1858 March 24 Letter to John L. Butler


1858 March 24 Letter to John L. Butler


A request for wagon teams to assist with the temporary resettlement of families. Includes information about crops and the handling of the related Circulars.




Brigham Young


John L. Butler


1858 March 24


Great Salt Lake City
[Spanish Fork]


Utah War

G. S. L. City, March 24, 1858.

Bishop John L. Butler,

Dear Brother:  You will learn from the Circular, 2 copies of which are forwarded to you by this mail, that the present policy has varied somewhat from the past.  Please notice the information contained in the Circular, and be careful not to lend your copies to any except those whom you are convinced will faithfully return them.  You will understand that we shall need many teams for the present movement, and we expect you to assist us as much as you can consistently, and to furnish covers to the wagons you send to our aid, so far as you have them.  You can begin to send the teams here for families, &c. as soon after next Sunday. the 28th, as you can get ready; and many of the families and other loading can be unloaded in your county for a time.  as we shall not sow nor plant any more here this season, you will see the propriety of raising all the potatoes, flax and sugar cane you may be able to.  The standing army is superseded, and justice requires that the Property collected for our army be returned to those who furnished it, at least so far as they call for it.

Brigham Young