1864 September 19 Remarks in Grafton


1864 September 19 Remarks in Grafton



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Wilford Woodruff

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Sept 19, 1864 A synopsis of remarks by President B. Young at Grafton

Brethren & Sisters we have again visited you for the purpose of teaching you & cheering your hearts We constantly need to be taught in things both temporal & spiritual but almost every thing is temporal, that we have to do with & this has been the Case with the Saints in all ages. When we read of the History of the City of <En> the Zion of Enoch we find it a beautiful City So will it be with the Zion of God in the last days which we are called to build up. it will be 1500 miles square and if this was the case it would reach nearly to the pacific Ocean This cannot be built up without Temporal labor we have been here but a little time & yet you want to see Zion in its Glory but it will take the whole people to build up Zion the Presidency & Twelve could not do it alone, We should learn how to build up a home if it was nothing but a log cabin. Zion will be composed of Cities, farms, orchards, & Vineyards, and their must be a place for every thing & every thing in its place this is Zion, North & South America is Zion We want to adorn this place first for it is a good hiding place. I want you to build on high ground along the stream so you will not get washed away. I should have come to this Country if we had been driven from Salt Lake but we should have obtained our provisions from our enemies as long as they would have had any thing, we should have had. By & by when we come to visit you we shall come up the Severe. You will soon have a plenty of Grain & potatoes & fruit. I wish you to cultivate these things and make the Earth beautiful as the Valley of the Nile. When I saw the <Vall> Illinois prairie I rejoiced in the Lord to see what God had done, so I feel about this mountain region I thank God for these rugged mountains & barren Hills as a Defence for the Saints of God. I want you to pray that you may have the Spirit of God within you. I have not been in a Home or a Congregation in the South but what I have felt a good spirit there. if it was my lot to live here I could be happy I hope I shall live to see the day when we shall not have the wicked in our midst. If it was not for the home we live in these strong mountains <Our> the Gentiles would drive us out but they are so barren & rugged that the Gentiles find no place to stop to get a foothold for the Saints have taken up all places fit for cultivation. How Joseph would have rejoiccd if he could have been with us. If we are the people and the Kingdom of God that Daniel Saw we are in the place the prophets said we would be how could we roll down from the mountains if we were not in the mountains. <I have said when I go back the thing I would steal the State of Missouri & Illinois.>
I dont want to have the Elders testify that I am Joseph successor for all Earth & Hell knows it & it does not require any proof; I do wish you would go to work & build some good Stone houses for Meetings & Schools and a Theater if you want it, but in all your recreations do not Commit sin. Seck to obtain that knowledge that will be useful to you. Learn Architecture & Mechanics where is the man that knowshow to lay the Corner Stone of <Zion> the walls of Zion. Any Man that wants to leave this Country & not fulfill his mission let him do it & any man who wishes to come & settle here let him do it. I have a great Deal of temporal business to transact & when any business comes before me I attend to it, I know what to do all the time, & when I transact any business I let it go out of my mind & take up the next thing that comes along and after it is done I dont think of it. I shall be glad to see the day when Labor will be Classified so that all will fare alike. I shall live to see it the time will come when this order of things will be established, but we are still in the school & learning, all the blessings we obtain are the gift of God & not man it is the Lord that giveth the wheat & not man, He cannot make a spear of grass grow I have never sold fruit of any kind on trees but have given them away & any orchard has never failed. I know how you feel in these Settlements you do not wish to go to meeting to hear those preach that live with you you say I know as much as he does, but if you will come in the Spirit of God & bring it with you, you can edify the people and all can partake of the spirit together. May God Bless you in the name of Jesus Amen.
Reported by W. Woodruff