1858 May 12 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


1858 May 12 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


The settlements north of Provo have begun to vacate due to approach of the U. S. army. Wells states that creditors will have to wait until the war is over and Horace should return home.




Daniel H Wells


Horace S. Eldredge


1858 May 12


Great Salt Lake City



G. S. L City May 12th. 1858.

Bro Horace:--
Bros. S. W. Richards, Geo. Snider and John Y. Greene arrived here on the 10 inst. leaving Dr. Clinton and the remainder of the express party on the sweet water-- they are expected in a few days.

The President has removed as far as Provo on his way south.
I met your family yesterday on their way to that place The northern settlements and the city are pretty much vacated except a detail of men left to take care of crops and property for the present, and to prepare to burn and desolate in case of approach of the troops.

In regard to yourself we were in hopes of seeing you here soon, but learn that you do not feel at liberty to return, as the President is absent I send you a copy of his last letter to you for instruction which was sent you per Cal Mail, the spirit of which is that our creditors will have to wait until the war is over I trust that you will be on the way before long and that this will meet you on the plains there is a letter directed to Bro. Hector Haight supposing that he will probably be in charge for the guidance of the returning Elders, Bro Howard Egan will however see you and tell you all.

May God bless you, and bring you unto us in peace and safety.

I remain as ever truly and sincerely
Your friend & Brother

Daniel H Wells