the intellegence of man or beast it is the Gift of God. What a beautiful Gift, that we can behold with our eyes. How frequently our hearts are affected by the sight of the eye, sorrow pain, and anguish, love joy and happiness are produced in the feelings and affections by the sight of the eye. Every gift that we possess is as precious shall I say as pure gold, but there is no comparrison, it is more precious than fine gold. What a blessed and celestial endowment for a person (2) to possess, <alt> endowed with sensitive passions, although we see much evil produced by passion. But suppose those passions were righteously dirrectcd, is it not a beautiful gift --A lovely gift, that a person can feel within their powers and senses all they can imagine by beholding with their eyes. We may call it an attribute, the attribute of God that he has bestowed on his intelligent beings. We have the passion of love and hate, if we may call them passions, They are attributes we may say A person to have an atrribute to love that that is lovely. I love my existance. I delight in beholding with my eye, hearing with my ear. The Lord has given me ability to delight in taste. How delightful it is. When according to the attributes God has bestoed on me I require something to norish and cherish my system. How delightful it is to have my apitite satiated, How delightful it is to meet with my friends, and enjoy their society. How delighted I am to exchange ideas with them. My mind reaches forth and I disire knowledge, I go to my freinds that are in possession of this knowledge, I gain it from them. Is not this delightful if it could be realized as it is realy and in fact We might say of a truth it is from God. It is one of the attributes of God. How delightful it is for us to increase in knowledge, in wisdom, in understanding, how delightful it is to the child, when they acquire a taste for reading a little practice gives them the ability that they can pick up any book and read. Here perhapes is a history of our antipodes the child takes up the book and reads precisely the customes, habits, looks and all the varieties that is among the nations that are dirrectly oposite to us. He takes up a book and reads about his mother country. His father says I lived in Scotland, they tell me fine stories with regard to the country. O says the child, if I could only read and learn all about the habits and customs of the people from whence I have sprung, of the town city or country where my father and mother was brought. How delighted I would be. He soon gets the practice he requires, all the ability he can ask for, and is able to read anything that comes before him. How, delighted the little girl is when she can hem an hankercheif, make a dress, etc. If the knowledge that is in the people was realy dirrected according to wisdom, they would appreciate that endowment that the Lord has bestowcd upon them In all of our Gifts, in all our capacitics eternal life is before us, and we are capable of choosing We are capable of improveing upon,-- we are capable (3) of secureing to ourselves an eternal existance, of preserving our identity before each other. Here we are we may say in the delightful circle of a lovely family, the thoughts of parting with our husbands, and sisters, and parents is very grevious, the thought of one member of the family withdrawing from the family circle is very painful. God has given us that ability that we can sustain ourselves, and live together forever. How long But for a few years? Perhapes we look at things naturally, and one say we dwell together for a few years, the children are taken away, the parents have to part with them. By and by the father, or Mother or both become aged, and they sink to their rest, and they are gone, by and by another member of the family decays, and drops into the earth, and here we are seperated. This is very painful. When we behold the <inhabitants of the earth> the intellegence that we see ourselves and in others to supose that this is to die, and lie in the grave, and moulder through eternity what a thought. Persons that love life, that delight in being they would rather dwell this day with the damned than to be anihilated We have the power of securing to ours elves the ability to live forever. That which pertains to this earth will sleep with its Mother earth to be purified, to be prepared for a glorious resurrection. This body in its present condition cannot dwell in the heavens in its present condition. It is formed from the rough material that encompasses the earth. It cannot dwell in the presence of God who sits in the Midst of eternal burnings. If the body is prepared to dwell with the Gods it must go to mother earth and there remain to be purified and prepared to come forth in the Morning of the first resurrection We could not dwell in the presence of the
father and the son, nor endure the presence of Angels that dwell in Glory. If an angel of God was to appear here in the same glory and element he lives in in the presence of God -- of the father and the son it would consume this congregation. When angels make their appearence, they become like a man as they did Anciently. You and I may have seen them. scorers of times, and not known them from a common traveler. They are capable of taking upon themselves the rude apperance of a common traveler, converse with the people, and tarry with them, instruct them, teach them, and they are gone. Let an angel come to us in the capacity in which he lives in the presence of God you and I could not bear the sight. We have this priviledge of prepareing ourselves in the spirit and in the body to dwell with the Angels that dwell in glory. A man emagrate we will supose
