1858 February 5 Letter to James G. Willie


1858 February 5 Letter to James G. Willie


Brigham makes a proposition to help relieve the ward from their poverty.




Brigham Young


James G. Willie


1858 February 5


Great Salt Lake City


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G. S. L. City, Feb 5th. 1858
James G. Willie, Bishop of the 7th Ward.

Dear Brother,
Your note of this date enclosing a statement of the financial condition of your Ward, is just received and I lose no time in answering it.

I feel to sympathize with you in your poverty, and feel to do all I can to relieve you from the burdens <requirements and circumstances> which seem to weigh so heavily upon you. With this object in view I have concluded to make the following proposition to the Brethren of your Ward through you, their Bishop. I will give you $25.000. for the entire property of the ward, including the houses, lands, improvements and personal property of the inhabitants of that ward, and pay you down in good available property, and will relieve you from all trouble in fitting up men for the Army. I will do that in the bargain.

I want an immediate answer, as I feel anxious to complete the bargain; as I also feel assured that you will be glad to close with so advantageous an offer. I am not burlesquing but in earnest; and if satisfactory to you, wish to close the bargain forthwith.

I remain, as ever, your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young