1855 February 21 Letter to Judson Stoddard


1855 February 21 Letter to Judson Stoddard


A request for William Smith and Judson Stoddard to take charge of the stock if they are driven to California to be sold.




Brigham Young


Judson Stoddard


1855 February 21


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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February 21st 1855.

Judson Stoddard,

Dear Brother,
We soon expect to drive our stock to California the ensuing season, if we do not meet with a favorable opportunity of selling here; as we will be obliged to dispose of a large portion of it either here or there, say about one thousand head. If we should drive to California, we should like to have you and bro. Wm Smith join us with your stock, and take the charge of ours.

We think it will pay well to drive this season unless better opportunities offer for selling here than any we have heard of yet.

When you are again in the city please call at the office, where we can talk the matter over; make such arrangements as may be necessary.

My health is not very good but improves.

As ever I remain Your Brother in the Covenant of peace