to Callifornia, as some have gone there, and he writes back (4) to his father, and induces him to dispose of his substance, and he picks up his family, and joines the son and the children join their brother in Callifornia. How long are you going to live there? Supose we have the priviledge of going to the Golden State, and there we were free from every impediment, and from every encumberance that is entailed upon human nature here, bid pain and Sorrow a good by and walk the golden streets of Callifornia, and live forever, do you not think we would sell out in the eastern States and go there. I think we would. Callifornia would have to be lengthened --would have to spread abroad, and lengthen the cords of Callifornia. If this could be the case, we would have the priviledge of Secureing to ourselves a country that is out of sight, to whome, to
those who have no eyes to see it. The very country we are preparing for we are now inhabiting. This is a strange idea. Instead of the people preparing themselves to dwell in the presence of the father and the son, going to another climate to do it to another plannet, to another world, to dwell upon another earth; by and by this earth will be purified, will be baptised with fire as it was with water and it will be purified and cleansed from all sin, it will be baptised by the power of God, and be prepared for the habitation of the saints, and those that live their religion, those who choose the words of eternal life will have the priviledge of living upon this earth when it is prepared to be taken back into the presence of the father and the son. At the time of the fall when man transgressed the earth fell, where from? from the presence of the father and the son. How far did it go? That is unbeknown to me, but millions and millions of miles. The earth was taken from the place where it was first formed and organized, and will again be taken back into the presence of the father and the son, and will be become like a sea of glass as John saw it in Vision, and the saints will dwell upon it. I am in for a speculation. When I am accused of being a speculater, I have owned the fact. I beleive the speculation we are in is the greatet that any people on the earth ever entered in. I am for the pile, I am for the whole of it. I want the kingdom of God and all that pertains to it in time and in Eternity. It is the Greatest speculation any man or set of men can be in. It secures to them wealth, riches, it secures to them life, pleasures, it secures to them eternal intellegence. We can increase, grow and increase, and extend, and spread abroad in our (5) capacity, like a child learning its letters, or the little boy that is learning his machinisam, or like the scholar that is advancing in his letters to be a scholar indeed, a philosopher. Br. Kimball has been telling us how to secure to ourselves eternal life, righteousness and glory. Will we obtain it on this earth? I will tell you what we can obtain, and it is the greatest consolation that any people on earth ever was in possession of. It is what we see in the bible learn to do the will of God, that we may enjoy his spirit, and obey the commandments of the Lord, that we may have a right to the blessings his has promised. What has he promised? The Same that has been told us, even the comforter. that spirit and power, that will make man and women contented. It is no difference whether we possess all the gold upon this contenant-- or not-- if we had all that has been taken from the bowels of the earth west of us. If we had all that Solomon sent for from Gofer to Jerusalem, and all that is in Indies, and all that is in the land of Goffer, and all the treasures of Egypt What good would all this wealth do us? None at all. What will preserve us in the kingdom of God, nothing short of the spirit of the holy Gospel within us. Then we are happy and contented as we were when we came into these rugged Mountains forteen years ago the twenty fourth of this mounth, naked and barefooted. Was there a white man here? No. Was there a building? No. Any of the comforts of life here for us to meet? Not in the least. There was wolves and indians, crickets and deserts. These we had to encounter. .We went to work and planted a garden. We were not clothed enough to keep out the sun, we looked almost like the Lamanites some of us. Had we A bowery to go under to worship God? Yes if we made it -- After we got the brush and made a bowery we had it, and in the same way we got the comforts of life after we produced them. Had we freinds here to bring us potatoes, squashes, Mellons, Squashes, Apples &c. and offer to us, or offer us a sack of flower, and bring us a few pies to the camp ground? No. Dont you think we was very miserable? No we were happy. I see a good many pioneers here to day, that were just as happy a set of men as ever lived. And I will tell you one scourse of happiness and consolation