1866 September 5 Remarks in Ogden


1866 September 5 Remarks in Ogden



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George D. Watt
George Q. Cannon

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by Pres. Brigham Young on his visite north to Logan in Cache County,
in Sep.1866. Reported by G. D. Watt
Ogden Sep. 5th
I delight to talke to the people, but, the organs of speech in me are tolerably well worn. I am desirous to say a few words, after the adress we have received from bro. Hooper. We sent him to the seat of our government to represent the people of Utah Territory. We did so in good faith. He paid no man the first sixpence for a vote; and I do not think that there was one vote cast against him in the whole Territory a year ago last August. He has been telling you of the oneness that appears to exist in the midst of this people; it is very manifest here this day. Ask these men, <that> who sit upon my right and left, if they are willing to leave their families, and their buisness, to fulfil any public duty required of them, either at home or abroad. Our history and life proves that this people are of one heart and of one mind. The political world are not ignorant of this fact, and it appalls them.
To be <one> united is a strict injunction of the Christian religion. Jesus Christ in praying to His Father, says, "Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one as we are." The Lord, through His servant Joseph Smith, hath said: "I say unto you, be one; and if ye are not one, ye are not mine." Unless we are one, we are not realy of <of> the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints, although our names may be numbered with the Saints. I have but one fault to find with this people, and that is, they do not live <as> so strictly
before God as to observe all His requirements, and live so as to enjoy the Holy Ghost as much as we should as a people. We do not seek as diligently as we should for the Spirit of truth -- for the spirit of the Lord -- for the Holy Ghost to be our constant companion day by day. If we do not possess this, you can see at a glance how easy it would be for the enemy of all righteousness to deceive us, how easy it would be for a man to falter, and be influensed to forsake this good work, and lose his own soul. Without the Holy Ghost no man is capable of knowing who is of God and who is not. This is the touch stone, the centre of gravity of our religion, to know the only wise God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent. How important this is! In answering the question of Jesus "But whom say ye that I am"? Peter could say, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God." And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my father which is in heaven."
Thus Peter knew that Jesus was the Christ. "Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ." Although He had commenced His mission as a preacher yet He enjoined this upon them.
If I can only prevail on the Latter-day Saints to live so that the Holy Ghost will be their constant companion, they need never fear the power of their enemies. Armies have come here, and have been in the country from the first of our coming here. As soon as the government of the United States learned that we were not eaten up by wolves and Indians, but that a few Latter-day Saints, had reached the great basin, and were struggling to live, the next year an army was sent to Fort Hall, and a surveying party was sent to Utah to see what the poor <eople> Mormons were doing. And so it has been from that day to this. They have done us no harm; but on the contrary, they have brought us our iron and wagons, besides many more good things. They were obliged to do just as they did. Many of the mili-
tary officers were gentlemen, men of respectability; they minded their own business, and wished no harm to come upon any person. I wish I could say this of all the civil officers who have been sent here. <Many> But they have passed away, and the shafts of destruction which they have hurled against this people have fallen harmless.
When you come to the City of Great Salt Lake you may see the flag staff and flag which was erected by the army of king James (Buchanan), The flag and staff were a present to me, and I occasionally unfurl the coulers of the United States, which we, as a people, are very proud of. We expect that the Elders of Isreal will some day bear those coulors to the nations of the earth, proclaiming to all people that under them may be found a resting place for the oppressed and downtrodden of all nations. Sometime in the future the word will go out: come ye meek of the earth, ye honest and contrite among all people, ye suffering and toiling millions, come home to Zion, where you may find peace, and where salvation flows like a river.
