1861 August 3 Morning Remarks in Farmington


1861 August 3 Morning Remarks in Farmington



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George D. Watt

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by President Brigham Young Farmington Aug. 3d. 1861
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I suppose the congregation that is here may know me by sight. I know a great many of the brethren and Sisters and those with whome I am aquainted, and those with whome I am not I say I am thankful for the priviledge of coming here to meet with you, and I say good morning to you, God bless you, peace be to this congregation, and on your habitations and on all over which you preside; this is my prayr and my disire. While I address you, I hope and trust to enjoy the spirit of truth, the spirit of light, and intellegence. I hope and trust to enjoy the spirit of communication. It is a choice blessing to have the power to communicate. Were we to meet a person who knew all things pertaining to eternity and was not capable of communicating that to us we should thereby suffer much loss. I esteem this as one of the greatest blessings a person can enjoy, to enterchange our feelings with one another. I do not know that I shall realy behave myself, upon the stand just as I should, this meeting in this Grove looks so much like an old fashioned methodists camp meeting. We have assembled under the trees a great many times since I have been in this Church. This is as good a meeting house as Joseph Smith used to have. This is realy a pleasent place. It is a matter of satisfaction and joy, to have the priviledge of meeting here. I hope and trust we are on ground that has not been poluted, I should presume not by latterdaysaints. Still there is a great deal of the earth that we occupy, that we have occupied, It would be heard perhapes to find the ground that had not been inhabited by mortal man, and by men who corrupted it before the Lord. This is in my reflections upon these things. I have realy concluded that there is some of the tops of these mountians that never was poluted by man; that a man of God or a people that disired to enjoy the spirit of the Lord if they could assemble in such a place would find the heavens would be <opened> propicious to them, and the power of God would settle down upon them like a cloud. It seems as though the whole earth had been poluted; and the ground we occupy is the ground where the old Nephites and Jeradites, and an assembly of those who rebelled against the kingdom of God, they inhabited these vallies and these Mountians was their retreat --How far we are free from all these contammations I do not know, but more or less we have to endure (2) the influence of those wicked spirits, and it is a warfare. Perhapes my communications upon these matters will not be so very interesting. I do not know why my mind is lead to these thoughts. But I behold the inhabitants of the earth. Here is a part of them, here is the earth and all things pertaining to the earth, and who has transgressed the law of God? Man. Who has trampled upon the mercies of their creator? Man. Who has violated the greatest blessings that was ever bestowed on any creature? Man. Not one other being of all the creations of God that we are aquainted with personally or historically aquainted with has violated the holy ordenances and commandments of the Lord but man. Man that is created a little lower than the Angels We are endowed with that capacity that the Angels are endowed with. Man that is created a little lower than the angels is an expression that we do not know precisely the fource of when it is used, and when it was used by the translater. Man is a little in the rear of the Angels I should say, he is created with all the endowments that angels ever possessed, or ever can, not in their fullness, not in the heighth of that intellegence, but the foundation, the jerm, the capability of receiving, inheriting, increasing, his right, here in you and I as much as ever was in the Angels. We are created a little behind them. We are created the same as the Angels and the Gods, but we have not passed the ordeals they have, we have not proven ourselves as they have. We are in our probation now, where we have the priviledge of receiving, and when we have received and treasured up, and received still more. We are now where we can prove ourselves worthy of receiving and when we have received, and treasured up, and received still more, and treasured up, until we have received every influence and attributes necessary we shall merge into the fullness of the Godhead and be prepared to enjoy Celestial Glory. And we intellegent beings are the only ones that violate the ordenances and the laws of God in all the creations of God that we have any knowledge of. There is not anything but what has abided its creation. The earth abides its creation, the brute beasts abide their creation and the law by which they were made. Every flying creature that you behold, and every creature that swims in the waters, or that creeps upon the earth, and every four footed animal, and every living thing excepting those that were created to be Gods and angels have abided the law by which they were made, and I do not think I have a particall of revelation to prove to the conterary. If any of you know of such a revelation (3) let us have it so that we can learn something we have not known. These intellegent beings are formed expressly to dwell in the presence of the father and the son, expressly to be crowned with crowns of glory and eternal lives, to become Gods even the sons of God, as the angels the surounds his thrown according to their capacity each and every one in their order. It is we who are capable of poluting the earth, of poluting our inheritances, of violating the laws of God, by which the heavens and the earth to all eternity exists --We are capable of violating the law by which we are made, and tie the power