to me God had dictated. our steps to travel to a country where we are far from all Christians As br. Woodruff said when he was preaching in Coneticut. His old Aunt, an old presbeterian mourned over him. "O my dear Willford you are going away far into the wilderness. What will become of you? Dont you feel that you are going to be seperated from all the Christians"? Says he "Why Aunt, that is what I have been praying for for years. If I can only be free from the Christians. I think I can get a living there and live in peace." We were happy that we were free from the Christians. We was happy because we enjoyed the spirit of our religion We was not happy -- it did not create any perticular happiness within us, that they killed Joseph the prophet and Hiram the patriarch, and here sits Elder Tayler into whome they shot four balls -- they shot him all to peices, and Willard Richards dragged him arround into one of the sells to save him from being entirely used up. I recollect a promice Joseph gave to Willard at a certian time, when he clothed him with a preistly Garment. Said he "Willard, never go without this garment on your body, for you will stand where the balls will fly around you like hail, and men will fall dead by your side, and if you will never part with this garment, there never shall a ball injure you." I heard him say this (voice in the stand "so did I") It is true. When the mobbe shot Joseph, Willard was there, and br Taylor was in the room I have nothing to say about the rest, You know about it. Willard obeyed the words of the prophet, he said. "I will die before I part with this garment. The balls flew arround him, riddled his cloths, and shaved a passage through one of his whiskers. We do not rejoice at this when we first arrived here. But we rejoiced that we were free from the preists who led that mob. Men that stood in the pulpit did it. men that said they preached the words of life, they led on the mobbe painted like indians, and dressed like them; preists deacons and members of different churches persecuted us in Missouri. Excuse me Saint and sinner I would be one of the gladest men in the word if I was perfectly free from Christians Let me take the world as it is without Christianity, with the intellegence they would naturally have, and let them know they have natural sense, and let them be with out superficial knowledge, take them in their natural senses, take them as we would take the heathen, and preach to them the gospel of life and salvation, they would beleive, but the preists of the day bind the people in chains and fetters, and the peists and the people (7) going the downward road. The preists divine for money and preach for hire, and they teach faulshood to the people, and the people say Amen to it, so let it be. That is the reason why they will be distroyed. Bro. Kimball says all will be damned that beleive not the Gospel, they are damned already, the whole of the nations of the earth. I wonder what you think this little earth is we occupy. Is it heaven, does Christ, does God dwell here? We understand the Lord Jesus and the Angels dwells in the heavens. Do they dwell here? Are you aquainted with them? Have you conversed with them? No, you can readily answer. Who is here, evil is here, evil propensities, evil persons, evil influences, evil machinations of the power of the power of the damned are here. What is this earth? It is hell enough for me. I do not want any more than there is here, and if we aint banished from the presence of God I am very much mistaken And when a people or a goverment, or a nation or a world is banished from the presence of God, we consider it damned, and I think the Lord does too. We can say we are here, and we have the power to secure to ourselves eternal life, and that priviledge is granted unto us. Jesus has been here upon this earth, he came in the form of a servant as any other child he was born upon the earth of a woman, was brought up and educated -- taught by his father and Mother, and brothers and Sisters. He preachcd the gospel, was the heir of the family, and suffered and died to redeem the world and pay the original debt that was contracted in the garden of Eden. After he had done this he went home. Has he been here lately? Excuse me I can say as the boy said, "Not as I know on". I do not think the people know much about him. I do not think they have seen him? I do not think he has walked and conversed, and talked and preached and instructed the people for many years. He was here in the capacity of a servant, and redeemed the world. And now who is there that will not be brought to enjoy a kingdom and be resurrected? Yes they that sin against the holy Ghost, All will be damned. We are damned already to a certian sense --to a certian digree --but not beyond the reach of mercy. not beyond the pails of redemtion, but we are far from God, we do not live where we can behold him, We are in a world of misery, in a world of sorrow, <where> pain death, sin, darkness, and every abomination that any human can imagine up or perpetrate (8) But we have now the priviledge of secureing to ourselves by obedience, life everlasting, and prepare ourselves to return into the presence of our father and God. Who will be deprived of this priviledge? Who will be deprived of the priviledge of receiving