1854 September 30 Letter to Joseph Angell Young


1854 September 30 Letter to Joseph Angell Young


Brigham writes to his son expressing gratitude for diligently building up the kingdom. Contains updates on immigration, Joseph's brother Brigham and conditions at home.




Brigham Young


Joseph Angell Young


1854 September 30


Great Salt Lake City
Utah Territory

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Great Salt Lake City,

Utah Territory N. America

Sept. 30th, 1854.

My dear Joseph,

On the 28th we received a letter from you which gratified me much to learn of your diligence in traveling from place to place and proclaiming the words of life to men.  Assuredly industry is one characteristic of the Saints of God on the Earth; Whilst the elders are industriously employed in foreign countries promulgating the news of re-establishment of the Kingdom of God on the earth, we are here also busily engaged in building up that kingdom from year to year,--indeed it is our study and prayer every day and every night to do faithfully the work required of us, and in which we so much rejoice to be engaged.  Our youths feel this influence as they approach to years of understanding the boys are not to be seen loafing about the streets for they hail the opportunity to render themselves available for the general interest of Zion, in which, you remember, the Lord has said "an idler shall have no place except he repent."

Your brother Brigham is actively engaged on the Island with the cattle, and is well and doing first rate.

We are here in the enjoyment of good weather and that glorious atmosphere that prevails in this high region of country and full of health and spirit with the horn of plenty well filled but not overflowing to the extent to make the bounties of earth, save in good estimation.  Wheat is bringing from J. M. Horner & Co Deseret Store $2 in goods while sugar is selling generally 3 lbs to the dollar and most other articles have been similarly reduced in price.

Our immigration are arriving [freely]. A company from Texas arrived first with Capt. Jolly.  Job Smith and Co arrived, and Capt James Brown & Company arrived this evening.  The train with goods for public improvements, called the Church train, will arrive next week.

Business is pressing and time scarce today, and I must close praying God Almighty to bless you continually and sustain you day by day with his Spirit in the work in which you are so profitably engaged.

Your affectionate Father

Brigham Young