1866 July 15 Remarks in Grantsville


1866 July 15 Remarks in Grantsville



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Robert L. Campbell
George Q. Cannon
Wilford Woodruff

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Synopsis of an Address <of> by Pres Brigham Young,
delivered at Grantsville, July 15, 1866.

Whether I shall be able to speak for any length of time is uncertain. If my voice does not fail me, I <wish> have a few items I wish to lay before you. Much has been said to us, during our two days' meetings by the Elders who have spoken, regarding the faith and doctrine we have embraced. Though the Elders have treated upon many subjects yet they all pertain to our holy religion, <which should direct every ppart and portion of our lives>.
Incorrect tradition has taught us that religion is separate and apart from the avocations of life. The Religion of Jesus Christ incorporates the whole life of man; there is nothing outside of it but death and destruction <to those to those who embrace and obey it>. When the Holy Priesthood is reealed and the keys thereof <are> bestowed upon man, it guides and directs every portion of our lives; the Lord directs in municipal affairs as well as in the sacraments and ordinances of the Gospel. He dictates in politics <as well as> He does in controlling the destinies of the nations of the earth.
All the children born and brought up in this church are like others, they receive their <have no> traditions <but what their> from their parents <teach them>. We have forgotten and lost sight of everything we knew prior to our coming upon this earth. Our first parents after the fall lost the knowledge of their first estate. I compare our children with them. Our children do not know anything about the outside world; they do not know what they believe, they have not had experience, <they have not been> Good parents teach their children to be truthful, just and upright. <Some of our children are froward, they do not wish to be controlled and off they go among strangers, such get an experience of what is in the world>. The Lord has instructed <the> parents concerning the principles of His kingdom, but our children do not know anything about it until they are taught and have experience for themselves. Those who bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, lay a foundation for their children's salvation. I have looked <looked> forward to the time when the Devil will be bound, and asked myself the question: how will the children of Zion gain an experience? for the time will come when Satan will be driven from the earth and the inhabitants of the earth <live to the age of a tree>. begin to increase, when the age of a man shall be the age of a tree. When this state of things is introduced there will be no grog shops for our children to run to, nor the ungodly to associate with; <notwithstanding> nevertheless all those who live upon the earth will have the privilege of choosing good and evil.
The brethren have exhorted you to serve the Lord, to observe the Sabbath, to cease hunting cattle and going into the kanyon on the Sabbath day. <If you do not do this> I do not know how good you are here, but in Great Salt Lake City some will go on Sunday to the kanyon, others will go on Saturday, and come home on Sunday. As declared this morning by bro. Joseph F. Smith a <man> Saint cannot be too religious; he cannot be too honest, upright, virtuous, or too benevolent; he cannot be too strict in observing the ordinances of the Gospel. I should not know how to go to work to be too religious. We cannot be too honest for the Angels; we
cannot pray too much, although I believe some before this Gospel was revealed prayed themselves into the grave. We can be <too> too Pharisaical, too much attached to the observance of the forms and ceremonies pertaining to <our> religion through impure motives.
The religion of Jesus Christ embraces every true science. It would afford me pleasure to see more attention paid to the development of science throughout this territory. The youth of our land should be <instructed> taught Agriculture, horticulture, botany and the Mechanical arts, as well as a knowledge of the human system which should be more universally known here than in any other place on the earth; for we place a higher value upon our <lives> bodies and the perpetuation of our lives than any other people. Who can <analyse> gather the plants which grow in these mountains, analyse them and tell us their medicinal properties? I have no doubt<s> but that the plants and herbs grow right around us which are necessary to cure the diseases peculiar to this climate, a judicious application of which is all the doctoring that is necessary for the restoration of the sick who are not appointed to death. True science belongs to the kingdom of God. This people should study architecture. We should know how to take the rock from the quarry and the timber from the mountains and rear a beautiful <structure temple> house or a temple. This knowledge and art necessary to accomplish all this <is> are incorporated in our religion. It is the duty of this people to become acquainted with the <mechanic> arts especially those branches of mechanism with which man are familiar, and also to exper-iment and improve on the same. It is also necessary to understand the laws of our Territory, of Congress and <to some extent of the British Parliament, and then learn> International law not forgetting the laws & ordinances revealed by God. Men cannot enact pure and perfect laws, but the laws revealed by heaven are perfect in their application to man.
Our youth should study botany and Chemistry, <from> <with> the professors of those sciences> and then live their religion that God may open their minds to see more than man ever dreamed of. <He> God knows the combination of elements <that are> of which the earth is composed and His designs in putting them there. I wish to improve and increase in knowledge myself and to see others improve.
