1865 November 19 Remarks in the Salt Lake Tabernacle [Incomplete]


1865 November 19 Remarks in the Salt Lake Tabernacle [Incomplete]



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George D. Watt

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by Pres. Brigham Young Tabernacle G.S. L. Cit Nov 19 /65.
Reported by G. D. Watt.

The variety of character that is displayed among the great family of mankind is truly astonishing to every observant and thinking person. The world may be likened to an extensive theatre, with mankind upon its stage to act out their parts for good or for bad, for life or for death, under the gaze of God and angels and the spirits of just <men> men made perfect. And O what a scene must present itself to them, of right and wrong, of justice and injustice, of good rule and missrule, of villany and raskality, of sorrow and woe. Man as he is, as an orgonized living, breathing creation from the hands of God, cannot be contemplated phisically, morally, socially and politically, and be seen as he is, as God and Angels see him, without the revelations of God to unfold his position and state in vision before the mind, for "God is a revealer of secrets."
Upon the <subject> principle of revelation, I will say, that there is not an intellegent person that lives or ever did live in this world that has not and does not desire revelation upon a number of subjects, they do and have sought for it dilligently. I will go further and say that all sane persons desire revelation. The statesman desires it to aid him in understanding the intricacies of political problems, that by solving them he may gain celebrity and fame, <and secure> please his constituents and secure his reelection. Kings desire it to aid them in guiding the ship of state in a manner to secure the obedience and support of their subjects, that their throns may be fortified with power, and their kingdoms be perpetuated in strength and glory. <There has not been a> Presidents of the United States would hail revelation as a rich and glorious boon that would show<ing> them how to dignify their party, enrich and consolidate the Union, and secure their re-election to the Chair of State <as a great and glorious boon>. Yea we may consider oteries of all trade and trafic from the merchant prince in his palace to the street peddler in his hovel, and the same desire for revelation will be found; the miser wants it to show him how to enlarge his ill gotton and ill applied hord of wealth, the merchant wants it to show him how to enlarge and extend his business that he may the sooner amass a fortune, the peddler wants it to show him how to better his condition and the child in the corner wants it to reveal the whereabouts of his lost toy. There seems to be an innate desire in every human being to know something of their future, and dreams and visions are desired and expected by them. The sage and the philosopher dream dreams and try to see in them rays of light from the future, and thepoverty worm mendicant dreams of greatness and glory wealth and beauty, and expects his condition soon to be improed. The general dreams of victories won, and fresh laurals to gain, and the travel worn soldier while sleeping upon his arms in the battle field dreams of wife and <little> children and friends, <bidding him wellcome again to> of his cozy and comfortable home, of the end of the war, and his restoration to his dear ones, he awakes and fervently desires that his dream may soon be realized. What piece of information would be more desirable to the Mariner when he leaves port than that which would satisfy him that he should again return from the dangers of the great deep safely to his desired haven. The speculater who invests largely, or his all, in some promising speculation, what would he not give to <satisfied to> know <that> the future result of his investments, would he not like to have a revelation upon the subject? He most assuradly would. The machanic who has <sought> toiled and studied for years to invent a piece of machinery that will be self moving, self conducting, <and of> and having a perpetual motion to run until it is worn out, what would he give for a revelation