1855 February 16 Letter to David P. Hoyt


1855 February 16 Letter to David P. Hoyt


Due to difficulty obtaining lumber for the State House, Brigham advises they go to Parowan and the Lumber can be credited toward tithing and church subscriptions.




Brigham Young


David P. Hoyt


1855 February 16


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City Feby 16/55

David P. Hoyt

Dear Brother,
I understand that there may be a difficulty in obtaining the Lumber for the State House at the Mills in Fillmore. It is my desire to put forward that building as fast as possible. I think that you had best go to Parowan, and see if you can get the Lumber, for the sash, doors, casements, ceiling, and inside work generally, except the flooring, which I presume can be got at Fillmore Mills.

Bro Dame says, that he will haul it, if you can get it. When you go to Parowan, remember it is to get good lumber, and go to the President, and Bishop of that place, and try to have them obtain it for you as much on Tithing as possible. they may also pay Deseret News Subscriptions in Lumber. Tell the brethren to as reasonable in the price as they can. I think in this way that you may be able to obtain what lumber you will need, and that too with little expense out.

I trust that you are, and will be energetic in the progress of this work, do not let it linger for any cause, write me every opportunity, and make such suggestions, and requisitions for aid, either in goods, Mechanical labor, or any of the usual Tithing pay as you may need for the progress and accomplishment of this work.

Praying the Lord to give you health, and strength, wisdom, and every other needful blessing.
I Remain as ever

Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young