1861 July 14 Sunday Afternoon Remarks


1861 July 14 Sunday Afternoon Remarks



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George D. Watt

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BY President Brigham Young Bowery July 14th 1861
Reported by G. D. Watt.

I take the liberty of preaching to the people wishing to do so for the benifit of the saints. If we could but understand the econemy of heaven in our organization and in the dealings of God with his people. If we had eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to understand facts as they are all mankind would seek for eternal life. In the econemy of heaven every person that is experienced, as the saints very well know, that life ternal life is not atained, by every fancy, and fanatacism conjered up by men. There are certain principles that pertain to life everlasting, those principles will, and those alone, abide the day that is to come, abide the scrutiny of Jehovah, abide the presence of him who dwells in eternal burnings. Those principles are as pure as pure can be. That that is impure tends to the disolving or seperating of the particals of <Mother> Matter that are orgonized. I frequently contemplate the saying of brother Joseph, when he said the twelve Apostles did not understand the first principles of the gospel. I should be most happy if I understood the first principles of the gospel, the first principles of life perfectly for myself, then I would delight in possessing language that I could convey the same to others, To see these human faces before me, these intellegent beings; we may traverse the earth arround and behold the intellegence of mankind, behold that eternal, variety in this intellegence, sercumscribe it pholosophise upon it, have ability realy to understand its origine. Ask intellegent beings where is your origine? Can you paint it before us that we can see it. Can you tell it to us? It is in obscurity it is beyond the comprehension of the people, and eternaly would remain so if God did not reveal it. Look at the people before me this day. behold the millions of human faces that many of you perhapes have seen, who can tell their origine? Can the philosopher? A great many have tried, but they all sink into the conclusion that man is a mystery to himself and is past finding out. These intellegcnt boings that I now see, that that I behold as we say with the natural eye, br Ki'nball would call it the natural eye the eye of the spirit, very well, the eye that God has given to me, and, and the power of sight, that that, I see with these eyes, of mine. How long is it since they were in cahos all that pertains to man, independant of the intellegence that dwells within his body independent of that spirit of life, light and intellegence. I see the faces of these my brethren and sisters. How long is it since you and I were mingled with the native element, that now fills the atmosphere, the sea the <air> earth. The Apostle says we are of the earth earthy. The human orgonization tends to the earth, bends to it inclines to it, clings to it, and the decree is dust thou art, and unto dust thou shall return, to hear these very intellegent being that could rise <hear> and speak, were we in social conversation the intellegence that would be imparted by the organs of speach that we behold with our eyes but a few days since was swiming in native element, God has orgonized this, he has his own way, and that way is not changed. All beings are here upon the same principle, all that ever was and all that ever will be are upon the same principle. Here we are. If we could understand the first principles of our organization, and see the Multitudes, the vast I may say boundless space, to see the particals of matter orgonized by the decree and the love of Jehovah and the machine that he has set in order, giveing it its bounds. This matter is constantly orgonizing generations come, and they pass away.
You see the mountians of solid rock, they have their time for orgonizing, and they have their time for decay. You see one generation come and go, and another take their place; and we see the vast creations comeing into existance, and when we call for our fathers and our mothers, our progenitors --where is the nation that has lived a hundred years ago? They are in eternity, and their bodies are in the dust. Where is that intellegence they possessed it is gone. Where? Into the invisible world. Where are the generations that preceded them? They are gone. From they days of Adam until now all flesh till the ones that now live are mouldering in the dust There is a disign in all this. This organization
that you see in yourselves and in one another, orgonized expressly to continue, to endure, to develope the powers of the Almighty, the glory the excellency of our father and our God. Where are those people the nations of the earth that have sunk like babalon? They are no more upon the earth. We look upon the inhabitants of the earth, and we inquire, can you tell me ye wise men, ye skilful, ye philosophers and divines, that study perhapes three score years to find out what man is made of for. Can you tell me what you are sent here for on this earth? Do you understand your orgine, Do you know the disign of your being why you are here. "I am here and that is all I (3) can tell about know or understand? Why not understand your origine? It is beyond the conception of man, beyond the powers of all the divines on the earth in our day. It is past finding out. You may go to our Mother Church, and then you may, and then you may follow down through all the days of the reformation until this day, and until the Prophet Joseph arose, they was as dark as midnight darkness. Not a man upon the earth that was capable that was capable of deliniating the character of himself was capable of tell his origin. Now if we did but understand things as they are, the first principles of life is to orgonize this course material. We see it orgonized into intelligent man, that is capable of receiving little upon little, here a little and there a little, line upon line, line upon line. He reads one verse in the bible and comnits it to memory, it does not deprive him of the priviledge of committing another verse and chapter after chapter and book after book. It does not deprive him of committing to memory the history of the nations, and he treasures up in the store house God has orgonized within him, he treasures up wisdom knowledge upon knowledge. Here is the intellegence we see, then we see the inferior, and from it we trace the highest digrees of intellegence we behold in man, and follow it down to the brute, and from the brute
