1858 April 5 Letter to Asa Calkins


1858 April 5 Letter to Asa Calkins


Counsel to manage the Liverpool office carefully and to assist with business affairs in St. Louis.




Brigham Young


Asa Calkins


1858 April 5


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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G. S. L. City, April 5. 1858

Elder Asa Calkins,

Dear Brother: 

By letter from bro. S. W. Richards, of Jan. 1, which arrived on the 2nd inst., I perceive that he purposed leaving Liverpool about the middle of February, and presumed that a few lines from here would be acceptable.  As heretofore advised, if you have received the letters, it is still deemed best for you to manage all the business of the Liverpool Office in such a manner as to keep clear of all liabilities not controlable upon short notice, that you may at all times be prepared to operate suddenly as circumstances may dictate, without material  inconvenience or loss.  If in your power, I trust you will render bro. Horace S. Eldredge such assistance in closing affairs at St Louis as he may call on you for, at least so far as you may be able.  The person whom bro, Samuel wrote about as having some means may be able to assist bro. Eldredge, of which I have informed him and requested him to write to you concerning the matter.

Your family, friends and the people generally are well and doing well.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young

P. S.  Postmasters and all persons, when you have read this letter, please close and forward to its destination.

Enclosed please receive three drafts, which credit to Brigham Young Trustee in Trust.

A duplicate of the above was sent by Howard Egan May 13th