There is one item concerning which I think a great deal, if I do not talk about it, and that is, that we should give our children the advantage of what we know ourselves. Take our best <learned> educated men and woman and they frequently talk incorrectly before <hear> their children, <talk>. Their children, as a matter of course, grow up to manhood using the same
incorrect expressions. Now, were parents to correct their little ones, their corrections would be remembered through life. How many are there
<in this house> present who know enough to collect together the rock, timber and material to construct such a house as this is. Our young men should learn to become draughtsmen <draftsmen, with application>, in a few months many could attain sufficient knowledge to draught <draft> a plan for a fine house and lay out the pleasure grounds surrounding the same. To pursue such a course as this would afford pleasure. What detriment could
accrue to any one from seeking after and storing up knowledge? Our boys want horses to ride, their minds are vacant; they should however be guided in those channels of usefulness, the pursuit of which would be a blessing to themselves and all with whom they are associated in life.
Our Ladies should study botany; a knowledge of herbs and plants and their medicinal qualities would enable them to become good nurses. Why should not some of our sons be taught surgery? This is certainly neglected among us; hence, Dr. Anderson had to be sent for to G.S.L. City to set a broken leg in this Settlement which costs <two hundred dollars>, time and money, no one having sufficient skill and confidence in themselves <being willing> to undertake the simple task. The anatomy of the human system should be studied; we can readily see how absolutely necessary it is that some persons in every community should be acquainted with this subject.
In our studies language should not be <forgotten> overlooked. As a community we speak <mmore> a great many languages. <than> We should <learn> teach foreigners <our> the English language in which the Gospel has been revealed and in which the revelations of God have been brought forth on this land. God wrought upon the heart of Columbus and inspired him to discover this continent. Our Fathers were wrought upon by God to bring forth the Constitution of the United States. There is not another nation on the earth that would have permitted the establishment of the kingdom of God within its borders. This nation and the English language have been the favored of God to bring forth His latter-day work. I would like to see the orthography introduced which we have adopted in the Deseret Alphabet, which is simple and easy to be understood. This reform in English orthography is much needed. Our Lexicographers have changed the spelling of words; hence, when a Teacher sits down to write a letter he cannot write many words without consulting the dictionary. The English language is <increasing, the Welsh is dis> becoming more widely diffused, and languages which a <few> century<ies> or two ago, were widely spoken are disapearing <before it as well as the Scotch and the various dialects used in those countries> The French and German are <a very> popular languages, and extensively spoken, and can be studied with profit; <although in sea ports the French is spoken very extensively> but the English language bids fair to obtain a pre-eminence over all others; hence, we should study it and teach it correctly to our children.
I observed quite a number of <our> boys playing on <the> fifes and drum<ming>s as we entered the town. Our youth seem<ingly> to have a double portion of spirit. I love to see & hear their performances; they should have instruments of music, and be taught martial music, boys soon <learn> acquire skill in such matters. I offered to buy my girls fiddles,
on condition that they would to learn to play; the fiddle is <a> ahead of all other instruments. The Elders of Israel should learn everything that is good. To Study law is commendable in the Elders of Israel when they can do so without destroying themselves: but I do not recollect of one instance where the Prophet Joseph counselled men to become lawyers or merchants <but> without apostacy being the result.
<Here Prest. Young inquired of Elder Geo. A. Smith if he knew of an instance. He did not remember any> The Elders however are getting a little more sense (G. A. Smith. not any too much sense yet.) Bro. Geo. A. says the brethren have not got any too much sense on these points yet. This is true; but I hope this people are learning a little. We should have brethren well versed in the law, not to make money out of it, but to defend the innocent and plead for the preservation of constitutional liberty in the land. I believe we have men in our midst who can read law, and refuse to sell themselves.
With regard to merchandizing I can tell you what to do. Let the Capitalists of Grantsville lay a foundation to produce your own clothing by procuring a woolen factory, and making up your own wool in to cloth, Raise your own flax, and manufacture it into fabrics instead of supporting Merchants. Riase your own tobacco: no better article can be raised in Virginia than can be raised in these valleys. <of the mountains>. Learn to weave your own cloth and do your own coloring. The madder I have raised here is worth much more than that we import from New York. If you want cotton to manufacture go down to Dixie (Washington Co.) and get cotton. Bro. Murphy tells us we can grow as good better cotton in Salt Lake County than in Tennessee.
