1854 August 26 Letter to Bishop Harker, et al.


1854 August 26 Letter to Bishop Harker, et al.


Brigham requests immediate assistance to be rendered to a church wagon train heading West. Includes details about preparing for the trip and a list of needed supplies.




Brigham Young
Heber C Kimball
J M Grant


Bishop Harker
Brethren of Taylorsville
Gardner's Mill
Herriman Fort


1854 August 26


Great Salt Lake City

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G. S. L. City Augt. 26th, 1854

Bishop Harker & Brethren
of Taylorsville, Gardner's Mill &
Herrimans Fort & all west of Jordon

Dear Brethren,

Bro Samuel W Richards & Thos. S. Williams arrived in this city this afternoon, and report our immigration far back for the season, and moving slowly as the Church train had lost 120 head of Cattle near the south Fork of Platte by a stampede.  This renders assistance unusually necessary, and to be effectual it must be speedy.  We have had the matter under careful advisement, and now call on you to furnish the annexed list, and let all the men be properly armed.

The Teamsters, and all who take charge of animals, must be responsible therefor, and not look to the Tithing office to make up any loss.  Those who go back must furnish their own provisions extra, to the flour of the annexed list, and let all the men be properly armed. The flour will be furnished by individuals, & sold to those who need it hence those who furnish flour will look to those who purchase it for their pay.  Send a reasonable quantity of salt and wagon grease, also peas, beans, potatoes, and garden vegetables, if you have them.

In case you are hindered in procuring flour, you had better load up wheat at the rate of 3 bushels to the 100 lbs and drive to Gov Young & Little's Mill near the mouth of the Kanyon of Big Kanyon Creek.  Let one person of the company come to Gov Young's Office for road instructions, when you get ready to leave the valley.

Those who have friends on the road, are requested to aid them in addition to the above requisitions.

Your prompt compliance with this counsel will secure you the blessings of the Lord and of all Saints.

You and all west of Jordan will be associated in one company and out of the number one man will be selected to take charge of the associate Company

We Remain Your brethren in the Gospel

Brigham Young

Heber C. Kimball
J M Grant

15 yoke Cattle 
4500 lb flour
3 Teamsters
3  Wagons
3  extra men & horses

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