1862 January 6 Prayer at Citizens' Mass Meeting


1862 January 6 Prayer at Citizens' Mass Meeting



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George D. Watt

extracted text

by President Brigham Young at the Mass Meeting at in the
Tabernacle in G. S. L. City Jan 6th 1862.
Reported by G. D. Watt.

"O God the Eternal Father in the name of Jesus Christ thy son, we present ourselves before thee this day in this thine house, in a capacity not frequent to us. Thou knowest our intent; thou are aquainted with our sercumstances, and thou hast beheld the travels and labors of thy people.
We are now assembled to consider our rights, the rights of God our father upon the earth, the rights of Jesus the holy one, and the rights of the people in a free republican government. We ask thee in the name of Jesus Christ to dictate this meeting -- to dictate every act, every motion, every feeling and every heart within these walls. We are thine; thou holdest a supremacy over us; we realize our breath is in thine hand; the destiney of the nations of the earth is in thine hand; all people are before thee and subject to thy providences; if thou dictates guides and dirrects all will be well with us, and we feel satisfied.
We humbly pray thee to rule supremly not only in this meeting dirrecting by thine unerring wisdom its president, the committee and secretary we have chosen, but allso the inhabitants of this territory who are met to day in their towns and cities to consider the important <subject> question that has brought us together. Let us be so guided that in our deliberations and conclusions we may seek to promote thy kingdom upon the earth, and send thy gospel to all nations, peoples, and tongues; <and people>, to gather in the lost sheep of the house of Isreal, to redeem, build up, and esstablish thy Zion upon this land of Joseph; also to gather the jews to the land of <Jerusalem> Palistine, and see them esstablished in the land thou gavest to their fathers for an everlasting inheritance. For this purpose, and for this alone are we assembled here to day, though we are in the Capacity of a republican goverment-- A national government-- a government of the people. We pray that our veiws upon all matters that interest us to day may be in accordance with thine own. Let us hear the voice and understand the dictations of the Almighty,and we pray that our dispositions may bow and say Amen, we are for God and his kingdom upon the earth.
Bless these thy servants who have congregated themselves together <here> this day, if there are any here who do not belong to thy people, who have not yet said they beleive in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the fullness of his gospel revealed in the latter days, let thy spirit rest upon them, find a way to their minds, may their understandings receive light, and their eyes sight, that they may see and understand things as they are;<truthfuly exist>. that they may become the freinds of God, and help us who profess to be thy freinds continually. Bless all that wish well to Zion, and the honest in heart upon the whole earth, and all who have not sinned that sin which is unto death. We humbly ask thee to guide us by thine unerring counsel in our further deliberations, in presenting the sense of this meeting, in our resolutions, in our nominations, and in all our doings; that we may abundantly prosper, that thy kingdom may become as a beakon light to the nations, and go forth triumphantly, until the kingdoms of this world and Satan shall vanish before the kingdom of God and be no more.
Wilt thou bless all the honest in heart in our government, and in as much as the president of that power which is called the United States of America is honest before thee, if he is in the dark in any sense with regard to thy work be merciful to him, to his Cabinet, and to the members of Congress. But inasmuch as they willfully and knowingly, and with their eyes wide open persecute thy saints and people let thy wrath rest upon them from this hour, let them be wasted away, and removed out of their place, and the government, and power and the authority thereof pass into the hands of the just, we ask it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We delight to see the poor rejoice in the holy one of lsreall to see lsreal florish on the mountians, and we long for the day when thy Zion shall be esstablished, thy law go from Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem, and everlasting righteousness brought in. Inasmuch as thou hast called us to labor <and work> in this great and glorious work, guid every movement and action in our government as we expect to present ourselves for acceptance as a state to our general government to be admitted into the family of States. We ask thee to aid us in this and all righteous purposes.
We dedicate all to thee, asking thy blessings on all the subjects of our prayrs in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen