1858 March 16 Letter to J. V. Vernon


1858 March 16 Letter to J. V. Vernon


J.V. Vernon is advised to make his way to Vancouver through California by joining a large company heading out along the north route. Includes counsel to stay home to care for his family.




Brigham Young


J. V. Vernon


1858 March 16


Great Salt Lake City


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President's Office, March 16th 1858

Mr. J. V. Vernon,


In Reply to your request contained in your letter of the 12th. inst. I have to inform you that there is a large company about starting to California by the north route, and you and the <five> way farers you mention had better join that company and make your way to Vancouver by way of California, it being at present by far the safer route.  You and your company do not need a pass, for Col. West of Ogden is instructed to see that the teamsters who wish to leave for California are safely escorted beyond the settlements, and you are at liberty to go with them.

If you were not so dark in your mind that you cannot understand right from wrong, I should counsel you to return to this place and take care of your family.  But I know that `a wink is just as good as a nod to a blind horse'.  I have counselled the company, about starting for California, not to leave until they can cross the Goose Creek mountains.  I would respect and love you, and do you good, if you would let me.

Brigham Young