1855 February 21 Letter to William I Hawley


1855 February 21 Letter to William I Hawley


Daniel Wells attempts to clarify a business agreement with Hawley. If he is not willing to fulfill his agreement he should pay what is owed and end the contract.




Daniel H. Wells


William I Hawley


1855 February 21


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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Great Salt Lake City
February 21st 1855

Capt. Wm. I. Hawley,

Dear Brother,
I received your line in relation to cancelling our agreement concerning the Green River ferries. I have never proposed anything to you except it was in accordance with President Young's wishes.

I kept hearing that you was willing to do as he said about the matter, and therefore made the proposition which I did to exchange the papers. I have nothing to do with either the boats, ropes, tackles or any thing else except the contract existing between you and me.

You have failed to comply with the agreement by neglecting to pay the one thousand dollars due last Sept., and I understand that you have not paid the percent as agreed upon. I supposed by this that you intended to give up the contract without any question or difficulty. All I have now to say is if you wish to keep the ferries another year and fulfill your agreement by paying up the amounts due without delay, with interest, and if you do not, come here and exchange papers, as before offered, and let that end the matter, except the percent, which if it shall appear that it is not all paid, we shall expect you to pay it. Mr. Russell and the man that was with him, said that they only paid their own and not yours.

Respectfully &c

D H Wells