to the vegetable, and it is impossable for the philosopher to distinguish, and draw the line between them. You see that eternal variety God has orgonized it. There is no philosopher or divine but what will tell you, "I did not orgonize myself, I did not possess power to produce myself. I am here, and it was a superior power by which I am, and all the human family. It is a superior power to man, that we are here upon the earth. The trees that grow the leaves that shoot forth, the flowers the grass that comes from the earth, it is all beyond the power and capacity of man to produce. We are here, we see we are here, we know we are here. How came we here. Did we come by chance? You know some of our philosophers that have lived previous to our day, and some that are now living that deny the existance of a supreme being, and will, I declare I will confess they are more consistant than many that pretend to beleive in a supreme being. Old Adam of Boston that was thrust into prison for being an infidel wrote an essay and sent it forth to the people. He said he was so far from beleiving in A God that he beleived all were Gods, and saw that supreme divinity in everything he saw. He beleived all was God. and yet he was imprisoned by the Christians He did not beleive in one character. The christians say we beleive in God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost, and these three are one God. What (4) next? Have they a body? Not at all. Have they any parts, a hand, an arm that they can streatch forth? Not at all, an eye that they can see out of? We will reduce them to one person. Then has this being got feet, limbs? No. Stomach, ears, any senses about him? No. He is without body, parts and passions, and of course he is without principle or power. That is the God that the infidel Adam Neil wasthrust into prison for not beleiving in. He was more consistant than the Christians. He beleived in that supreme divinity that fills immensity, that was in all intellegent beings in the brute, in the vegetables, that is all over, and round about. So far from beleiving there was no God, he beleived in many Gods. I say he was more consistant than the Christians. But from the days of the Apostacy of the Church, who has been able to tell the origin of mankind, to know the relationship that exists between the divine and the natural, to converse with God and angels and bring the, and bring the knowledge of the Gods to mans capacity, and teach them how to converse together, and chat together until the eyes of man was opened to see as they are seen? Nobody has been able to do this until Joseph Smith Arose. I was not very religious myself in my youthful days in my outward profession, though I had all that reverence in my heart that any man should have, yet I was called an infidel, I heard no man that could deleniate, exhibit, paint before the people the least idea of the orign of man, or the orgine of the <earth> his being upon the earth. I heard the great and the good. I searched, endeavored to learn for myself where the wisdom of God was if it ever was on the earth. I found it not. One of the greatest speakers that American ever aforded I heard him speak upon the soul of man. When he had exhausted over three hours in trying to tell his audience, what the soul of man is; he labored like a baloon under the presure of confined gass that goes up, up, up, and is drifted hither
and thither by every currant of air until the gass is exhausted when it suddenly drops to the ground by its own weight, his <came> discourse suddenly came to an end, when our freind the expounder of the mysteries of the kingdom of God, after exhausting all his ability and strength, all his mental and physical power to tell what the soul of man is, he concluded with these profound remarks, "Brethren, it is beyond the capacity of any human being to understand this great mystery but I come to the conclusion that the soul of man is an immiterial substance." Did ever any such thing exist. That term caries with it a flat contradiction. (5) But this is the knowledge of the world. When they have exhausted all their philosophy, they know nothing of these matters. Do we know? Yes we do, and in this consists our comfort and consolation. As pertaining to our bodies they are orgonized from the course material, from the rude element, that <thro> We live in, <the air> we breath it, eat it, drink it, it is all arround us, in us, and through every thing. The materials that orgonize this world is the same of which our bodies are orgonized. Br Kimball told us this morning, Jesus was begotten of the father, born of the virgin Mary, and he possessed a body like you and I. A great many have talked about it, Divines have exhausted all the powers of their minds upon it in the days of the reformation. You can read their writings, and no doubt you have read them, and what do they know about it? Nothing at all. Ask the divinity of this age, how Jesus came uponh this earth and can they tell? no. They tell you a thousand things, and they are all wrong. Jesus Christ came here, because his father came here, and he was begotten of the father, and he was born of the virgin Mary as my mother bore me, and as my father
