1855 February 21 Letter to Thomas Grover


1855 February 21 Letter to Thomas Grover


Inquiry into purchasing a large amount of cattle.




Brigham Young


Thomas Grover


1855 February 21


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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Great Salt Lake City
February 21st 1855

Thomas Grover

Dear Brother,
We soon expect to drive our stock to California the ensuing season, in which case we expect to purchase a few cows, say from fifty to a hundred. We would like to secure a pretty fair article, and having heard yours well spoken of, as being the right kind, and also understanding that you wished to sell a portion. I thought I would like to learn the terms, amount, and kind, or quality, if you will be so kind as to inform me.

If we do not make a sale of our stock here, of which there is but little prospect at present. We shall drive, in which case, we shall probably want to purchase your cows if you have them to dispose of.

Please to let me know <soon> in relation to the subject, and you will oblige as ever

Your Brother in the
Covenant of peace

P. S. I have forwarded this letter to you without the presidents signature, as it was not convenient for me to obtain it before sending it to you knowing that he wished it to go.