1854 September 19 Letter to Parley P. Pratt


1854 September 19 Letter to Parley P. Pratt


Brigham expresses interest in receiving a personal update on Elder Pratt's missionary work in California and the Sandwich Islands. Contains updates on a printing press, immigration, communication with other leaders and missionaries as well as local current events.




Brigham Young


Parley P. Pratt


1854 September 19


Great Salt Lake City
San Francisco, California

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Great Salt Lake City, Sept 19th, 1854
San Francisco, California

Elder Parley P. Pratt,

Dear brother,

Another mail arrived on the 17th inst, and still no letter from you, though I learned in the letter from bros. Lyman & Rich, dated Augt 26th, that you and the brethren at San Francisco had purchased, and were fitting up a small vessel to ply between the Pacific Coast and the Sandwich Islands, and also that the Printing Press &. had been shipped, and would probably come into your possession, which I deem a far better arrangement than to put it up on the Islands.

By letter from bro J M Horner I learn that the work in your region is breezing up a little, which is quite encouraging when all the circumstances are taken into account.

In lack of any direct word from you touching your doings, plans, and prospects, I take it for granted that you are industriously applying your best judgment and experience in fulfilling the design of your mission and am not aware that you stand in need of any particular counsel. In regard to our immigration from the Sandwich Islands, I have already written you, and Elders Lyman and Rich, my views as to the probably best localities for them to settle in; this matter however may be better understood, after the arrival of bro Rich, who expects to start for home in company with bro Horner about the 1st of October.  The members from Australia, and and those in California who desire and intend to be saints indeed had better be making their way to our settlements here as fast as their circumstances will reasonably permit.  This method will carry out an excellent purpose in the establishment of the branch at Union City, for it will bring the saints under your observation, and operate as a screen, and fill up our Territory with those who will be ready and cheerfully willing to walk up to their covenant and build up the Kingdom of our God.

Your brother, Orson, and bro. S. W. Richards and H. S. Eldredge reached here from their missions on the 26th of August, in good health and spirits, and found all well.  Our this season immigration will arrive late, but a large company have gone to their assistance, taking a large number of animals and wagons, and many tons of flour and other provisions, which will doubtless enable all to come in before the inclement weather.

Elder Taylor, <N.H.Felt & several others started for their missions to the States about the 1 inst. Elder Taylor> will publish a paper in New York.  A letter from bro Franklin D. Richards, brings news of the safe arrival of himself and company at Liverpool, and of their entering upon their fields of labor with commendable alacrity and cheering prospects.  The missionaries from Utah, who are located where the climate is destroying their health, or who have been from home for some time are at full liberty to return when they feel so disposed, and you can inform them of this permission as you may have occasion, or opportunity.

The Penitentiary and the buildings for the Sugar Works are progressing rapidly, and it is expected the latter will be ready for the present excellent crop of beets.

I know of no disturbances within our borders, either among our white or red population, and the general health of the people is good, and they are still abundantly prospered and blest.

The "Deseret News" will furnish you further items of general and local interest, which I accordingly omit.

Ever praying for your welfare in the cause of Truth

I Remain
Your brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young