begot me and as you begot your children. What is it possable that the father of light, the father of our spirits could reduce himself, and come forth like a man? Yes. He was once a man like you and I are, and was once on an earth like this, past through the ordeals you and I pass through. He had his father and his mother, and he has been exalted through his faithfulness, and he has become Lord of all, he is the god pertaing to this earth. He is our father, he begat our spirits in the spirit world, they have come forth, and our earthly parents have orgonized tabernacles for them our spirits and here we are to day. That is the way we came Do the divines of Christiandom know anything about it? Can all the philosophers of the Nineteenth Centry detail one point intellegably Concerning this? They can not. And it they should happen to make a true point, by the aid of the truth they already possess <the> it appears so wonderful to them they are at a loss to know whether it is true or not. All this pertains to the first principles of the gospel. You must get the people where you can save them, before you can save them. You want to find out what the people are here for. How did you come here, And if we are here and it is a fact that we are liveing, what are we living for. If we can find out how we came to live, the next step is to find out what we came for. We are liveing to live, we endure to endure, exist to an eternal existance, live to live forevermore, and never die. One path leads to to life, to continue this organization, the (6) the other to disolving this matter -- seperating the particals one from the other until they return to their native element and that is called death. Is there any such principle as anihilation? No. There is no such principle in heaven or on earth, or under the earth. There is an eternity of matter before us. there ever was, and there ever will be. There is no bounds to it. Does the scriptures teach the doctrine I am now teaching you? It is taught in the old and new testament. Perhapes not precisely as I am wording it, but I can read the fact. The human family is here, and we came here upon natural principles upon the natural principles that God has placed in the people. The foolishness of men, and through their traditions they have taken away the truth and introduced something else, and the people do not know whether they have knowledge or <anything else> not, they do not know by what power they exist, whether they are made human beings, or heavenly divine beings, or belong to the brute creation. We have something to say about our Christian brethren, and we sometimes talk as I did this morning. I am thankful that I am so far from the Christians. What do I mean by the word Christian? That we must be like Christ - Christ like. That is what we understand by Christian -- A man that is filled with the power of God, that knows
and understands the revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ, and observes the
comandments of the father --one that bows humbly to <the> his requirements, and delights himself in them, that is the Christian. We call the present sectarian order of Christians Christians, but they do not know what it means. Have we scripture for this? Yes. It can be read in the bible. Here we are intellegent beings, and we are called to be christians; we are calling upon the huma family to be Christians. We have traveled the world arround, to call upon the people to be Christians. Do they hearken to the words of wisdom, Some do once in a while. But they are one here and one there, they are like the gathering of grapes after the vintage is done, they are one of a City and two of a family, one here and another there from the vast multitudes of the earth. Once in a while one embraces the truth, and they practice it in their lives, and they are trying to be Christians, or Christ like. Compare the wisdome of the world, and do they know anything about their origin, the errand for which they were sent here into this world. No they do not They are here <and> A world of intellegent beings, made to endure forever, every iota of the creations of God pertaining to mankind, the brute creation, the vegatable creation and everything else God has orgonized pertainig to this world is made expressly to endure forevor (7) and ever. The Gospel of the son of God is to purify this matter. There is certian ordeals for it to passed through. The gospel is a set of laws and ordenances. In the beginning when the earth was cursed the water was not cursed. The water was held sacred, and is to this day except through the wickedness of the children of men. You get into the bowels of the earth, where the water is not contaminated by the wickedness of the people that lives on the serface, and you find the pure water. That water will wash your body clean. Then we will use it as an emblam of purity as we now use the sacrament to commemorate the death and suffering of the saviour. As the water purifies the body externally the obedience of the commandments of God the spirit is made pure, and they go forth as Jesus did, he was baptised to fill righteousness. It was required of him to do so. He did it to set the patteren for his brethren, to mark out the steps they should take. When John objected <he> Jesus said suffer it so to be now. John said he needed to be baptised of him. I understand that said the saviour, but suffer it to be so now. It is necessary for you and I to go and be baptized because the Lord commanded it. If the water purifies the body externally, so does the commandments of the Lord, and the words of eternal life purify the spirit of man. No man can be made pure without obeying the ordenances of the Gospel. As I said this morning it is not all that are going to be cast into hell to dwell eternally with the devils. There are only a few who will go into everlasting pain, and they are they that reject the Gospel. Who will be saved in the Celestial Kingdom of God? Them that have the orocals of truth and obey them. Where will the rest go, into kingdoms that God has and will prepare for them, and there are millions of such kingdoms, there is as many digrees of glory as there are digrees of capacity, and to them will be meted out according to their faith and goodness,and the truth that abides in them, and according to the light God has imparted to them. Those nations <that> have lived and died <Christians> millions and millions of them and have had no knowledge of the son of God will they be condemned and cast into hell? no. But they will be judged without law. They that have had the old and new testament,
