1858 February 4 Letter to Asa Calkins


1858 February 4 Letter to Asa Calkins


Tithing must be credited to each donor no matter how small the amount and a strict record of disbursements must be kept. While current contentions persist Brigham counsels to cease preaching in public and instead preach in family circles and through the "Star." He also requests paper to be sent for bank notes.




Brigham Young


Asa Calkins


1858 February 4


Great Salt Lake City

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President's Office
G. S. L. City. U. T. Feb. 4[th] 1858

Asa Calkins, Esqr.

Dear Brother: -
As the California route, `barren' the Post masters, is yet open we improve the opportunity of writing not knowing how soon all communication of this nature may be closed against us. We learn from Brothers Pratt and Benson for the first time that a large amount of Tithing called the weekly tithing is collected in the various Conferences without credit and has been disbursed without keeping a proper account. This must be attended to without delay, credit must be given to every person who pays tithing no matter how small the amount, and each individual's account should be consolidated in our credit for the year and forwarded to the General Tithing Office in this City. You having been acquainted with the tithing business in the office will readily comprehend the necessity for this regulation, as you are aware that people often complain that they have paid their tithing but can find no credit. If a poor person can only pay a farthing, or a penny they are just as much entitled to having it recorded to their credit as the person who pays his hundreds. In getting up these accounts you must be wise and not let you object be known until you get the accounts and funds from all the Conferences into your own hands, after which you will hold a check upon the indiscriminate use of the means thus collected by having the credits entered. You will get the back credit and disbursements so far as you can correctly.

We do not object to the brethren's using tithing money when it is necessary for the spread of the gospel and other legitimate purposes but a strict account should be kept and rendered of every disbursement. Elders abroad should be charged with what they receive, for they have no more right to the indiscriminate use of the tithing funds than those who spend all their time for the church at home, and you know that here every on is charged with what they get.

In regard to the emigration, if practicable colonize as directed by our messages; but if not practicable to do this let the saints wait in patience until the way shall again open for their redemption.

It is wisdom that public preaching should measurably cease until the present excitement shall be over or wisdom shall otherwise direct; but let the Saints meet often to comfort, cheer and encourage each other in the faith, and do your preaching mostly in the family circles, and through the `Star' which you will continue to publish so long as you remain, or as long as possible.

We wish you to send us a quantity of Foreign Post, or tissue paper, the best that you can get; let it be silk if you can get it, such as would be suitable for Bank Notes. We would like to have some ten reams, the size of the paper should be 10 by 15 inches, if you succeed in finding a good article, and then send it as you have safe opportunity by some one who will take care of it and put it in his trunk and come directly through. If brother Samuel Richards has not left before this reaches you, try and send some by him.

Your friends are well, and received what you sent them. You will be released to return in good time; meanwhile be faithful, prudent and diligent, and may the Lord bless you and give you wisdom according to your necessities and preserve you to return unto us in due time in peace and safety.

I remain, as ever, your Brother
in the Gospel of Christ.

Brigham Young
P. S. (Deseret Alphabet characters)