1865 October 24 Remarks in Lehi


1865 October 24 Remarks in Lehi



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George D. Watt
Albert Carrington

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Lehi (After some remarks by Pres. Daniel H. Wells,
Pres. Brigham Young again addressed the audience)
by President Brigham Young Lehi October 24th 1965 7 P. M.
Reported by Geo. D. Watt.

I realy wish I could have continued my remarkes. I am full of the good things of life, and <I have got them> for the people. I can say, God bless you. I wanted to have spoken some length in relation to <talked a good deal here relating to the> tithing, <of the Church> and what wee <was> are wishing to do, and how we <was> are wishing to manage our affairs; <but I can come and preach to you some other time, I can come down on Sunday morning and preach to you on sunday, and go back again>.
I want to instruct the people with regard to their duties, <and I want to tell it to them myself, and I would like to talk to you in the day time, and have those old beards kneeked off the windows that I may see how you look; I want to see your eyes I> and would like to talk to you now, but I am not well enough to speak much. <I would like I had the power of God upon me, to remove this face ace. But I am like yourselves. I want to ask one question>
Is there a brother here whose mind is open and active <and open> upon the subject of bringing up children? <Our former lives and experience, and observation, and all the history we have, I could quote the words of the Indian Cheif, and that wise man Solomon>. Solomon said <bring> "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Did Solomon do this? <No. If it were not wicked I would say> Both <him> he and his father <old> David had <the damndest set of> as wicked boys as I ever heard or read of. Read their history. Rehoboam, the son of Soloman, forsook the counsel of the sage old men of Isreal, and took the counsel of the young men that were brought up with him, who said unto him, "Thus shalt thou answer the people that spake unto thee, saying, "Thy father made our yoke heavy but make thou it somewhat lighter for us; thus shallt thou say unto them, my little finger shall be thicker than my father's loins. For whereas my father put a heavey Yoke upon you, I will put more to your yoke: my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions."
<The> An old Indian Chief, who had been instructed by the Missionaries, recollected some of the scriptures, and he got Soloman's saying, with regard to training up children, partly right and partly not right. He rendered the passage in this way:-- "Train up a child, and away it goes." Where? "To che devil."
Who can tell how a child should be brought up, in the most likly way to preserve that child in the instructions of <the> its father? If there is a man here who can do it, I woul like to know it. <I will give you my views. In the first place, the Gospel of salvation knows all things that is> The preisthood of God knows all things. It is the law by which the worlds were made, and by which worlds will be made in coming time. That preisthood has been conferred upon us. <come to you and I>. That preisthood involves all philosophy every question that arises among the children of men -- whether political, religious, moral, machanical, or philisophacal. <Men who possess this and can> This priesthood we shall some time be able to properly bestow <it> upon <their> our children <properly which we shall sometime be able to do>. We are growing to <it> that capacity year by year; <until> and the day will come when our boys of then, twelve, and fifteen years of age will know more of the arts, scienses, philosophy, and machanism of the day, of astronomy, etc. then the whole world knowes at the present time. <You take the pprinciples that are called Christian. The law which we read in the Bible, by whick people are to come to Christ, and> take our boys now and send them into the christian world, and they can <now> sercumscribe the wisdom of this generation in matters of religion, and <But you have got only to one small item A few Ideas with regard to the plan of salvation> The time will come when every principle pertaining to human existance, and to all knowledge God has to bestow on the human family, will be known by this people, and they will understand it as easily and correctly as they now understand a few of the first principles of the Gospel of Salvation by which they confuse, and baffle the brains of Christiandom. Our boys can now lead the learned of the world in <of the> religious <world> topics, in a short conversation, into such a maze of confusion and contradiction that they <do> will not know whether they have any religion or not, or whether it <be> is true or faulse.
Let our children be so brought up <so> that they can get in perfection, <every principle of machinism that far transends that which is already known in perfection and usefulness> by dreams, visions, and revelations -- by the power of God -- the power of the Holy Preisthood, -- every principle knowledge, far transcending what is now known, then our children, will biginn to learn correct principles; and by this system of learning they can learn more by the time they are fifteen years of age, than can be now learned <now> in forty five years. I am not going to <leave> forsake the wisdom of my heavenly Father, by which he confuses the wise, and looks on their wisdom as foolishness. He takes up the mountians as <a> a very little thing, and measures the sea in the hollow of his hand.
I will say <talk> no more at this time.