1866 January 24 Remarks at the State of Deseret Legislative Joint Session


1866 January 24 Remarks at the State of Deseret Legislative Joint Session



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Robert L. Campbell

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24 Jan 1866

K. C. K. To the Gent. of this assembly -- I spek as unto the Servants of the living God. Two houses come together and r now ready to receive any communication he may have to make -- Gov Young the Servant & prophet of the living God. To honor the man to whom this earth belongs.
B. Y. realize this body of men have labored arduously especially the latter part of Febr Session -- ask the mem. of assembly to keep the spirit of their Mission -- governing men requires supreme knowledge -- we should seek for supreme wisdom in this capacity. <the hr> as much as in preaching the Gospel. here in embryo of that power which is to bring up the children of men to their God -- & release them from the degradation <of th> with which they have been encumbered. r in duty bound to live to see that the children of men are governed correctly.-- in this capacity some of the members have labored excessively hard more so than any former -- hope they have accomplished good.
we wear the lest fetters of any in the U. S. have the best unity, have the best protection -- go to Montana -- Colorado -- Nevadda -- Califor -- Missouri & see those left destitute who were left rolling in wealth -- None should be more grateful than we -- the Lord suffers circumstances to envelope us to learn us patience -- ask no odds of the world -- feel like the Midshipman under half pay -- the world do not know till they are under death -- Could circumstances arise to render it necessary to hoist the gate & set the machinery in motion, Yes, but we hope and trust it may never arise hope & hope it never may.
When our government shall come up to acknowledge that we have set them the example in government hope till that day come -- ashamed of some legislators they have a little pile they have gathered round themselves & its all they can see -- cross eyed -- loop holes.
this body of men will give laws -- to Saints, Angels & devils, & the good & evil, we will make laws to govern the image worshipper -- coming to the commercial world & then they will see that we are governed by God like principles -- we make laws to protect the image-worshipper.
the Legislators would give green backs to cover the a -- to sleep with them -- as good a right to make a bargain for a woman to sleep for our lives long -- if the illegitamate were brought here -- (half of some old countries illegitamate) what laws would they enact -- Why they would enact laws for fathers to father their children they beget.
<Genee> some men no more fit to legislate than hell fit for a powder house. Some of the men who were to get acts for whiners &c -- referred to men breaking wagons oxen's legs &c., & how much better to have a tote road than to have wagons broken &c. Give my opinion & tell a story of a Universalism old bright choice ox-- I know were all going to be saved -- England & France sorry that they acknowledged the Southern Confederacy when you legislate -- legislate with t the eye of a Prophet & see the result of what their acts will effect.-- If any man has got truths present them & all exchange-- give doz truths all the time for one error -- no good in argument only once. Prot became Catholic & Catholic became Protestant -- God bless you will not further detain you