Before I proceed further with my remarks I will <eulagize> again allude to brother Hooper. I am very thankful that he has been able to do as well as he has <done> that he has manifested so much integretty as he has to this people. He has manifested that integretty that was due from him to his God, whether in the halls of Congress, <or> traveling the streets of New York, or riding in the cars as the representative of this people who are the people of God. Bro. Hooper has done this without fear of loosing friends, or to gain<ing> rewards, asking no odds of friend or foe. It is this honest, upright and fearless course that has given brother Hooper his influence in Congress, and boldness to stand <boldly> valiantly for his religion, and appear as a friend of God. The Lord defended him and gave him power to accomplish all that he has done, and brother Hooper knowes it. I say this to the praise of brother Hooper, and to the praise of this people in sending a man to represent them before Congress, who <was> is not afraid to own and acknowledge his God and his religion; I say it for our delegate, and for his constituents.
We are here in these mountains, a people diverse from all other people, and we should always be thoroughly united. Disunion and its dreadful consequences are increasing in our nation; hatred, revenge, and a desire to lay waste and destroy, yea the worst feelings of the human heart seem to be <increasing> growing in strength. A man who professes to be a preacher of the peaceable things of the kingdom of heaven, said in a late convention, that he wished the north divided into three parts, the first to <hold> go forth against the South with the sword, the second with the torch, and the third with the compass to divide the land, and parcel it out <to> among those whom he thinks should possess it. Some thirty two years ago the baptists of the south and north were so opposed to <the baptists of the north> each other in consequence of their slavery and abolition proclivities, that they with drew fellowship from each other. In about a year afterwards the methodists did likewise. They suffered the ties <of> of brotherly kindness and Christian charity to be severed, and became two seperate nations of so called Christians, under the influence of the dark spirit of slavery and abolishionism. This matter has not yet come to an end. It is true the army is disbanded, and the public arms are laid by, but the contest is not yet closed.
What I am now saying I say on my own responsibility; I say it for myself; and I say it to you, and to all the inhabitants of the earth; what I say I wish to go out to all <the inhabitants of> the world: the Lord is holding a controversy with the nations, and he has commenced it on the continent of america. In the Providence of God this land was discovered by Christipher Calumbus, and settled by the Anglo-Saxon race which holds the reins of government here and in other nations. In the providence of God our fathers were enabled to break the yoke of bondage which were laid heavily upon them by the government of England, and declared themselves free and independant. They formed their own constitution and laws to suite themselves. In this land the Zion of God was first built. <In> The city of independance, Jackson County, Missourii, is the place where Adam and Eve came into the garden of Eden, and where they lived; for there is the place where the garden of Eden was situated. This land is the place of the beginning, and <this> it must be the place of the winding-up scene of wickedness on this earth. This may be new to many of you.
The Lord's controversy is with the nations commenced at the centre stake of Zion. The little handfull of Latter-day Saints in Jackson County could not abide there in consequence of their unbeleif, shortsightedness and wickedness; their experience was not sufficient to enable them to receive <equel to> the Law of the Lord given unto them. We were driven, and we have been driven from pillar to post; our possessions have been taken from us, our Cities destroyed, and we have been driven into these mountains naked, bare-footed, destitute and peeled. I do not know how long the Lord will be in chastening the earth; but I do know that this Church is the kingdom of God which he has established in this our day, and it will role forth until it fills the whole earth. This will not be accomplished in unrighteousness, but by the power of the Holy Preisthood sent down from heaven. This I learned before I came into these mountains. The Lord will chasten and chasten, until by contention after contention, distress after distress, pestalence and war, blood shed and famine he will waste away the nations, causing one nation to rise up against another, the north against the South, and the South against the north, and by and by State against State, county against county, city against city, town against town, and man against man, until the cry shall go through the land, that he who will not take up his sword against his neighbor must needs flee to Zion.
Ignorant as we are, poor as we are, and ill as we look, if we live so as to possess the Holy Ghost, and never in our hearts do another wrong but be kind, full of mercy, long suffering and patience seeking constantly not only our own people, but to benefit the whole inhabitants of the earth, there is no power that can prevail against us. We have been sending the Elders to the nations for many years, who have plead with the people to receive the words of life, to repent of their sins and be baptized for the remission of them, receive the Holy Ghost and be gathered home to Zion. This land is the land of Zion, the land upon which God will establish His kingdom, and his power and authority and people will spread and increase over the world until every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to the glory of God the Father. This will verely come to pass; when I know not. Some things I know, and some things I do not know. I know that this earth was built -- created by God the Eternal Father and it belongs to him; by gift, and by legal inheritance it belongs also to the Son of God, for he is the heir. I do know that the time is not very far distant when he will rule whose right it is to rule king of nations as he reigns king of Saints.
