1864 September 21 Remarks in Cedar City


1864 September 21 Remarks in Cedar City



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Wilford Woodruff

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Ceder City Sept 21 1864 Reported by W Woodruff
A synopsis of A Discours delivered by Presdt B Young at Ceder City

I have not been here before now to visit you this season it is a great Comfort to visit the Saints, it seems that we must learn faster than we do, we have a warfare to combat with much evil, sin is in the world, all have sined, and we should have patience with each other it should be our delight to do the will of God, but to learn to do the will of God it takes time. But whare is the man that feels that God reigns in him, who fears for a moment that we shall not be victorious. that we shall not do the will of God. all such have confidence in God. when the spirit of God reigns in them, but when we turn to our farms merchandize, & business and we neglect our Duty then we feel differently we loose the spirit of God and forget, but we must like the things of the world as we find them as the gift of God & not make a bad use of them but acknowledge the hands of God in all things. The people are trying to live their religion, when we are devoted to God we have peace within & without and we feel to say I have given all to God. If in our day we are called to do sumthing to comes against our feeling & we feel that we cannot do it. yet if we go a head and do what is required of us by the lord we will always find a Blessing attending it. We believe that this is the Kingdom of God & that Joseph was a prophet of God. and these follow the Kingdom of God feel well, and bear testimony that we are led by the power of God. What If I was to ask all who have given deeds of all they possessed to the Trustee in trust to give up for the use of the Church all they possessed dont you think there would be a squirming I think there would. that would try the people & we shoud know what they are made of. I know you send your Cattle to bring the poor to this place but this does not take all you have. One poor man sent his ownly yoke of Oxon for the poor, and he got more volunteer wheat than if he had cultivated the Land. I will say that there is no Mother that has more care for her Child than the Lord has for this people nor half as much. The Lord sees every hair that falls from our heads. Our children do not see the light they are walking in. I know the Children are froward. Men do not prize the light they have I will give you a comparison. If you had lived in the light of the son all the days of your life what would you know of darkness? Nothing. Neither would any man who was born blind know anything or have any conception of either light or darkness. A blind man was once asked what he considered color to be, say red. he said he thought it was like the sound of a Drum So our Children do not know what the light is they walke in. Our Children walk in the light which is revealed from the Heavens but they do not realize it they do not know the Covenant, for they have not been in the darkness Many men will embrace the gospel, and go on Missions and labor for years in the kingdom of God & finally fall through some little thing or temptation or trial. But we should live so that we may walk in the light of the Lord and know what to do. This is the work of God & God is gathering his people together & building up Zion and doing a great work, how do I know this by the Revelations of Jesus Christ and in no other way, let the mind of man be oppened to see the things of God and it is a feast to them what a consolation it is to us to know the destiny of the Nations of the Earth, Our Children know more than all the world besides. Our Children can tell the world what awaits them. Mr Vanvleet told the president of the United States that Brigham Young knew more what was going on in the Congress of the United States than the president & Cabinet did but how he knew it I dont know. Now what if a stranger was to come and ask our children what would be the consequence if this people were driven away from here what would they say, they would say you cannot live here the Indians would come & kill you and you would kill each other, and you would have frost & destroy all your vegetation and you would starve to death. I may say <the> it is hard for the Saints of God to live here. The Lord keeps this Country so that the wicked will not stay here. "Thomas Williams said the Lord would favor those who had the bigest guns, & the most Arms & amunition." but we can see what respect the Lord has to big guns & arms in our Nation. Joseph the Prophet said the Lord would give this Nation all the mobing they would want. Even untill they were destroyed it is so. This Nation has sent an Army to this Territory to find the gold & riches in these mountains & Valleys but they will not find it. I told them so before. I heard many say they had tried to find the gold but they cant find it. Box & Shirts are trying to find gold mines but they will not find it for the Soldiers for whom they are laboring I am sorry that Shirts will make a fool of himself & go to the Devil. There is No Nation which is rich & prosperous who depend upon the diging of Gold to sustain them If we want riches let us secure unto ourselves Eternal life and then we shall be rich the Lord holds the riches of the Earth in his own hand and will give them to whom he pleases Then let us seek for wisdom may God Bless you Amen.