1866 November 18 Remarks at the Funeral of Laura Pitkin Kimball


1866 November 18 Remarks at the Funeral of Laura Pitkin Kimball



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Wilford Woodruff

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Discourse of President Brigham Young at the Funeral of
Sister Laura Pitkin Nov. 18. 1866

It is the custom of the times to preach at the funeral of the Dead. It is of no use to preach to the dead, but to the living. The life of man is cut short, it is but a little time that we have to tarry here. We are not like the rest of the world, we have great faith & assurance concerning our future State We know the Lord we have learned the relationship we sustain towards him We know that the same Atributes which are in God are in us any atribute that we find in God we find in man, but there is no other people on the Earth who have as great privileges as we have, we are under far greater obligations to God than any other people, all the Earth feel the power of God in this day more or less, God has called the prophet Joseph & given unto him the Keys of the Kingdom of God & has given him power to organize that Kingdom upon the Earth, and we are now enjoying the Blessings thereof. When I think of this, I feel that none of us should ever complain of one of the Dispensations of God or his dealing with us. although we are frequently called to lay our Children & friends in the grave as we are called to bury Sister Laura Pitkin to day. but Sister Laura has come down to the grave like a shock of corn fully ripe, I have known her for many years, and I have never known any thing against her She has been faithful unto death & she will be crowned with crowns of Glory. She was not Blessed as many have been with a family of Children. She was a pattern to us. I dont know as she ever murmored or complained I hope we may die as well as she has. What she has failed in receiving in this life. she will obtain in the next. There is not a prophesy ever delivered in any generation by any prophet, or Apostle or inspired man who spoke as they were moved upon by the spirit of God but what will be fulfilled in this world or the next Father Smith the first patriarch of the Church prophesied upon the head of a woman said she should have Twelve Patriarchs she died without any posterity but she will fulfill that prophesy in some future estate. There are many Thousands of people who have raised up families of Children in this life who will not receive a Celestial kingdom who
will have there Children in the next esstate, it will be those who go to that kingdom Sister Laura will have Children to take care of in that world. It will be but a little time before she will arise from the dead. Christ will not come in the clouds of heaven to reign on the Earth as soon as Miller said he would, but it will not be many scores of years before Joseph Smith the prophet, will be in our midst in the flesh & dictate all matters appertaining to the Church & Kingdom of God on the Earth. & <it will be> Joseh will come long before Jesus Christ will come in the clouds of Heaven There will be no ordinance performed but what there will be some person to perform that ordinance Joseph Smith will be the first man who will be resurrected in the last days before the coming of Christ. and I am willing to wait until the Jackson County Saints are resurrected before I am. I never had any desire to be the seconed resurrected I was not the seconed Baptized into the Church. Sister Laura has not lived to go back to Jackson Co in the flesh, but she will be there in her immortal body, There is no blessing promised her but what she will receive in the world to come that she has not received in this Life. May God Bless you Amen