Adam is said to be made of the dust of the earth, not of this earth but of another earth, from which he was exalted to thrones and kingdoms and principalities and powers, and he came here and commenced a work for this earth. He is our father; we did not produce ourselves, and we become parents of children. Adam is the auther of the existence of <life> mankind on this earth; we are of him, and from him; <and> he will claim his own, and he <doth> does not delight in the death of him that dieth. Sin hath come into the world, and death by sin. Death has passed upon all mankind, as all have sinned. In the wise purposes of heaven this has been permitted, and accords exactly with the nature and organization of man; for his physical and spiritual nature can only arive at the perfection necessary to fit him to dwell in the presence of God in immortal bliss by passing through the influences and changes which oposites alone can create. Life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, truth and error, rest and unrest, ease and pain, etc., are all necessary to to bring to pass the eternal decrees of heaven in the production, education, salvation, <and> perfection and exaltation of man to life everlasting.
We profess to be Latter-day Saints; but if we have the name only, and are dead spiritually, the time will come sooner or later when we shall be seen and known as we are, and the Lord will spew us out of His mouth, for he abhors those persons who have a name to live while they are dead. Many of this people are in this state of falling. Why? Because they do not abide this one counsel: they do not live their religion, so as to possess the power of the Holy Ghost day by day that they can discern the things of God, and they that are not of God,-- that we can understand the things that are in the children of God, the moving of the nations, the working of the <nations> enemies, and to know how to do good and shun evil, and build up the kingdom of God.
Let us be careful that we do not fall out by the way; and remember the parable of the sower who went out to sow; let us see to it that the cares of this world do not cho<c>ke the precious seed of the Gospel. How many are there here today whose hearts are upon their farms, upon their grain that is out in the field, fearing that a shower will come to hurt their wheat? I have as much wheat out as any of you, <have> and have left it while I should to travel and ppreach to <with> the saints. Are you afraid
that that house will not be built this fall? Are your minds upon freighting your flour up north, upon how to increase your wealth and possessions by over reaching and over laboring? I said last year that you that labor so foolishly will lose instead of gaining. You labor, but labor in vain. The whole of the inhabitants of the earth are after the wealth of this world; but they do not know how to rightfully get it, and when they have got it, they know not how to use it. The possession of the Holy Ghost --the spirit of the religion which we have embraced, if it is faithfully lived, will lead us into wealth, greatness, power, and influence among the nations.
Were I not a better financeer than many of the Elders of Isreal, we should have been in poverty to-day, and could not have possessed the influence and character which we now possess <today> abroad. I try to prevail upon the Elders to take care of themselves, and until they can possess riches without setting their hearts upon them, I pray the Lord to keep them poor. Here is the earth and the gold in the mountains, it is all for us, and he wishes us to possess wealth when we can do so without sinning against him. I have nothing but what the Lord has given me, and he can take it away from me when he pleases, or give me more, or no more as he pleases. If we live to glorify him on the earth, he will give to us all we ask for, and fulfil the promise of the Lord recorded <the Gospel by> in Mathew. "And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundred-fold, and shall inherit everlasting life". I have not got a hundred wives and children yet, but I have the other things more than a thousand fold. Who is there among this people <that> but what would feed me if I were hungery, and clothe me if I were naked.
I would rather be poor and live in poverty all my days than forsake our God and His cause. Let us live our religion first and foremost -- and be friends of God. It is the only true religion. Let us own the Lord and His cause wherever we are, and live strictly according to the law which he has revealed, which is life everlasting embracing the life we now enjoy and that which is to come. The whole earth and its fullness, and all eternity is before us, and is for us to gain if we live for them.