will they be cast into that place they say has no bottom to it? No all they that have according to the best light they have will have all the glory they anticipate. Who will go into the presence of the father and the son those who have had the preisthood on the earth, those who have enjoyed the oracles of <God> divine truth -- possessed the keys and power of this preisthood, that God has revealed in this our (8) day. those that live to that can prepare themselves to dwell with the father and the son. Can anybody else? Let us pause and ask this question can there any other person come into the presence of the father and the son? It would take a year to tell all that is in the gospel, and then we stop and say we only just conmenced. Yes Millions live on the earth that will come up in the morning of the first resurrection. What are these people trying to do? They are trying to learn the positions they occupy, and the relationship in which they stand to God and to one another. We are trying to build up Zion, first in the heart, then in our houses, and in our neighborhoods, and by and by we expect to return to the place where God built the garden of Eden. Do you know where that is? It is in Jackson County Missouri. Now dont any of you run crazy about it and be scared, and do not jump up so high in the air that you will fall down and hurt yourself. Be careful, be modest, mild, sincere with yourselves, and let the Lord have his own,
and come to the conclusion, that if he build it there it is none of my buisness. Can any of the divines of the day tell where it will stand? No. Where will it stand? In Jackson County, Missouri North America. Here the people are trying to build up Zion in their hearts, in their houses, and in their neighborhoods. Are we saints Yet? We are trying to be, and when we are instructed enough, and have purified ourselves enough, we will return to that place where the Lord commenced his work, and where he will finish it. We will build up Zion, and holy temples unto the Lord, and we will enter therein, and be baptized for our forefathers and mothers they that were good, that loved truth, that lived according to the best light they had -- they that would have rcceived the Gospel if they had the opportunity. We will attend to all the ordenances of the Gospel for them -- for the men and women that have lived in the flesh and died without the benifits arising from the Gospel and a liveing preisthood. Thousand and millions of these will come up in the first resurection by thousands and millions. This may appear strange to talke to the people, but it is true. We will go and build up temples. We started a temple here, <and we> shall finish it? I dont know, whether we shall or not before we go back to Jackson County, but it will be finished by and by, and we will enter into this temple, and receive the ordenances for the just. How will we find out who to administer for? By revelation. Jesus will visite his diciples, and inform them that such a man lies so and so, go through with the ordenances for him (9) and prepare him for the resurrection. And then here comes the Apostles Peter, James, John, Joseph, Hirham, as somebody that has this power, who will lay on hands on <to> these men, and give them power to resurrect this man and that man, and they will go all over the world resurrecting the people. These are some of the first principles of the Gospel. Do the twelve apostles understand them all? I do not, and I am one of the twelve. I have an eternity before me in which to learn. I have learned a great deal already. All that can be saved in the Celestial kingdom will be saved there, and all that can be saved in the terestrial kingdom will be saved there, and also in the telestial kingdom; and there are other kingdoms, multitudes of them, to meet the capacity of the people that we are in the habit of seeing and conversing with every day. Will the Lord distroy this earth? No he is going to baptize it with fire and with the Holy Ghost to prepare it to come into his presence again. Will he distroy the animal creation? No. They are made by him, and they have abided their creation, and everything he has created has abided their creation except man, the Lord of the soil of all the earth, to come the Almighty committed the earth and the fulness thereof to adam and his posterity to be kings of the earth, but they have forfeited their right and title, and they are the only ones that have transgressed. The brute creation has kept the law by which they were made, the vegetable kingdoms, the Animal kingdom, has kept the law by which they were made, and the earth has kept the law by which it was made, and it has honored God, and will be baptized and brought forth in the resurrection. All this is among the first principles of the Gospel. We find out what we are, and what we are here for, and how we are here to live forever. This is the object and disign of the creater. Those intellegent eyes I now see, sparkle with eternal life, they are made to exist forever. The human family are endowed with the most precious attributes