of death upon us, rap the mantle of distruction arround us, so that we shall return to our Native element and loose the eternal duration of our organization. No other living thing can do this. We have come here to visite you to day, to look at you, and to talk to you, and hear our brethren speak, and mingle our voices and feelings and spirits together. Are we latterdaysaints, are we what we profess to be, are we enjoying the spirit and power of God upon us? are we walking in the light of truth day by day? Do we rise up in the morning, in the love of God? Do we live through the day in the love of God? Do we lie down at night in the love of God, and are we walking according to the precepts he has dilivered to us to secure to ourselves the blessing of eternal life and salvation in his presence? We all answer in the afirmative. We hope to be as we should be, to be living our religion. How much do we hope? How strong is our hope, how firm is that within us? Is it like the old fashioned Christian hope, that "I hope I have a hope,
"that I am a latterdaysaint." Do we know that we are liveing our religion according to the light God has given to us. In our comunications to you we trust to tell you the truth, <of God> not all the truth, no, we are not under this obligation, although we have entered into covenant with God, and with all the saints and with all righteous beings there is to speak the truth, yet we are not bound by this covenant to tell you all the truth. When we are called into court as wittnesses they sware they will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We come to you and say to you, and testify to you, and to all the world that will tell you nothing but the truth as far as we communicate we will communicate the truth but not the whole truth, I do not expect we shall learn it all here, there will be some things to learn hereafter, and if we live we shall continue to learn while we do live, but we come to you speaking the words of life, First of all live your religron, (4) Let us walk before the Lord so that we enjoy the light of his spirit, This is my exortation to you first of all. Let every man and woman walk before God so that you enjoy the influence of the holy spirit continually: If you are honestly, sincerely, and with all your hearts walking before the Lord, with all humility, disireing above all things to be saints, to enjoy that intellegence that comes from God, do you suffer think the Lord will suffer a man or woman who does this to apostatize, never, never, no never; A person who loves this kingdom, who loves the institutions of the house of God, they are guilty of neglect, of sin, of overtacts, of doing that they know to be wrong, they never was nor never will be. Do you think that is true? If you think it is not find a proof to the conterary if you please. Got your wittnesses, and if you can overthrow this statement. A young man in the first rise of this Church thought he had proved Joseph A faulse prophet by an expression in one of his revelations which says, "He that committs adultery will lose the spirit and deny the faith. He said he knew Joseph was a faulse prophet for says he, "I have committed that act, and have not denied the faith." Some may rise up and say this work is not the work of God, "because I have proven so and so, as the young man did I have refered to. I have not forsaken my re-ligion. The man or woman that casts from them the holy commandments never knew what the kingdom of God was upon the earth, or never understood it, or they are guilty of an overt act, and are left in blindness and darkness, and wander and groap and feel their way like the blind man feeling for the wall. The first of all is, if you and I know whether we are living our religion. You say "Br Brigham are you liveing your religion? I rather think I am. If I am not will you let me know wherein I am not living my religion. Point at the place, the page, the day, and draw a black mark against the place. Fetch on your arguments. Here is the latterdaysaints, here is the Twelve Apostles and I am proud to say I am one, and the president of that quorum. I will now make a statement and if you please you may call a text, though it may require many words to set forth the text. And I will have to commence by questioning, and I hope and trust I may possess the good spirit to communicate so that you can understand things as I do. I think that will be right. In the first place we will take the office and calling of a prophet. You know there is a great many prophets, and has been in the world, and a great (5) deal about them. Where do you find them? Here among the Lamanites, you go to the east Indies and you will find prophets, you go to Asia and you will find them, to Europe and you will find them. Have they the kingdom of God, No. The kingdom of God is not among them. You go to every kingdom and nation there is, and there you will find more or less prophets prophecying, and prophecieing the truth more or less. which prophecieng constitutes them prophets. You take the office of a prophet, are they obliged to have the preisthood bestowed on them? No. It has nothing to do with the preisthood. A man will rise up in this corner of the earth, and in another, and you will find thousands and millions of men on the earth prophecieng in the truth which constitutes them prophets and prophetesses, but have you the preisthood?" "He never heard of it". Are you called of God? "No." Have you been baptized for the remission of Sins? "I never head of such a thing". Have you had hands laid upon you for the Gift of the Holy Ghost? "Never heard of it." There are thousands of prophets that know nothing about the kingdom of God. You find them among every sect of people there is. You can find them among the infidels, and among the drunkards, and with those who Gamble, and you will find them with those who take the name of God in vain in almost every breath of their life while they are awake and