We expect before long to see the iron horse snorting westward and eastward passing down by the Southern margin of Salt Lake, Raise your fruit to supply the passengers as they come along and to send to the Eastern market, and thus avoid sending away our money for what we must have from the East. <It would not be amiss to> <Make a good road down to the Station near the Lake> Our Elders have circumscribed the Globe, and baptized & brought to Zion the inhabitants of nearly every land. There is probably not one in ten of these who are capable of taking hold of the elements and suplying themselves with the<ir own bred and dinner> food which they need to sustain themselves. They have to be shewn how to procure a subsistence. This is the result of kingcraft and priestcraft. The mission of this people is to learn how <to make farms> to build houses, to make farms, cultivate and subdue the earth and prepare it for the Millennium of peace and blessing about to be introduced.--to learn how to make our own clothing and everything we need for home consumption.
The elements for producing silk, as equal to the best produced on the earth, are here. Who will go to work and cultivate the silk worm & the mulberry and produce the <sam> silk for this market? That would be a step in the right direction. Who will <use cons> use their means for the introduction of woollen factories? <but> says one, I can buy my clothes easier than I can make them. So long as this policy is acted upon we shall be <are> the slaves of our enemies. I talk of improvement-- of home
manufactures and I <do> put my own teachings <to you> into practice. I am doing a little. Who has brought carding machines to this Territory, <Who has established a woollen factory> except three or four, one of which was made here? <I h Your humble servant> I have <done> had to <do it> bring them. Who has invested in Woollen factories? Not another man except your humble servant. I turn to Capitalists and ask them, why not import Woollen factories? Their reply is, they can make more by <getting> buying wheat at a dollar and selling it at $2.00, & by buying and selling Calico. Do such know how to accumulate wealth and build up the kingdom of God on the earth?
Except this meeting house, there are little or no improvements going on here. The brethren seem contented to live in log huts <with> and fight bed bugs. <erawling over them>. Build good houses, dig wells and fence your lots with good substantial fences. Twelve years ago I spoke to a brother here to get out some pickets and build a picket fence, but the picket fence is not up yet. And while these improvements are being made, improve your minds also. Do you know how to cipher <sufficiently well> readily? <in> so that you can transact your business with dispatch and safety? Have you <a> sufficient acquaintance with our Statutes that you are not liable to be im-posed upon by lawyers? Have you learned to survey? No. What have you learned? Why, says one <I>, I have learned that my neighbors are not so good as they ought to be. Have they stollen from you. No; but they have not assisted me to build a house. <they> You have raised some good wheat here and other crops, but it does not take you six months in the year to attend to your farming. The Lord holds us all responsible for the manner in which we spend our time and use our opportunities for improvement.
A saint who has learned to govern a wife <can govern> and children perfectly can govern two or three wives on the same principle, or even a state, nation or kingdom. I exhort <the brethren> you to call <their> your families together before they eat in the morning and kneel before the Lord and pray with them until the Spirit of the Lord is poured out upon you and your wives and children. (Bro. Heber said that out of thirty five brethren sent to the endowment house preparatory to their going to the frontiers as teamsters to bring on the poor Saints, there were only seven
who had accustomed themselves to prayer. In sending to the Bishops for teamsters we requested them to send good, praying men.) Some can't pray, they are so like the Quakers, unless they have the spirit of prayer; but I say get down on your knees and pray and continue in prayer until the spirit comes upon you. Suppose those who are unkind to their families and talk peevishly to them would take this course and pray for their families, instead of the children feeling like running away the moment their father comes in sight, they would run towards and embrace <them> him. Instead however of taking this course some men are continually finding fault, saying their wife is full of the Devil. <I say> It is the duty of the husband to so lead the wife and children that the Devil cannot get into them; for the Devil <is> will be bound if <by> the power of God is in you. If my wife were to neglect to take care of the children while I prayed, I would ask her to pray & I would take care of the children. But I am not easily disturbed, my children may play all around me and clamber up upon me without annoying me. <Bro. Kimball cannot pray if disturbed> I control my wives and children and animals by love. In the Pioneer Camp I had a horse which was shot by the herdsmen he came right strait to me and laid his head on my shoulder. While giving endowments in the Council House I had a horse which was taken sick, he walked right there <rig> through the door and was with great difficulty restrained from going up stairs where I was.
As to your families my counsel is, never lay down your authority to a wife or child, but treat them so kindly they will never want to leave you.
Brethren, do not permit a dance <to be> in this room. When a dancing party must be got up, hold it in the school house.