Cod could bestow on any being in the world They are endowed with attributes like unto himself to improve upon, to improve upon every fine feeling, upon every right and judgement, and upon every mement of time, to improve all to the glory of God, to prepare to dwell with him in his presence. Do you suppose that we have a father, we know we have an earthly father that is, the father of our tabernacles, but not the father of your spirit and mine. My earthly father is not the father of my spirit. The father of our spirits dwell in the heavens the one that begot my spirit and yours. He set the machine to work, and orgonized this course material of which the earth is orgonized, and brought together. The human body is organized of the same kind of material. If you do honor to that body, and let the spirit that comes from God rule it, and bring every passion and feeling into subjection to the law of Christ, until your spirit has purified the body, and it shall sleep in the dust, and wake up in the morning of the first resurrection and be brought forth to newness of life and be crowned Gods even the sons of God. The first principles of the gospel are here, and it is enough for you and I to understand that we are Saints of latter day. You know how I scold at you sometimes. I have thought a number of times of a little bit of an expression my son Joseph made. He said it is one of the greatest evedences
that can be produced to the mind of man that there is a supreme being, that he lives, brought forth the earth and the inhabitants upon the earths and it is positive proof that he must possess the power, the wisdow and the knowledge or he never could have preserved so beg a set of fools as there is on this earth as long as he has. There is so little wisdom in the midst of the people, there is so little knowledge exhibited pertaining to the eternal existence of man, It proves there must an Almighty being to preserve the earth and the children of men upon the earth, or they would have distroyed themselves long ago, and burnt up the earth, if they could have found fuel enough. Look at the wisdom, of the nations, they are leaving the first principles of the Gospel, and going on to perfection. They are going to be purified by fire, and by the sword. Brother will rise against brother. Where is that filial feeling that belongs to the human heart, that kindness that belongs to the hearts of parents towards their, and children to parents. All affection appears to be gone, and it is father against son, br against br, and families divided one against another. If you read the book of Mormon, you will find there has been A people on this land that have done the same, as the people now will do. The Nephites and Lamanites destroyed each other, and the was only just a seed left that we discover, in the mountians and the plains. They fought day after day with their axes and spears, They were not afraid of death, as our freinds are in the east, they had not rifle cannon that would shoot miles. They would fight with their weapons day after day, and lay on them at night The Jeradites left only one man, and he died before the Nephites came here he. The records were found and translated. There has been people here before have we any proof of it? Read the antiquities of our own country the (11) writings of and Steavens. Look through these mountians, and see the old Castles in our own territory that have been here thousands and thousands of years. Who can dicifer the hieroglifics that are found upon the rocks here, and there is a great many of them in the Provo valley. I do not know but we can find acres of hieragliphics engraven upon the rocks and have been for thousands of years. Who can tell what they mean, and who wrote them? Our divines cannot do it. We see the inhabitants of the earth, and they rise up in anger and passion against each other, this is foolishness, it is weakness. Passion should be subdued, it belongs to man, it belongs to God, love belongs to man as well as to the Gods, hatered belongs to the Gods as well as to man. The Gods love and hate. They are attributes we see the attributes that tends to evil as well as to good. The evil has got to be subdued -to be conquored -- the whole man must be subdued and brought under the influence of the law of Christ, and prepare ourselves to become like the Saviour in our disposition. Then we are prepared to enjoy eternal life. Is it our duty? Yes, It is our indispensable duty to subdue every passion that tends to evil. If you submit to evil it leads to passion; it leads to pain. As I frequently have to tell the brethren, when there is difficulties between br and br, why dont you conquor that man by love, and kind words until you make him ashamed of himself. But if you box his ears he will bite your nose, and then you might give way to passion to such a digree as to agrevate him to bite off both of your ears, and what a spectical to be seen in this age of refinement and fashion, to see a man without nose and hears. The cause of your missfortune would be known, that you came by it through your ungovernable passion. Dont you see that this tends to distroy the beautiful organization of the man, and it goes back to the dust. Let the passions of mankind be ungoverned by any influence, and the result would ultimately be the distruction of the human race, and they would return to original matter, And it would have to wait millions of ages before another partical of it would be found in another organization. The spirit of peace love union tends to life instead of cuting off a man's nose, if he was born without a nose we would want to put one on if we had the skill, so as to make him a comely person. Excuse me for this expression. But you see one course tends to an eternal duration, the other tends to distruction or decomposition, and a return to native element.
May the Lord bless you. Amen.