their bodies again, of being resurrected? Those who have sinned against the holy Ghost. You turn to the new testament and learn the words of jesus by his apostles. Of all whome thou hast given me I have lost none save the son of perdition. Who is going away into everlasting punishment? They that reject the gospel that sin against the spirit of truth, light and intellegence. Who can sin against this light? Those that have eternal life <offered> given to them, and they turn away from the holy conmandments of the Lord, and crusify to themselves afresh the son of God, shed innocent blood or consent thereto. The Lord will save all the rest, and they will come into the kingdoms that is prepared for them. Jesus said to his diciples, I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am there ye may be also. Is there any other place? Yes mirads of them any other kingdoms? Yes multitudes of them, of different degrees of life, of light, of intellegence, and all may enjoy to a certian digree unless they reject the Gospel when they have the priviledge of receiving it. It is not as well for them, they had better never receive the Gospel than to reject it. All the inhabitants of the earth, if they could have died without hearing the gospel of salvation in this generation, they would be in the same position as the generation passed. Life is for them, life is held in reserve for them -- for all the nations of the earth, for the heathen, and for all nations that God has created and brought forth upon the earth, they will only be condemned according to the use they have made of the knowledge and intellegence God has bestowed on them; all the rest of the inhabitants of the earth, will be brought forth to enjoy a ressurrection. A kingdom, light and intellegence. Then let me say dont worry about your fathers and mothers. I know there is some here among the brethren, who say, "what will become of my father, and my mother, what will become of my good brother that I knew in our childhood -- in our youth -- what will become of these faithful good people, for they were as good as any people that ever lived, and they lived praying honest lives, serving God according to the best of their knowledge, they lived and died full in the faith of the resurection of the just; still what will become of them, for none can be saved only these latter day saints (9) Dont worry about them there is not a <faithful man> person that has lived a faithful Catholic, a good protestant, or lived morally without a profession, according to the best light and intelligence they have received they will be justified accordingly, and it has never entered into their hearts while they were in the flesh, the glory that God will bestow on them hereafter We do not mean to go down into the bottom of the bottomless pit when we say people will be damned. What is it to be damned? It is to be shut out from the presence of God -- not to have the priviledge of dwelling where the father and the son dwells, but go away into another kingdom--where you cannot behold the face of God and converse with him. Who can you see there? Angels. All the kingdoms that are inferior to the Celestial Kingdom will be administered to by Angels, and the joy and confort that will be administered to them never entered into the heart of man to conceive. We feel better in this beleif that we do to beleive they are all going to be punished to all eternity without any sessation of hopcs of diliverance. I say this for the consolation of you saints, and every person. Now when life everlasting is handed to the people, and they reject it, then is the time that condemnation comes upon them; for men have chosen darkness rather than light. etc. When Paul felt the effects of sin --when sin revived in him after the light came he died. Paul was a good man and suffered many afflictions. He died pretty well from the world, but he did not know he was a sinner before light came. It is time to close our Meeting. Now go back to the very starting point, and every son and daughter of Adam that lives on this earth, that has the privilege of receiving the gospel, they have the priviledge of receiving the comforter the holy Ghost, and if they receive this, and norish and cherish that spirit, the Lord will be with them, and they will be satisfied even if they are driven into the mountains. They are happy if they are naked, they are happy if they have much, and if they have little they are happy. If they are alone they are happy, and if there is many arround them they are happy, and they are happy be where they will. The comforter is with them, and there joy is full, and they read their tittle clear to mansions <to> in the skye, as the poet says. May the Lord bless you that disire to do right. It is with difficulty I can speak at all. I have made out to talke a little. I do not know whether you understand me or not. Live so as to keep the good spirit of the Lord within You. Let evil go, let malice go, let wrath go, let coveteousness go, and every hateful spirit and disposition. Bid fair well to all evil, and live your religion, walk humbly before your God, and enjoy the spirit of of truth, and we will rejoice together, and we will yet overcome, and be prepared to sit down with the father and the son if we are faithful. May the Lord grant it. Amen.