in conversation. Have we found any of them? Yes. I can see some of the faces here that was in Missouri with us. Did they prophecy conserning the latterdaysaints? Yes. What did they prophecy? That they would yet kill Joseph Smith, that they would drive us from the state, and they prophecied this by hundereds. We are witnesses of these things. They fulfiled their prophecies and they made us toe the mark. Was they called of God. No; they was called of the devil, they were the servants of the devil, and they prophecied just as true as ever an angel did that was ever in heaven or on the earth. Do you understand that the office and calling, and gift of prophecy may exist outside the kingdom of God? You might if you would open your eyes to see; and unstop your hears to hear. When we talk about prophets we talk about one thing, and when we talk about the kingdom of God we talk about another thing. No matter what the spirit is by which a man works, if it is spirit raping, if he reveals the destinies of his neighbor, the destinies of the nation in which he lives, anything no matter what it is he is a revelator, but does this prove that he understands the kingdom of Gdd? It has nothing to do with the kingdom of God. The wicked and the ungodly, the unholy, the unrighteous, the swearer, the drunkard, the liar, the murderer, can do all this,
and they do it all the time. Has this nothing to do with the kingdom of God? No. I come now to the office of an Apostle, you have got the prophet and revelator. When Joseph Smith received the plates he knew no more about the preisthood than the child of five years old he had to wait until the Lord revealed it to him, Yet he was a revelator, a prophet, and we see thowsands of them in the wicked world. What is the office of an Apostle? It is to hold the keys and power of the kingdom of God on the earth, the keys of prophecy and revelation, and of every blessing there is in the kingdom of God. Now we see a man, a set of men, twelve men that are ordained to be Apostles, if they magnify their calling when they get up to preach everything they they say must be said by the spirit of the Lord, or they do not teach according to the office of their calling. When they teach the word of the Lord. When they declare thus and so, they declare the will of of the Lord, or they do not magnify their calling. A man cannot be an Apostle unless he is in the kingdom of God, or the Office of an Apostle is to hold the keys pertaining to the kingdom of God upon the earth, for the salvation of the nations of the earth. Ordain a man to be an Apostle, and what do we mean by it? We mean "I ordain you to receive the keys and power, and the authority of the preisthood after the order of Melchezadic, after the order of the son of God which holds the keys of every principle that pertains to life and salvation, He holds the keys and power and authority that the Lord reveals from the heavens for the salvation of the nations of the earth. Let that man magnify his calling and when he speaks he speaks the word of the Lord. When he writes he writes the word of the Lord, and when he teaches he teaches the word of the Lord. I am one of the twelve apostles, I have never been cut of from that quoram, You read it in the revelatiions that I am the president of the twelve apostles, although I stand as the president of the whole Church, and callculate to be until the Lord shall see fit to have somebody else, and he wont bring anybody else yet awhile. I tell you this and you may take it as the word of the Lord. The Lord dont want any better man than the man that magnifies his <their> office. Is he a prophet,? Yes. Is he a revelator? Yes. He holds the keys of all the revelations that God reveals to the children of men, he is one of the Lords prophets, one of the Lords revelators. The devil may have thousands of them on the earth. And then men through their integretty and the honesty (7) of their hearts, and integretty of their souls may be filled with the spirit of the Lord and prophecy, and yet know nothing of the kingdom of God. I do not think <that> they <dont> prophecy by the spirit of <God> the devil because they know nothing of the kingdom of God. On the other hand men may prophecy that are members of the kingdom of God, and not by the spirit of God. They are entitled to his spirit and may enjoy it. Can you understand these things. My exortation and wishes to every to the Latterdaysaints are that every man and woman would live so that they can know whether the things spoken are of God or not of God. It is the priviledge of every member in this Church or of this kingdom, to know by the spirit of revelation whether this is of the Lord, or whether a man speaks by his own spirit and power. These are my wishes conserning the latterdaysaints in this place, and I hope and trust that the hearts of the saints will be cheered and comforted, and strengthened, and be induced to add a little to their diligence, and if they do not beleive as much as they ought add a little to their faith knowledge, temperance, kindness, goodness etc. I hope they will improve upon every opportunity they have of doing good that we may all prepared for the things that are fast aproaching. The Lord is roling on his work, and doing his will, and we say amen to it. When the Lord comes out in judgement against his aposers, you and I say amen to it, but are we prepared to receive the kingdom of God in its fullness. Look out that we are not out side. It stands us in hand to be prepared for the things that are coming, for, "Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. The land shall be utterly emptied and utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word." Are we prepared to receive the earth in its glorified state, to receive the saviour and the presence of the father. I have given you a few words of exortation, and trust that our coming to you will be prepaeed a source of profit to you. the Lord bless you Amen.