I bless you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Unpublished synopsis of Pres. B. Y's remarks at Grantsville

2 P. M.
After singing, Elder R. L. Campbell offered prayer, when the sacrament was administered.
Prest. Brigham Young <treated> dwelt upon the universal applicability of the religion of heaven to the condition of man to elevate him physically and intellectually. Exhorted the brethren to attend meeting and observe the sabbath. Saints could not be too honest, upright <&> and virtuous, nor too strict in observing the ordinances of our holy religion. Our youth should be instructed in Mechanism, in cultivating the earth, in setting out orchards and vineyards, in botany, in Physiology and in Surgery. Had no doubt but that the plants necessary to counteract <and throw off> the diseases which in this climate we were subject to, grew <right> around us. It was the duty of the saints to seek after <such> all <us> knowledge especially such as would enable them to perpetuate their lives, to live to the honor and glory of God. The Saints should have a knowledge of law & of
all mechanism and architecture. Our ladies should study botany. The English language has been the choice of heaven through which God has revealed himself. It should be studied and its orthography reformed as we have done in the Deseret alphabet, which renders the orthography simple and easy. Pleased to see the attention paid to music, like to see & hear the youth perform on instruments. The saints should learn everything that is good. Wished the Elders to become financiers, Merchants and lawyers, when wise enough to do so and let right rule in their hearts. Not plead law for a fee but to free the innocent and perserve constitutional freedom in the land.
Advised the introduction and encouragement of home manufactures that Utah might attain that commercial independance necessary for her welfare & prosperity
Address of President Brigham Young Sunday July 15, 1866
at Grantsville
W Woodruff report

Whether I shall speak much to you at this time I cannot say if I have the ability I wish to say some things to you. Much has been said to us upon the principles of our religion All the acts of our whole lives should be within the <purpiew> purview of our religion for our religion is all & in all. The traditions of our fathers have taught us that religion had nothing to do with any of the acts of our lives ownly while we are in meeting this is incorrect. all the Duties & labor of life are incorporated in our religion. All the Children that are born in this Church and are brought up with it have no traditions ownly what we are taught in this Church Our first parents after the fall lost the knowledge of their first estate. I compair our children to them, they do not know what is going on in the world & they do not know what they believe they have not had experience, they have not been tried. But if the Saints will bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord they will lay a foundation for the Salvation of their Children. The Lord has instructed the parents concerning the principles of the Kingdom of God, but our Children do not know any thing about it untill they are taught & have experience. I have looked forward to the time when the Devil will be bound & sin done away & our Children grow up & be as the age of a tree. I know this that when that takes place, there will be no grog shops nor Houses of ill fame nor none to lead them asstray, Still I believe all will have a chance to choose good or evil in some way Those that come to teach the people here they exhort you to serve the Lord to Live your religion
I do not know how good you are here, but in great Salt Lake City I know some that will go to the Canyon on Sunday to get wood or go on Saturday & come home on Sunday. Some say we are to religious we cannot be to religious, in keeping the Commandments of God & doing good. We cannot be to good, upright, honest, Virtuous & truthful with all men Can any man pray to much, Yes they may, I have seen some that I thought prayed themselves into the Grave before this religion come, they destroyed their usefulness in praying and fasting. I would like to see our young men instructed in all things which will be usful to them in after life. I wish them instructed in Agriculture, Horticulture, Mechanics, and all branches with the Arts & Sciences, Botany, & Languages. Our women should be instructed in all the branches which would be useful for them they should study Botany & understand the nature of plants & herbs, We do not know all we should. I have no doubt but what all countries produce plants & herbs which would cure all the natural Deseases of the climate if the persons are not appointed unto death. We should learn <Architecture> Architecture we should know how to get the rock and Timber & build a good Temple, but if we should what good would it do us if we did not know how to preserve our lives, would that knowledge do us any good. No it would not. The Lord has redeemed Infants but it is necessary for us to learn all the Laws & ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for their is a place for all in some kingdom of Salvation -- or of the Devil & his Angels or the sons of perdition. And it is necessary for the children of Zion to learn all things <that they> we should know. the things of God. There are many Laws of Men Governments & Nations, butthere is no perfect Law except that which comes from heaven Those Laws we should learn & obey. An Elder of Israel who lives his religion & keeps his covenants <he knows> & fullfills his calling he knows more than all the world besides * * *
There is one thing I have spoken of & have thought of it much and that is to teach our children what we do know ourselves teach them to speak correctly & give them the advantage of what the parent knows himself. when your child does not speak correctly step them & make them speak properly it will go with them through life Now how many are there in this House who know enough to go & get rock & timber & put up such a house as this but very few we should inform ourselves in these Matters with a few months application to the subject our boys would make draftsmen so they could lay out a building and build a good house I want the Sisters to study Botany & I want the Brethren to study Surgery & become aquainted with it, Study the Languages & Study Law become acquainted with the Law of Nations Kingdoms & Countries The Lord revealed the fulness of the Gospel unto us in our
day in our own language & in our own country. This work could not come forth in any other country but this nor in any other Language, but ours. No other Country would have permitted it The English Language is taking the lead of all Languages on the Earth this is increasing in its use while others are decreasing I would like to see some change in our Authography. I hope I may live long enough to see the Deserett Alphabet introduced to supercede the present system of the Authography of our Language The English Language will ere long be the Ianguage of the world it will swallow up all other Languages & dialects, then let us learn the language well, and teach it to our Children as correctly as we can I saw quite a number of our boys drumming as we came in I like to see this They want to do sumthing it is well to to learn them to play on the fiddle it is one of the best instruments of music in the world Learn every thing that is good, Study Law if you can get sens enough not to have it damn you Learn to be your own Merchants if you can do it without destroying yourselves I do not know of a man that Joseph told to go into Merchandize but what it damned him but I hope we have got a little more sens by this time. (G. A. Smith says we have not got to much of a stock of sens on hand yet in that respect) That is true but I hope the people are learning some. We should have men well versed in the Law, not to make money out of it, but to defend the Inocent & do that which is right.
I would rejoice to see the people here in Grantsville to lay a foundation here to produce your own clothing as well as your wheat you capitalist go to & get you a woollen Factory & work up your wool and do your own cooloring, raise your own madder, the best of madder can be raised here, and raise your own Tobaco inasmuch as you will use it there is no better country for tobacco. We expect to see the Iron horse drawing its train soon passing through here raise your fruit to supply them as they come along & also to supply the Eastern Country I expect we shall have that to do soon go to & cultivate & adorn the Earth & prepare for that which is to come upon the Earth. Learn to build gardens farms, Homes, Factories Tabernacles & Temples, and raise wool & flax & make what you want to wear, for just so long as you depend upon the merchants for all you want so long you will have to be slaves to them and this is vary rong I have done all I could to Accomplish this who has brought any carding Machines or Woollen Factories to this Territory None by your humble servant except some three single carding machines I have told the people from the begining to get their Carding Machines & make their own cloth but I cannot get the people to do it, they say I can make more by buying & selling calico. this is the economy of men I saw one man buy a carriage worth some Three hundred dollar Carriage He brought it home & said to his boys come we want this manure totted out & he went to totting out manure in his carriage, this was his economy Now what have you done here this year you are not making any improvements except the building of this Meeting House go to & make you some good houses & Gardens & orchards you raise some wheat here but it does not take you three months in a year to do that The Lord will hold you responsible for the manner you spend your time & you are require to cultivate the Earth & improve all you can. The Lord will ask you what have you done have you done this that or the other O No, you will have to answer for it Brother Kimball said he found ownly 7 Men out of 35 who made a business of praying, and those men were sent to gather up the poor & bring them to Zion & we told the bishops to send the best men they had. Now I want to say a few words upon government If you can govern a wife, or child, If you learn to govern one, you can govern two, ten, a hundred,a kingdom, or a world, upon the same principle. Now call your families together before you eat & kneel before the Lord & pray with them untill the Spirit of the Lord is with you and your wife & children will be glad to see you. It is your duty to lead the wife & Child so the Devil cannot get into them, when my wife lets the Children raise ned when I am praying I set her to praying & I watch the children keep them still & set her the example how to do it. There is a way to govern women, children, & animals. I have always treated my animals so they love me. I had a horse that was shot by accident wile on the pioneer Journey He came into camp & came right to me & laid his head upon my shoulder, He was in great distress & looked to me to help him I had another horse that was taken sick & he came to the Endowment House went through the door & got part the way up the Stairs to try to get to me & it was with great difficulty he could be got out of the House. Now concerning your families do not lay down your authority to a wife or a child, but treat them kindly & if they want to leave you take your best carriage & carry them wherever they wish to go, & when they find that you are willing to let them go & give them what they want they will not want to leave you A man that Lives with the Holy Ghost in him daily will not have much trouble in his family & Now I want to say to the people in Grantsville you have got a good house to met & worship the Lord in Now dont never have a dance in this house but Dance in that house younder as much as you please but do not Dance in a House that is built to worship God in. May God Bless you Amen.